Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte & The Canton Blockchain

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I'll do let me grab my uh my monster Real quick No worries all right so now we're having A look here another Buddhist story we've Got a more big Brands I mean Microsoft Goldman Sachs deloitte's and others are Collaborating to develop Canton which is Basically a new blockchain network Design for financial institutions set For testing in July so I mean it's a No-brainer that blockchain technology is Going to add to the financial field Um really and truly anyone who's trying To send money overseas Um or receive money from overseas the Pain of doing that without crypto like Physically going to the bank filling out The forms getting it over there then it Takes a week before they come back and Say something was wrong with the form Just an absolute Nightmare and I do Think we finally at a stage where big Companies the Goldman Sachs deloittees Other financial institutions are Starting to see the value of blockchain Technology in being able to immediately Send money overseas from one location to Another that reflects immediately on the Other person's side with very little Little red tape you know obviously you Do have gas fees I still think that Those even you know when they're Moderate are lower than Bank charges at The moment and doing it with a web to

Bank so why wouldn't you want it yeah You can either wait a week and go Through hours and hours of pain to send Money overseas or you can do it quickly And cheaper that it reflects almost Immediately in the in the person's hands And there's a complete Um Ledger of all the transactions that Are irrefutable on the blockchain Forever so for me it's always been a No-brainer but we're starting to see big Boys are realizing the same thing over Here And uh yeah just good to see so this was A Bloomberg article but another one that I'm hoping is making you bullish code It is sorry I just I had a thought that Uh went back to that original thought That I got excited about and it turned Into a video idea in my head as you were Talking so I just want to make a note so I don't forget for later sorry No worries that's the creative mind Everyone who knows me knows my mom isn't Hardest but yeah you gotta I mean I go To bed also with uh with a notepad next To my bed Yeah yeah write things down sometimes I Certainly got like a not often but I I'll think of things and I'll write them Down in the morning I wake up and I have No recollection of actually waking up And writing them down that's crazy and I've got yeah yeah and I've got some

Some good ideas like launch this new Section on our website so like a really Good section the one was um uh searched By personality right so you know instead Of searching for products by the company Color or whatever Material or I don't know price range uh It was like the person's personality are They uh outdoor enthusiasts so you know Are they endured you would like a cool Power bank or whatever and that one I I Don't remember waking up but writing a Doubt and I had their personality and Then I had like an example of two or Three personalities but I couldn't read It so well it wasn't written well but I Was able to make it up so yeah I think It's a good idea to to have it and if You do it on your phone you wake up Because of the light right but if you're Doing it with a pen of paper in the dark As long as you sort of can read it the Next morning it could be pretty cool Yeah I just I mean like this video I do Is mainly I was saying uh

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