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[Music] What is going on everybody welcome back To nft Alpha the channel that brings you The wildest nft sales upcoming nft mint And mind-blowing NFD news handpicked by Me Taco so give us a follow on our Socials on X here we got NFD Alpha show On Tik Tok nft Alpha and on YouTube at Nft Alpha all right we're going to start Over here on X with this crypto Punk That sold for $1.1 million it was Punk 7458 was bought for 600 ethereum why did This guy just randomly quote tweet it And say sup well it's none other than Gordon goner who is the co-founder of Yuga labs and he has been going on a Buying spree lately let's see let's see Where it all started so it all started About two days ago with this tweet going To grab some nonb AE yach Club nfts this Week don't freak out I'm still AP Poppy And I love you very much seems like a Funny guy and uh he was not kidding Because yeah he uh he purchased this Crypto Punk for $1.1 million it's a Zombie Crypt Punk he also purchased this Crypto which we've talked about in the Past they are going to be a part of the Other side game let me find that video For you so you can check it out and Learn more about all the different Projects that are going to be Incorporated into that game it's not Just going to be Yuga assets biggest nft

Announcement of the year and I was not Kidding all right so as you can see Legends of the mara is going to be a new Game coming out so you got the crypto Right here you got world of women you Got me bits obviously you got The Bard Club and then you got the heavy metal You got the Forgotten Rune Wizards you Have the 10 ktf shop with wag mean you Have ranga obviously you got the kotas And you got applied primate I believe is This one right here so he bought a Crypto which is an onchain nft and I'll Show you guys more of that collection Right now all right so here are the Cryptodes well I'm hiding it but let's See if I can make this a little bigger For you guys so the Flor price was Sitting around .5 ethereum for looks Like well over a month and then all of a Sudden they popped off and they were Ranging between between like 0.2 and .5 Uh two days ago I'm going to suspect it Has a little bit to do with Gordon Gonner and him kind of sparking some Interest in other non board abat Club Collections because he also bought a Dgod looks like a pretty rare one also He also bought a sappy seal Arf Arf and He also got a pudgy penguin and this one He bought for almost 39 ethereum or $73,000 and here's his wallet to not to Be sketchy or anything this is all on The blockchain it's all public

Information so you can see his crypto Punk right there his pudgy penguin his Dgod his sappy seal and his crypto but It looks like he's actually done some Cleanup of his uh openc profile because There's only 20 items aside from uh Gordon buying a $1.1 million Crypt Punk These things have been flying off the Shelf at the time of recording so 46 Minutes ago someone paid 95 ,000 for This guy this Crypt Punk 4464 which is a Monkey Crypt Punk has a 900 ethereum bid Which is almost $1.7 million then you Had this sale uh a lady Crypt Punk it Looks like Serena Williams uh smoking a Cigarette Punk 8917 was bought for 52.4 Five ethereum almost $100,000 you had Punk 3534 sell for 51 ethereum which was $96,000 and uh you know it just keeps Going on and on on and these were all Within the last day this one was an hour Ago an hour an hour 2 hours ago 4 hours Ago so these things although they are Priced like $90,000 plus they are Selling like hot cakes and uh not to Mention the the rest of the nft Ecosystem is is seeing a a Resurgence it Looks like you know board Apes they Briefly touched under 30 ethereum floor Last two days and now they have uh like I'll show the chart so they were in like The 25s in the beginning of October they Were creeping up to 26 they almost Peaked up to 30 they got to as high as

Let's see yeah just under 30 ethereum They had a slight pullback to about 28 29 e and then they exploded to over 31 Ethereum had a slight pullback to about 27.5 ethereum and now they are well on Their way to 31 ethereum again but also Like the mape yach club they almost got To six ethereum the last few days They're up almost 7% today you have auki Up almost 10% DG gods are up over 6% on The week pudgy penguins are up over 4% On the day isuki Elementals having a Huge week and a huge day up over 21% on The week and up over 22% just today you Had some clone X avatars on the week up 19% and the list goes on and on and on Just a sea of green I love seeing green On the timeline I love it but uh what Else is going on in the nft market I Mean these are all like profile pictures Uh nft like Collectibles but um what the Heck does chain link have to do with Nfts and uh what is tokenized real Estate real quick if uh you don't know What chain link is it has been on a Absolute tear the last month up almost 80% and uh if you watch the blockchain Basement I I was talking about chain Link when we were down here when we were When we had this dip right here to like Five five and change man if you uh if You caught that dip you're up like over 200% all right back to the article so in 2021 the global real estate market was

