Mocaverse Post Drop Analysis – Animoca’s Membership NFT Explained

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Show you over here Was mock averse so this is really Interesting this is a new drop but it's From Anna mocha Brands right And we have a look over here So I'm gonna just show you the activity Okay so you can see it was launched on The 7th of March at 888 collection currently sitting with Our owner distribution ratio of 30 which Is low Um so something that we do want to see Rise if you're going to see the price of The drives you always the Florence Versus best next offer is an indicator Whether the short term the price is Going to go down or up for me so you can See here that the floor price is 1.37 And the best offer the next best offer Is 1.25 that to me just that tells me That in the very short term in the next Couple of minutes hours it looks like The price is going down Um which is quite interesting and you Can see that sales have slowed and a lot Of with offers are being accepted which Is also like the last three sales have Been with offers there was an Ethan After that and then another one two Three so when you start to see a lot of Weath offers be wrapped eth offers being Except did that typically also means in The very short term so if you're a Flipper just looking to trade in the

Short short term that the price is going To go down this is a normal chart for a New collection you do typically see the First day when it launches a lot of Sales a lot hard and it does tend to Come down and consolidate then you're Going to wait for Um it to be revealed and then you'll see Some crazy action on the reveal and then It said tens a week or two after to find A price but what's interesting about This collection is it's the official Collection for Anna mocha Brands Membership right and anyone in the space Knows the animoker brands as heavily Invested in the space they've got a lot Of projects under their belt Um and they've created this collection And there's five different types of Tribes you can get Angels Builders Dreamers connectors and neo-catalists And all of those different things will Help you learn Um and build and play together and bring All the values together you need all Those values in order to bring wave Three together so they've created their Own collection that If you jump onto their website over here You can see their different Realms that We spoke about the builders the Learners The Jupiters and it's it's really nice To see that they've launched their own Collection and I think that it will you

Know definitely be bullish on them this Is a great way to get into to get into Them and be a part of what they're Building here nice yeah I don't have too Much to say this is interesting I'm just Kind of consuming this one I haven't Heard of this project uh as I've heard It mentioned a couple times but Um cool stuff I'll be checking them out Yeah sounds interesting I mean the Different tribes are going to have Different roles to play in this universe That they've created so let's say that You definitely feel that you're a Builder just as an example but when but When your nft gets revealed you're a Dreamer we might see that that promotes A bit of selling and buying you know you Might want to sell your Gmail and get a Builder because you want to be involved From their perspective I think it's nice To see Um this is a unique sort of approach Um and it just it creates another sub Sort of ecosystem you know so it's Really going to serve as the membership Nft for animaker Brands Um so this is their their OG nft which I Think is really quite cool and quite Bullish Um and it's a way to to show support and And they're saying you'll be able to Learn play do good and build together And bring different utilities I will put

All the links in the video so if you Want to check them out Um go check out their website this is Not a page tool at all it's just Appeared in the top trending chart for This week and when I saw that it was a Animoker Brands um project Um that is their actual membership their OG membership I wanted to bring it to You guys you can see a big Twitter Following over there so yeah if you're Interested let me know have a look in The description and you'll be able to Follow it there oh yeah right on And then we've got John here also Simon's uh eventually Capital project Well I mean Hannah Marco invest they are VC they are VC company right It's good style I like it I like the Style I was going to say it probably it I was about to say kind of reminds me of Uh of literally exactly that in mocha VC But I'm down with it dude like I don't I Think people in the what three space get Scared with VC because it's a good thing Because they're fun did but then they're Like you know once they're VC or VC but How else are you gonna get it done you Literally need money you know like you Need to keep the lights on if you can't Keep the lights on you can't get Anything done Um so it's really about the it's really About the motive you know it's about the

Motive behind the VCS how long their Time Horizon is and that's something we Don't always have the information on so It's always a risky play in every single Nft project VC or not Um because there's it comes with its own Set of issues and problems and uh Blockages based

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