Memeland NFT Discussion: Captianz floor price, Potatoz & more

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Right currently and tier four I think It's about five and a half to six well Let's go yeah so do you remember when Meme land dropped and um a lot of you I Think I think you were included in that A lot of people were saying 10 East Because of the amount of potatoes it Costed to get that should equal captains Being about 10 eighth and I was thinking 5eath would be like the top it turns out Into like You were much more right no you were Right they sitting at five but they they Were at about six six and a half but you Know what you know what wasn't taken Into account the way my logic was wrong I thought that potatoes would lose a lot More value after the captain's mint but Potatoes flaw is still too ethereum so I Was saying okay three ethereum times Three non-etherium okay they're gonna go To zero you know because now you've used Your ment past but they've done an Incredible job in encouraging people to Hold those potatoes for further benefit So the potatoes only lost one ethereum Each that you could have sold all three Of them and gotten six Heath back so you Actually were only three if invested so Then yes the floor will be four to five Ethereum That's where I went wrong I assumed that The potatoes would go down a lot more to Like half an eighth or something to that

Effect yeah I'm surprised potatoes are Holding uh too that there might be Information I'm missing on the potatoes Otherwise I'm like why would you hold These I don't care no so that they have Said there's going to be huge future Benefits they've also done stuff that Like that Meme land Approach has been completely unique to Anything that we have seen before Um so it's it's really quite quite Interesting to to Um to see that right because um it's Done incredibly well and you were they Were selling there a hundred OG ones for Five ethereum before they minted Anything and which is really really Interesting right Um just things that you can know uh the The just the sewer parsmans alone has Made um by the way Uh yeah no it's fine just the Surplus uh Past meant alone has made over 20 Million dollars in sales secondary Um

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