Valued at $29 trillion with a t making It one of the largest markets in the World so if you compare the the real Estate market to other markets the real Estate market is El liquid and Inefficient it can take weeks to months To find a counterparty sale prices Fluctuate within a range real estate Transactions takes weeks to close and Many service providers are needed to Transa sounds like something that the Blockchain and crypto could fix let's Let's keep reading so what is tokenized Real estate so tokenized real estate is When a real estate property or its cash Flows are represented as a blockchain Token to increase liquidity streamline Processes and enable digital ownership So in general the use of blockchain Technology For tokenized Real Estate Requires the use of either nfts or Fungible tokens depending on the goal And what's being tokenized nfts are Useful when a property or a group of Properties is being considered as a Whole example one or more properties one Token fible tokens like Bitcoin like Ethereum xrp so fungible tokens are Useful for fractionalizing a whole into Parts according to KPMG tokenization is Ideal for owners of a single asset or a Small portfolio of assets due to the Significant reduction of time and cost In offering investors the right to

Participate in fractional ownership and Subsequent secondary trading so how Could tokenization or real estate work So in general tokenized real estate Requires that there's a firm a trust Minimized link between the digital asset And the underlying physical asset chain Link is a web 3 service platform that Supports developers and entrepreneurs Aiming to bridge the gap between Blockchain and real world assets by Providing best-in-class connectivity Tools so this next section will outline The different possibilities across Residential and commercial real estate Markets to provide an idea as to how Real estate might be tokenized this is a Pretty long article I'm just going to Briefly cover some of the points so Simple tokenized real estate the Simplest example of tokenized real Estate is representing a single real Estate property as an nft and these are Its features you owning the nft can be Equivalent to owning the property so if I transfer it to my best friend now he Owns the property because he has Possession of that nft and the nft can Hold critical data such as past sales Addresses repairs and more and that's Where Dynamic nfts come into play Dynamic tokenized real estate the Tokenization example above can be Further enhanced using Dynamic nfts so d

Dynamic nfts are nfts that automatically Update their data based on relevant Conditions for example let's say you Replace your roof let's say you renovate Your kitchen you add on a whole section To your house the dynamic nft will be Able to track this data over time making It much easier for the next person that You know you want to sell this property To to see what has been done all the Work and the effort and the money that You put into making this property that Much better and increasing the value of It so this is a a whopping 9sec video But kind of visually shows what I'm Talking about so this is 2025 2027 2028 Seeing all the changes that are made It's actively tracking the changes that Are made on this house over time and It's putting this data onto the nft Dynamically updating nfts enable better Information exchange between Counterparties relevant information such As improvements Renovations and past Sales can be automatically updated in The nft by web3 powered startup using Chain link functions so fractionalizing Real estate they have an article on that Tokenizing real estate cash flow Tokenized real estate basket benefits of Tokenized real estate goes into increase Liquidity Better Price Discovery lower Costs reduces fraud there's many many Benefits that the current system is just

Lacking where chain link and Cryptography and blockchain Technology Can actually put us into the future of What can actually be done and the data That could be stored on chain like I Said this article is very long I'll Leave it in the description but in Conclusion real world asset tokenization Is an exciting opportunity for web 3 Technology to make markets more Efficient open and transparent today There are already a wide range of assets Being tokenized on chain from the Digital dollar to collateralized Gold Tokens but given the size scale and Importance of the real estate market $29 Trillion Market there's likely still a Long way to go until token real estate Is implemented at scale that's the main Goal I mean anyone I say anybody there's A bunch of blockchains out there that They're fast they're cheap but you can't Scale them or you've got you can scale Them they're fast but they're not cheap It's like the trifecta of blockchain so Chain link is working to make that a Reality all right and uh yeah I hope you Picked up some chain link over like the 400 500 day lull of their market look at This from like May of 2022 until two Months ago you had the opportunity to uh Accumulate chain link in this massive Rain I'm glad I picked up some chain leg During that time uh all right that is

All I got for you guys today hope you Enjoyed the video until next time Taco Out

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