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So it finally happened I ended up Getting drained so I've been in the Space for 2 years uh two and bit years Hypervigilant staying sort of safe not Clicking too too many bad links not Signing too many things and it finally Happened to ended up getting some nfts Taken from my wallet so to give you a Little bit of an idea of what's Happening as you can see here it's 50 Minutes ago literally so it's happened Within the hour ago so it's quite recent Um I was here taking some photos for Thumbnails so usually you batch through A whole bunch of different sort of Reactions you know those stupid faces Like this did that then what I ended up Doing is I started to get some alerts on My phone the phone started buzzing I'm Like what's going on here pick up the Phone and I end up seeing all of these These are alerts from floor now I Absolutely love floor app it's a really I use it every single day and I saw a Whole bunch of things being being sent Out and I'm like oh and usually when you Sell things or transfer things it pings Up and I'm like that's strange I had Didn't have any of these items listed And next thing I know I go in there and Yep things have gone so having a look at This you can see here uh that with like I said within within an hour ago this is What has actually happened and when you

Go in and click on the actual sort of Wallet itself to see what it is there's Nothing there because it is a spam um Sort of scam wallet so heading over to Ether scan you can see here this is Where I started to get a little bit Confused it was um 7even nft sales I'm Like okay what and then you can see here Um it's the wallet has been dubbed um Fake fishing and I'll get into what the Actual link was in a second um and blow The marketplace and then from this I'm Like oh okay I started to kind of have a Bit of a Vibe about what happened and You can see here here um some of the uh Sort of nfts here so what I ended up Doing is I went over to blur to see what The activity was like and see what Actually happened when you actually head To the History Section in blur um now Ignore this top one I actually restak my Chimp I was doing some things for the Chimpus guys so I had to unstake to test Something out so um just ignore that um But you can see here a series of s sales So what has happened is I've clicked This link it has then gone in and listed These items for sale for essentially one Way like literally just like 000000001 you can actually see it here So the seven nfts were sold for like Literally like just one so what has Ended up happening is you've I've ended Up selling these things to the person so

That's what the um sort of fishing is it Was wasn't like they drained my wallet That way it's almost like a roundabout Way and I think this would be off the Back of um blur permissions because all Of these items I had listed at some Point in time for um a a bit to sell now Look before I get into what the nfts are In their liquidity I need to show you What the scam was so this is the email That came through now the first thing That you would see when you see this is He going like what is no reply at why would you ever click That and my rebuttal that is this if you Actually watch this video this is what Came through because it um popped in at Of 7:00 a.m. my time I was up at 7:30 I Looked at my emails when I was in bed on My phone and then what I ended up doing Is going through and it doesn't actually Have the from address it just says from Nanson 2 to me and I'm like nanson 2 Seems a little bit off but then I was Like the heading was nanson 2.0 and We're in airdrop season we're in air Like sort of U people farming tokens and Stuff and this I was like I would like To see if I was eligible and for me it Made perfect sense because I had used my Email address to um use nanson a few Times but then I'd also used my wallet Address um to actually pay for nanson For a while as well so in my mind this

Actually worked and then what I did is I Clicked it opened up the link it then Said um check your wallet in uh metamask And then it opened up metamask then when I clicked um to sign a message something Popped up and what ended up and I Obviously I'm not going to click again To show you but what popped up I was Just like hey this feels a little bit Sus then I sort of dipped out I'm like Okay then I went over to nansen's Twitter account couldn't see anything on Their Twitter account I'm like oh okay Is this an early access thing I don't Know I'll check it out later but because I didn't think that I clicked sign on The main thing that popped up I was like Okay cool I'm fine I should be good and Then I just went about my day nothing Crazy happened and I was like okay I'll Check back in later and then obviously We fast forward to now now look the Silver Lining and it's not the right Word to use but the silver lining for All of this is um most of these nfts Didn't have any any liquidity or I was Not selling them now I'm going to go to Openc because it's a little bit easy to Kind of see on openc so with the um Courtyard pass 14 days ago 18 days ago And was literally at 40 bucks then when We get to the next one terap and Genesis Um I've been holding this for a while But with the activity on this one it has

