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[Music] What's going on everybody welcome back To mft Alpha today we're gonna see What's going on in the nft ecosystem I'm Your host Taco it's Taco Time Amazon is Set to launch its own nft Marketplace Next month with the option of having Digital Collectibles linked to physical Goods delivered to customers doorsteps So it looks like 15 collections are Going to be available on launch for the United States before expanding worldwide Nft Aficionados will be able to purchase the Digital Collectibles with their own Amazon account via debit or credit cards There you go if you have a Prime Membership you're good according to Reports the Amazon entity Marketplace Could be called either Amazon and the T Marketplace or Amazon Digital Marketplace I gave it a 2 out of 10 Tacos for creativity come on guys let's See if they uh sign up some big brands Like Nike here Nike acquired the virtual Assets company artifact that's how you Say that back in 2021 which was Integrated into the new Nike virtual Studio So they had a physical version along With their nft maybe Nike's gonna be one Of those first 15 companies I'm gonna Take a bet and say yes like a blurb Tensor you guys heard a tensor because I

Haven't tensor plans massive airdrop for Solana nft Traders the blur model for Incentivizing entity sales is apparently Paying off for tensor which announced a 3 million funding round today tensor is A Solana nft Marketplace and it quickly Captured market share after taking a Page from The Playbook of leading Ethereum platform blurred by targeting Pro Traders and providing Loyalty Rewards for using its Marketplace which Is is basically like I shop at McDonald's and they're gonna give me Loyalty if I don't shop at like Burger King it's like loyalty so you only buy Sell list bid on their platform so it Looks like the platform launched its Season one air drops on Monday and Anyone who bought or sold an nft on the Salata network over the last six months Is actually eligible to claim this Little uh season one airdrop here but if You did trade on tensor that reward is Going to be 25 to 50 x more it's like They want you to trade only on their uh Marketplace all right so according to Market wide data collected by txo tensor Has facilitated about 19 of all Solana Nft trading volume over the past 24 Hours compared to 60 for market leader Magic Eden like I said tenser announced That has raised a 3 million seed round LED by VC firm placeholder this is their Twitter account I'll leave a link in the

Description so you can get your airdrops If you uh if you traded uh Solana nfds So their pin tweet we're extremely Excited to announce our three million Seed round LED by placeholders with Participation from all those people so Amongst all these people they probably Have over a half a million people half a Million eyeballs and I literally just Heard of this project today I think I'm Early you guys are going to be early too Congratulations if you're watching So this is the actual marketplace right Off the bat it looks pretty familiar to The way blur is set up with like Collections trays air drops the whole Look of it is tailored towards Pro Traders you got your data all all nice And dandy right here floor sell now Price 24 hour volume 24 hour increase in Volume market cap list said yada yada Right up in the top right corner you Would connect your Solana wallet and get Your airdrop is all this good for the Nft ecosystem according to punk 1959 Around 70 percent of the projects that Did trades at 20 plus eth on open Sierra Blur yesterday appear to be fake and the Main culprit was mgland mgland seems to Be doing a ton of fake trades at 33 East Zero fee and it pays itself the Royalties the own project is doing these Trades so they are getting the royalty So it's they're not even losing anything

Other than the transaction cost they're Wash trading their way up to the top of The volume leaderboards it's painting a False picture for the average retail User who goes to blur who goes to open C And they look at the top volume mgland Has been up there for like the last two Weeks two three weeks every single time Every single day I look at openc I look At this page it's been up there every Single day and it makes perfect sense With this current model for farming and Wash trading that blur incentivized you Can see here all these wash trades buys And sells back and forth to each other Just to pump up their volume so they're On the the top of the list or near the Top of the list this is uh not good not Good in my opinion but they aren't the Only ones to do this board ape is doing It the crypto punks Fleur Alpha pass Other side I don't know how long or Sustainable this is going to be once all These airdrop Seasons rewards are uh Finished everyone's gonna have no Incentive to wash trade or to pump up Their volume so let me know in the Comments what you think about this whole Nft Debacle ecosystem wash trading that We're got going on here's one of the pro Traders now that's a that's a selfie That this guy took of himself I've spent Every waking hour of the last two days

Bidding on nfts that I don't actually Want and letting whales take turns Dumping on my head in hopes of Eventually getting more of a token that I don't actually want it's full-blown PVP out here and I never want to hear Wag me again wag me means we are gonna Make it I don't know man this is this Doesn't seem good for the the whole Ecosystem no one even cares about the Nfts anymore they just want the freaking Airdrops and farming rewards all right So real quick we're on uh I Really didn't see anything on here worth Worth looking at same with cnft calendar Maybe this one which is minting tomorrow They got a decent amount of people and They're launching on cardano so it looks Like the meaning of go die is derived From Japanese philosophy related to the Five elements which are earth water fire Wind and the void so I don't know much About this problem project I legit just Clicked on it because it looks better Than the other ones it's up to you to Now do a little bit more research maybe Find out who the team is see if they've Got a good website see if their Discord Is um welcoming inviting those are all Things that I do and real quick real Quick this guy has been uh going on a Rampage for the last 237 days he wants Me to look at these Crow nfts I'll look At them let's look at the Mad hair

Society right off the bat good amount of Followers but they're not followed by Anybody I follow which gotta take it With a grain of salt because this is on Crow Chronos blockchain this Is legit as much as I looked at Chronos Nfts looks pretty cool this animation Looks well done looks like he's drinking A serum like a mutant ape there you go I Showed you that project psycho Molly's OG 500 followers not followed by anybody I follow I'm gonna pass on this one and Semicolon art 2 000 followers again not Followed by anyone I follow looks like It's all hand drawn one of one I guess Their number one holder is Brian Belk Congrats dude you deserve it I mean Getting into a whole new blockchain of Nfts isn't just like like flipping a Switch you got to download the wall you Got to get the C phrase you gotta put it Crypto into the wallet then you got to Do your research so if you're into Kronos nfts here's three to look at mad Hair Society psycho mollies and Semicolon all right that's all I got for Today make sure to follow us on the Twitter at nft Alpha show follow us on YouTube at nnt Alpha closing in at that 21k subscriber and follow me crypto Underscore Taco zero one until next time Don't go out [Music] Okay


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