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If you've been on the internet then You've definitely come across this guy He has traveled the world he has done Some crazy things he's been riding Through the bear Market with us and he's Actually dropping an nft collection now Uh before you kind of jump into the Comments and go like oh it's just Another celebrity cash grab oh they're Just trying to like rip some liquidity I Actually want to go in and break this Down because there is an existing Collection the existing collection is Holding a full price and this collection Has been out for a year it's a Genesis Collection so this is an extension of That so I'm going to break this down for You first up the Genesis collection now When we have a look at the collection Just the overall stats it is a supply of 1997 so essentially a 2K collection now The floor price is currently 0.24 eth um and the best offer is 0.15 Um four percent listed now what I really Want to point out here is that this is Actually on polygon so if you actually Have a look right up here you can see The polygon logo so this is actually on Polygon it's not on ethereum and also if You actually head down here into the Details section you can see contract Address and when you click on contract Address you can also see here that it is The openc storefront you can see it

Right there so what this means it means That the Genesis collection was actually Lazy minted by the team which just Basically means that they listed them All one by one on openc essentially and Got this here so this also does mean It's a little bit harder for me to kind Of dive in because I can't use the Typical uh sort of tools that I would Use when we have a look at the analytics So over the last sort of 30 days there Has been 28 sales so essentially it's Been one sale a day I'm in the lead up To the mint uh and the idea is that all Of these uh Genesis pieces will be Instantly whitelisted for the next one They're not going to get a free one they Are just white listed uh now the when You actually have a look at the top Owners now one thing you should be Careful of when you look at a project That's lazy minted you can actually see How many own so the team actually owns Three percent be it uh they listed never Sold or they kind of held them back for Marketing purposes things like that so It's not like um there's a 2000 Collection because especially when Something's lazy minted there could be a Collection of 2000 but Um only three of them have been bought So that does give you an idea and that Also will show you what the actual Volume here is because the volume goes

Off the actual sales this isn't off just Off secondary but it's almost the Primary sales because of how they're Listed on openc themselves so be wary There Um and this is essentially a 50 and Unique holders which isn't bad it's kind Of like sitting right in the middle Where you would expect it Now having a look at the activity tab Now what this does is this will give you An idea of what the price has done over Time and using the very rudimentary Tools you can see the average price Actually ran up to after mid 2.42 each And it kind of bounced around and it was Sitting Um above the sort of minute price of the 0.25 up until May when we got really Bearish and that's where it is kind of Set so this is the Um this is the 0.2 Mark but the fact is It's kind of touched it every time it Touches it might dip down a little bit But it's actually come back up and it's Recently kind of dug itself out of this Little hole here so overall for a Project that's been out for a year it's Holding its mint mint price which is Actually pretty crazy seeing that we've Been in the crazy bear Market that we Have been so that is a look at the Genesis collection and the new Collection will be on ethereum the main

Chain the layer one and I think that Will also bring added liquidity to the Market but it also does depend on how They handle New Market participants and If they can actually onboard people uh Via fit or other means just to make it Easier for those people uh when you look At something like uh Trump and the way That he actually ran his now when we Have a look on Twitter at these socials This Project's got 280 000 followers it's got the pinned tweet Here which is December 2021 so this is Before the Genesis collection dropped And you can actually see all of the Information here so you know it's not Someone pretending to be from the brand Hezbollah and it's actually kind of a Real authentic thing and then when we Actually have a look at his uh sort of Twitter account itself but it says I Work for Hezbollah because he's not Actually um sort of uh English uh sort Of speaking this is the account and this Account has 1.2 2 million followers and Look I know Twitter is where we are at But the rest of the world is kind of on Instagram and Tick Tock and on Instagram Hezbollah has 5.8 million followers so There is a big reach now look the reason That I bring up this social proof aspect Is the fact that Hezbollah has built the Brand around the uh mimification and Meme technology uh when it comes to

