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That they are literally ingrained on the Satoshi on the on the transaction of the Bitcoin itself I think it has a greater Future Um however there's a lot of tools like Marketplaces Um and uh you know ability to somehow Have metadata Um and things like that which are going To be very very challenging and a proper Wallet to be able to see it in and know Which one of your Bitcoin or which one Of your Satoshi actually has the the nft On it but I mean assuming they sort all Of that out which I you have to assume They will Um and when I mean that when I say they I mean the developers out there just Normal devs and people who see this as a Massive opportunity which it is if Tomorrow there was an equivalent of an Open seat with Bitcoin nfts on it that Could be easily transacted the way we Can with ethereum nfts I would rather Have a Bitcoin nft than the ethernet Oh man I thought I had a [ __ ] I Thought I had one of those buttons for Like

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