Moonbirds & Proof – EVEN MORE broken promises..

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Support my board I've been 2x during the Month and my Mutant identics I bought a Two and a half ethereum and sold it at The absolute top before ever did uh land Drop and then I did but I got out of me in bed without Using anything I was next Like completely zero Um but emotionally I was just you must Mostly I was scarred Yeah Especially I was scarred I'm still let Down I can't I can't believe it but you Were right you called that Um but still yeah I mean I am Disappointed there and it's just gone From bad to worse I mean we saw last Week they canceled the conference it's All the week before they put an expiry Date of 2025 so that's when they're not Delivering any value anymore Um which is not fair because they never Said that in the beginning Um and yeah we've just seen this I saw a Thing remember catering we're trying to Think of a good name Um for a rug where they give you two Years notice so someone in the comments Someone in the comments on YouTube said We should call it a carpet almost alone It's a long rag yeah Whoever said that that is uh that's a awesome I love that that is Really cool

Um and there was another another one I Rose back because of Kevin Roseburg yeah We're gonna talk about the uh the whole Uh Ryan Carson thing too at all or not Is that not one of the topics we can if We can if you want to I mean we can talk Before we get into the news yeah let's Talk about it yeah I mean right Carson Just he's Audi he left He's done with the daily dose um Clemente left the daily dose Clemente He's not working with the Nifty portal Um somehow in some some way in there in Their brand I think behind the scenes a Little bit Um and dude daily dose has moved on to Xenica zeneika's gonna be running that Show now and Ryan Carson is just gone Like that project literally crumbled Like it literally crumbled and actually Made a note of that in the Momo Guru Video because I said hey by the way I Know I'm really like excited about this Project but just remember just because There's a ton of advisors you know Half the advisors like our co-founders At like Disney and all these big Companies you know same thing happened With moon Birds Moon Birds advisors list Was pretty stacked and that project fell Apart and I like I made like a 30 second Note in the video and I was like just be Aware that just because this team is Stacked and everything looks good does

That mean that this web 3 initiative is Going to pan out it's all about Execution and that's something we can't See it's so interesting because you know Ryan Iran was quite big in boom boost Um it was it's quite picking this price Before there to win today you know Decided that he wanted to to to do his Own thing left Moon burst there was Quite a bit of controversy around that People felt like he sort of left Abruptly Um his side of it was that he wanted to You know he didn't want to draw it out His heart wasn't in it and he you know He wanted to Um you know he was going to leave let's Leave Um but that day always held a special a Special place then he was raising a good Amount of money and and really out in The space Um and one of the projects that his Projects that he was Raising many for Um guys had committed to some amounts of Money and he publicly mentioned them Um you know before everything had been Signed Sealed Delivered Um yeah I don't you know for me okay Maybe a mistake but is it the end of the World no I mean I think what zagabond Did with the Zuki who's flying is a lot Worse than someone who says to you look I'm gonna invest and you tweet

Prematurely a premature tweet is that The end of the world I don't know got a Bit of fat for doing that and then just Decided screw this look I'd rather leave Now I think you need a very strong Backbone to be a Founder in the space Um people are you know the communities Are just ready to kill someone Everyone's on on High Um you know really emotions are high all The time Um so yeah if you don't have a strong Backbone then you shouldn't be a Founder In the space that's the truth so this The small amount of fat leads you to up And leave and then I mean you wouldn't Have handled it anyway let's get out now Rather than later but that's what's Interesting to me is is you know from my Understanding and I don't I haven't Looked into it usually but I think Ryan Had quite a substantial amount of Success in the web 2 space Um so to see really well established Businessmen and look business is also a Cutthroat and uh you know you got to Have a strong backbone to be in business Too Um so for me it's usually British that You've got a good businessman Um and they usually have the grit they They're used to working hard and Fighting through them noise so yeah very Weird maybe he was looking for an art

Anyway and this was the opportunity I Don't know that's strange definitely Strange you you do see why

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