Actually building the brand sustaining Attention people take Clips they repost Them on Tick Tock re-post them on Instagram there's fan pages things like That there is a big fan base behind the Brand hasbullah which then means that There is more attention more eyeballs on The project itself now the one thing That I will say about the Twitter Account is that with these followers Um the engagement isn't too good when we Look at the follower to engagement count Uh and I can kind of point out here we Can say this was seen by 80 000 and it's Only had 1 200 likes uh and then when we Come down to some of these other Accounts Um when we lean into a bit of that Memish aspect we can see 235 000 Impressions and 3 400 likes on it And right here with this giveaway it had 180 000 Impressions uh it has then had 1600 Likes and 888 retweets which is Essentially entries into the uh sort of Whitelist for the upcoming mint so That's just something that I wanted to Point out just so that um if you are Having a quick glance not just looking At this very top number but also having A look at the engagement as well and Seeing what that Stacks up with other Projects so you can then make a decision Now the reason I think this is

Interesting is when we saw the um likes Of the Trump nft that was a cheap Affordable price and people could Onboard with Fiat but but with that you Had people that were a fan of someone That was able to actually kind of get a Piece of uh that person or that brand Which then becomes essentially a digital Collectible and just shows that you're Part of like that particular tribe so You had all of these Trump supporters And degens buying up the Trump nft when You have a look at something like Migos When um R.I.P take off but when takeoff Had his collection he had a whole bunch Of takeoff fans by that up and then even People like Amman have gents croquet Club then also Tim Ferriss and Punch like the idea here is I can keep Naming people celebrities people that Are big outside of the web 3 nft space That have actually brought people in and Fans in and where this leads to us djans Having an advantage is we natively know How to use the application we know how To Mint we know how to trade we know how To do this now I'm not saying that this Will run and go absolutely crazy but the Idea is Hezbollah has a big fan base a Big set of people plus the established Track record of the Genesis collection Itself for this second collection to Actually run which if you're a flipper And a Trader that's what you want to see

You want to see an established track Record but then the idea that there Could be new liquidity coming into the Market now when it comes to the mint Details they are minting on the 19th of January it is a 10K Supply 2000 will be For the Genesis holders then uh then It's going to sort of VIP whitelist some For the team and then the rest are going Into the whitelist stage and then you Can see a breakdown of all of the Different aspects here whitelist is at 0.05 and public is 0.069 I personally am Not a fan of having a split pricing for The whitelist and the public just Because it means that the floor needs to Be Um at least a .08 or 0.09 for public to Even consider min painting it also means That white listers can actually brick The floor just underneath public on the Flip side what this means is it means That there can be a uh an ability or at A chance for the team to actually come Through and sweep some of the uh Whitelist minted aspects at sort of Around that sort of 0.069 Mark just to Get it back to Mint so they can then Sell the rest out so there is that so There is that chance but I'm not too Much of a fan of the split because it Does add another barrier and another Hurdle to actually kind of having this Run up because all it takes is sort of

Uh 15 or 20 people to kind of list under Um that public mint price and then you Start to create a bit of a wall creates A bit of hesitation then starts a Cascade of listing and then you can't Ever get above what the public mint Price would be which then means that People aren't essentially going to Mint On public So that um just please keep that in mind Now look like I said this isn't Financial advice Um you've got to do your own research But diving in and having a look at this Especially the historic aspect of the Genesis piece can give you a little bit Of an indication of what you could do With this project moving forward if you Actually do want to Um kind of uh hedge your bet and go dgn Mode uh when it comes to Mint day Getting whitelists things like that Um also full disclosure I was able to Get whitelist spots for my group private Discord there's actually a link down Below if you want to check it out join The waitlist Um bid so there is that it can be Considered pumping our own bags so Please take that into consideration but The idea is I got the spots because I Like the project and I'd like to kind of Get in trade it minted so um just full Disclosure please understand that when

You actually take that into account all The research that you're doing about This project so Um also a new new setup hopefully you Enjoy the new visuals but anyway enough Of that I'll do a tour of the studio Another time hopefully you found value In this video if you did find Value Scroll down there hit up that like Button and also that subscribe Button as Always it's been a pleasure having you With me I look forward to seeing you in The next one [Music] [Music]

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