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Crypto undeads is lining up to be one of The most hyped nft drops on salana in This video I'm going to break down why Some information and all that good stuff Also first off this is not Financial Advice I'm not a financial advisor Please do your own research before Moving in omn space now look at caveat I'm not whitelisted for this I'm not on The pre-sale um I'm not pumping my own Bags so before you jump in and say that I am I'm not so yeah anyway let's Continue in my DMs I have received People asking about um how they can get In and usually when you're hearing Conversations not seeing stuff on the Timeline but hearing conversations in DMS in group chats this is when you know There's there's a little bit of heat and Things are like sort of like cooking up A little bit so crypto undeads is Founded by dollar or known as dollar um I sent him some DMS trying to get some Information but he didn't want to share Anything um this project is going to be Pixel art I'm almost like 100% sure First off you can see the pixel um art Here you can see the pixels in the eyes But then you also got the pixel art here Dollar is a punk pixel art and then when You have a look on the website all the Text is pixel so this is going to be Pixel art and it's going to be a pfp you Can see what dollar has put up here part

Of me wants to launch a really solid Salana pfp project to bring back the Energy and potential um and then he's Got was an early idea 7 hours ago and Then 10 hours ago just saw some of the L Test gens every Undead looks so good so It looks like crypto Undead is going to Be a pixelated pfp project and he's been Hinting at this for the past year now When crypto on Deads is doing a Collaboration and they're essentially Giving away some spots for crypto on Deads in the servers of projects these Projects are just moving in floor price Cuz people want a chance to get in but When people are winning they're very Grateful on the timeline which you don't See unless it's a very hyped project and You if you can remember back to 20 22 Like early 2022 that's what you were Seeing when people want a really big Spot they'd be very grateful all the Timeline going for it because we we're So small now we're so contracted that When it it's very easy to win spots and Get spots but when something really Desirable comes along and people get it They're really thankful I saw this in The chimpus Discord when they gave away Some spots almost everyone flocked to The timeline to express their gratitude For the spot which is absolutely crazy Now this also leads into the other Aspect where people understand the hype

Around it that they're trying to get Some clout now Liam um tweeted this out Um and I actually saw this on the Timeline as well what people have done Is people have actually put up fake Giveaways so this guy says I have some Spots to give away for the highly Anticipated um crypto undeads mint um And then they go no you don't but the Fact is people are using this project as Clout to then engagement farm and all That so that that's how you know that It's getting a little bit of hype and It's getting bigger than most other Things that we've seen in the space now Where will it mint it will be minting on Salana because we had the initial post Here from Dollar saying that he wants a Salana pfp but what you can see here is From the underworld our selection Process has begun it's time to bridge The gap between salana and ethereum once For all now the fact he says bridge the Gap which means I think getting ethereum Holders over to Sal with a really dope Cool pfp our Min Supply will be divided Equally between collectors from both Chains ensuring both are part of our Story from the very beginning and the Rest of the post goes on to talk about How they're actually doing collabs and That's why you're seeing uh just Giveaways with some ethereum um projects Um sort of quality ethereum projects um

Giving those winners the chance and this Will hopefully Bridge people over to Salana now when it comes to the supply And price it's going to be a 10,000 Collection you can see it right here on The website unique 10,000 Undead Collectibles are coming soon to the Salana blockchain and the mint price or Pre-sale price is 2.5 so and I'm hearing Rumors that there are OTC deals of the Nft going for 10x so essentially 25 Soul Which is crazy which means it's going to Be a bit of a cook what they're doing With the pre-sale I believe is curating Who they've got coming through to Hopefully build a solid community and to Avoid flippers now they've curated good Communities good giveaway ways and They're also curating the key opinion Leaders influencers whatever you want to Call them coming through and by doing The pre-sale this way they're Essentially getting people that believe In it to actually throw in their salana Which should reduce the amount of Short-term flipping race the bottom Action Because unless you've got Conviction in it you're not going to do It um and we've seen things like this When you look at something like art Gobblers that happened when that was a Highly whitelisted giveaway that went to Influences that run up completely crazy And huge when you saw something like

Haper Beast back in 2022 that was um a Completely whitelisted Mint or a loud Listed mint and that had a high FL floor Price um and then with other things that Are hard to get when you look at the Moon Birds when that ran up um when you Look at meae like back 2021 when that Ran up when things were very hard to get Through lots of people wanted to get Through and it was a very different d Mechanic it usually led to a higher Floor price now why am I speaking about Floor price that's what everyone wants To know everyone wants to know where Something can go and then the last post Here I want undeads to be the long-term Hold for collectors on Soul much as Punks are on ethereum so the way that This whole project is coming together it Makes it seem like um the dollar and the Team want to actually build something That people want to hold longterm people Don't want to flip and it should be um a Premier collection hopefully this was a Little bit enlightening hopefully you're Excited I turn the notifications on I Turn everything on um if you can get in It's going to be an absolute cook and it Looks like it's going to do quite well Especially as we're heading up into the Ball Market hopefully you enjoyed this Video if you did drop a comment below And I look forward to seeing you in the Next video

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