Actually taken a a series of I think It's been um maybe two weeks maybe a Month but you can see the uh price Trending down here 16 days ago 22 days Ago 2 months ago so there wasn't much Liquidity on terapen Genesis um with the RT's mint pass I think this was like 6 e So it was quite a lot to begin with but When you actually have a look at the Liquidity that was on this one um it's Still days ago and it's still like a 100 Bucks it's not nothing but it still is a Decent um there isn't that much Liquidity on it um then with the crypto Ms unrevealed but when it comes to sales It was basically 23 days ago so getting Close to a month ago um unorthodox past This thing hasn't seen a sale in a bit Of a while um then next up is dark Echelon now I was never going to sell This as a piece because um my friend um Me husin this is his project so this is What ended up um happening this thing um The Genesis pass ended up getting taken I was never going to sell it anyway so For me it's a loss but not a financial Loss because I was never going to sell That in the first place um but that's Got some decent liquidity and it's Basically 2x the floor so you're kind of Going A35 to a04 for that um and the Biggest loss I guess because I would Have considered selling at some point in Time is the Hape now this one got taken

Um you can see the floor here is 89 and on the activity this still has Somewhat daily daily activity um and a Lot of sales that are happening so um The liquidity is decently high and it Has a high enough price so overall what Has ended up happening sorry just the Phone keeps going off and I'm just Worrying that there's more stuff being Taken But what what has ended up happening is I've transferred some things I'm just Going to like essentially clean that Wallet out sanitize that anything that Left in there is just going to be Terrible I have got some blow points That um a blow air drop that I hope will Actually come through from that wallet Then after that comes through I'm Basically going to dust my hands and Then leave so literally as you can see It happened an hour ago I'm just going Through transferring some things out and Then going to set up and be clean and Sanitized with a new wallet basically Now having a look at the um wallet Itself about what they actually have in Their wallet you can see here they've Got a moche an isuki elemental wonky Stons doggies you can see a whole bunch Of things that they've actually got in Here um we actually have a look at the History um I'm sort of like one of the Last ones there um you've got a uh a

Mecerse uh and then you can see some uh They've obviously done some trading to Um another wallet so uh what are these AR gobblers um then you it looks like You've got me bits so this uh wallet has Had a lot of sketchy things um has done A lot of sketchy things and I think They're trying to sell some things Whatever it is Vaya Sports passes a Whole bunch of some Adam Bomb Squad okay This is actually a crazy looking um Wallet to go through little lemon Friends so yeah look this wallet is Going absolutely ham absolutely crazy um I've Also I'm going to be very careful on um The links but also blow because um you Basically give approval the one thing That I'm coming in my mind is the fact That you can actually approve to sell on Blur and what it's done is it's come Through and then essentially relisted All of those items on blur and then That's kind of ended up happening so um Yeah if you've got any more info drop um Something in the comments below or send Me a DM on Twitter I'd love to kind of Hear about it so as you can see this Happened about an hour ago and I think The takeaway for me is the fact that um Apart from being sort of hypervigilant Um which you just need to so as you can See so as you can see this happened About an hour ago hour ago so so as you

Can see this happened about an hour ago Um now I'm not too angry and Disappointed overall I think I've lost Around uh sort of what half maybe if I Was to sell everything at floor um I'd Have maybe 6 e but of the things that I Would actually sell I think it's closer To to sort of A25 e um of things that I would actually Sell if there was actually liquidity There so for me it's not too much of a Loss obviously no one wants to get Scammed no one wants anything to kind of Bad to happen for me the um some of These nfts I were never going to sell Anyway I was never going to sell the ha I was never going to sell the dark Echelon and the other ones don't have That much liquidity and it's not too bad Of a sort of a scam anyway um the silver Lining for me in this is it gives me a Chance and a reason to set up a Completely new wallet on board fat from A different um sort of on-ramp and just Start again and just be really sort of Sanitized with it so that's going to be My job over the next sort of week or so Um especially heading into what's going To be a crazy bull run with crypto just Being safer consolidating all of my Stuff into one spot and then essentially Chopping that off and then starting Again with a new set of wallets so yeah That's kind of what happened it's um

It's a little bit crazy a little bit Chaotic but um it it is what it is I'm Happy I didn't have I didn't get Anything else taken there were other Things that could have been taken that Um maybe I was going to sell But Ultimately I'd been sort of pulling back On lot of lots of nft purchases so I Didn't have anything crazy so yeah That's it I just thought um it's no real Big crazy lesson here this is just Letting you know what's happening um With Yeah just something that popped up Something that happened just so that you Kind of understand that these kind of Things are out there so please be Careful when you're kind of pressing Those um pressing links anything I'm Almost if I get an email I'm almost Never going to click anything again but Yeah um hopefully you guys had a great Weekend and I look forward to making Another video for you shortly yeah and As gorilla would say peace

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