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People think that the open editions are Going to be worth something financially Or emotionally and I'm going to tell you This I do not think you're right I think You were all wrong if you think that I Have a bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh cards that are Worth nothing and I do not care about Them I have a bunch of cards that are Exclusive that are in a tiny little box There's like 30 of them I care about Those because I paid a little bit more For those and even though I love all Yu-Gi-Oh cards I never could care for Those comments that I paid nothing for Just because I paid nothing for them and I know that they're comments and that's The thing don't think like that until It's until it's too late and then then They're like oh well like I don't even Care it's like okay well you wasted all That time and money on it and I was just Trying to tell you that you're you're Not thinking about the right way and That's just I'm trying to bring in like A full perspective on it I just think That people are jumping in too fast and They're not thinking about what they Actually want they just see the numbers And the money So I can unless I really like the artist That it was very cheap I wouldn't be Interested because as Kate is saying in This 16 000 Supply there's there's a lot Of people usually there's a couple of

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