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So guys with this crazy movement of AI Moving into so many different Industries In the world whether it's music whether It's entertainment I was just reading Recently that there were some Hollywood Actors that were running into difficulty Because they didn't want to sign a paper That basically allowed the directors of The movie to scan do a 3D scan of the Actors so after the actors perform in The film The the Hollywood directors can Use those actors 3D image and AI Technology as much as they want and Basically ask asking actors to sign this This was a big you know controversy Because AI is allowing directors or Artists different Organizations to be able to replicate a Really good actors or really good music Really good lyrics and use it for their Own benefit so while there is some dark Sides of that and that could be not good For certain parts of the industry for Example actors that want to maintain Their image and not have an AI replica Be created of themselves of course That's not very good without the Artist's consent or the actor's consent But what we're talking about here is Some of the benefits and some of the Good things that you can use AI for when You are making music whether you're a Label produce sir a singer a songwriter Just an artist that makes music so one

Of the little known AI Technologies That's going to revolutionize the music Industry is Beats we've heard some beats Being made on the channel I've covered a Few videos where some of these AI beats Are really well honed in on the sound They have Progressive bass lines that Are good bass and it sounds like it's Got a lot of attention and been looked At by a producer a mixing engineer and Even a mastering engineer there's the Hi-hats there is the different parts of The song The frequencies hitting at Similar levels to hit songs because the AI can mimic hit songs and Patterns are replicable and if there's a Pattern that can be picked up by the AI Whether it's a midi notes a piano roll AIS can learn from that and we've just Seen some really interesting music being Created as far as beats go so beats is One of the things that I would consider Looking at not that you would want to Create a beat using AI or maybe you Would but to explore that and see if There's any opportunity for you to Potentially grow I think that by knowing That technology just puts you in a Position to be able to take advantage of Certain opportunities later if you ever Needed to generate something quickly for Your music or your business or your Music business the second thing that AI Has massively changed recently is that

There are replicas of voices so you've Heard maybe the AI trach or the AI Kanye And it sounds almost like the real Artist almost sounds like their voice Their tonality the way that they make Lyrics and their style is all being Mimicked in songs by Ai and it's fairly Accurate and a lot of people weren't Able to tell the difference when Listening to AI generated music of Kanye And Drake and there's been a lot of Artists that have been replicated using AI so that could be bad for licensing it Could be a little bit of a struggle for Business and royalties and what if Somebody replicates your voice as an Artist and they're using your voice in a Song you know and you're not getting Comments compensated for that that's Just something to uh that's one of the Biggest concerns regarding the AI music But I did read something really Interesting a lot of people were Surprised by this The Grammys actually announced that AI Music is eligible for Grammy nomination So while uh if you're a songwriter or You are someone that makes music and There is AI components in your creation It can't be solely AI generated but if There's AI tools that are being used to Create the music that is not a Disqualification from being nominated For a Grammy so that opens up the doors

For Very top of Industry producers and Artists that are making music to not Really worry too much about uh Using AI technology and having to worry About maybe not being eligible for the Grammys because you're still eligible According to the Grammys as of about a Month ago so I've recently been working On a software actually it's an AI Software that utilizes AI to be able to Help artists build lyrics and I say Build build lyrics write lyrics a real Estate build because you can structure Your whole song with the help of AI you Can go through your intro your verse Your chorus and you can create sections And you can write and edit in each Section and it expands and you can drag And drop and reorganize the structure of Your song but you can also generate an Entire song or just generate a few lines Or just the chorus or just the verse and The generation is based on a highly Tested prompts that allow for an artist To try and really maintain their Integrity in their soul and be able to Tap into the type of lyrics that they're Trying to write so that's just something I've been working on that I think it's a Project that you guys would love to see If you want to check that project out I Would love to share it with you just a Friendly reminder if you guys want a

Free AI ebook down below there is an Ebook that will show you uh it's about 27 pages and it's jam-packed with the Top AI tools to use in today's world it Doesn't even include the tool that I Just mentioned that I'm building we are Really close to the deployment on that Tool And I'll let you guys know when it's out That book is really valuable and it's Worth its weight in gold uh it's awesome I think if you're looking at AI music You should go check it out it's totally Free down below and you don't have to Get that but also comes with a free Blockchain music book in there as well That I wrote and the reason I wanted to Include that is because I would love to Share with you guys the Journey of uh The music business and everything that I'm doing and so all you have to do is Enter your email and your password and I Can or not your password your email and Your name and I can send you the ebooks And then I can also keep you up to date With some of the things happening in the Music industry and in in the business World so also in some lyrics and some Music if that's being created I can Share that with you guys as well you got To learn AI creating Beats Instrumentals AI creating uh the lyrics as well as the Artists voices And being able to replicate artists

Voices these are just three things that Are happening in the music industry in Regards to AI there's many more things That I'd love to cover as far as Marketing automation Plugins that are inside dos like FL Studio and logic and I think you guys Would love to see those videos as well And if you would like to see those and I Earned your thumbs up make sure to hit Your thumbs up and subscribe down below To stay up to date and I can share this With you alright guys cool I will see You in the next video thank you so much For watching peace out [Music] Foreign [Music]

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