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Welcome back to entity Alpha unleashing The wildest energy sales upcoming entity Mints and mind-blowing nft news in pick By B Taco don't give us a follow at nft Alpha on YouTube and at energy Alpha Show on X we're gonna stay on X with Romeo in honor of international nft day We are going to be sharing the Collections that push the boundaries and Propelled the nft and web 3 Industry Forward so be on the lookout for tweets From vumio so you can learn more about You know some of the top collections the Most iconic nfts that have ever been Produced in history dating all the way Back to 2014 yes even before crypto punks so it Will be in this thread and I will post It in the description for you guys so You can learn a little bit more about Nfts staying on X we got a nice little Video but before I play it Legends of The mara season 1 open Beta goes live September 26 which is in six days during Season one you're going to be able to Hatch maras Hoda holders and a head Start on farming fragments and hunting Shattered adalu will be mincible at the End of each season and include items From Legend of the moras expanding Gameplay Thank you Foreign All right that was pretty epic and I'm

Pumped up I'm excited I want to play This game if you want to learn more go To my previous nft alpha videos where we Go into more details about what the game Will entail but to quickly recap here's A table of all of the collections that Are going to be included in legends of The mara you have the codas you got Ranga you got 10K TF shop gotten Rune Wizards board Avia Club heavy metal me Bits world of women cryptos and applied Primates I had a nerd for knowing all That on the first try without looking All right and to go along with this Announcement Hugo Labs is excited to Announce new strategic partnership with Haitian Inc Excel bite bad Rhino Studios And Far Away GG that will Propel the Development of other side so it looks Like Hayden is delivering transformative AI powered spatial Computing Applications for immersive web Experiences that seamlessly Bridge Physical and Virtual Worlds wow in Excel But it looks like it's going to find a Back-end solution for for your game and Bad Rhino Studios is a Kansas city-based Indie Dev Studio developing content and Experiences for AR VR PC and onsl and we Talked about Fairway GG the gaming Studio and a publisher building Interoperability between player driven Universes and of course if you want to Learn more you can click on this and

I'll leave it in the description for you Guys I want to show you guys the code is Real quick and then uh let's let's do a Little window shopping so currently the Cheapest Coda is 5474 or 3.369 ethereum it's got two rare Traits under 0.1 the glimmer of hope Let's see the only glimmer of hope Available in the whole entire collection And then the Barely There armor let's See okay so there's the one we were just Looking at and then the next cheapest One is 16.75 ethereum so if you kind of want to Speculate on a potential trade you could Do and this is not Financial advice but This is kind of the mindset I have if You're looking at these traits and one Is severely undervalued barely their Armor then maybe you could take the Chance at purchasing this one and then You know upping the price a little bit Maybe to 15E not saying that it's gonna Be bought but I know when the game Starts coming out when people are hyped When all these communities start rolling In and playing the game Dakotas are like They're at the the seat of the table They are the the leader so to say and uh They're probably going to be I would Guess I would guess sometimes my guesses Are bad but I'm gonna guess and say that In the future these are going to be Higher price for the OG Otis what do I

Know all right so staying with yoga labs And Um the board Aid Yacht Club ecosystem And even apecoin we have less than 12 Hours remaining it looks like 11 million Eight coin will be set aside to buy Yuga And digital art assets current results At the time of recording we have 57.19 Or this proposal and 42.81 against what Is this proposal and here's some Information but it was interest produced By Machi Big Brother aip304 great the Digital art movement collection to Acquire a Yuga asset fortnite Club Munate Yacht Club or a Kennel Club and Punks and other notable nfts all right So how do you get involved in this Dao Proposal how do you vote and where do You vote that's what I'm here for aip304 You scroll down to the bottom here you Will see cast your Vote or against or Abstain which makes no sense if you're Gonna get this far you might as well go For or against and if you click the vote Button then you will be asked to connect Your metamask you will have to own at Least one eight coin to vote that's About a dollar twelve at the time of Recording so let's learn more about this Proposal so it was made by Maji big Brother he goes by this Robo gold teeth Wearing VR glass wearing board apiat Club on X here so let's learn more about It I am Machi Big Brother a defy OG and

Board API Club Maxi I proliferated the Board at Yacht Club in Pop Culture by Acquiring and gifting over 50 boarded Yacht clubs who leaders of the D5 Community I wish I was a leader in the D5 community so I can go aboard ape I Worked with founders of the board apiat Club and produced fully funded then Gifted the Apes vs mutant mobile game The community I did not know that thanks Uh I was not in the board API Club Ecosystem so I was not able to play that Game I did see it on Twitter Forex and It looked pretty cool so let's uh let's Let's take a look at it why not Apes Versus Mutants is a mobile game Collaboration between board aprs clip And River games the game was officially Released think about this game is it's Actually fun it's a mobile game and it Knows that it doesn't pretend to be Something it's not it's not like a Mobile FPS those games are meant to be Played on a computer with high quality Graphics and keyboards and a modes Pretty cool I mean it's a mobile game What do you expect and it was made by Essentially a Community member pretty Impressive so the the team involved in This proposal are the leaders of the D5 Community Apes task makers Builders Advisors Community supporters and Industry Partners Kane will receive no Compensation from this AIP here is a

List of the team I won't read it just Gonna go over your head but if you want To go in and uh read and maybe follow These guys on X be my guest so the Rationale this proposal is a movement to Grow the culture of digital art a way of Proliferating entities as a critical Part of as well as the Natural Evolution Of the Digital Arts Movement with board API Club mutinate Yacht Club Boarding Kennel Club and punks at the Forefront By exhibiting this collection worldwide We will make nfts more accessible Publicly and drive conversations around The benefits of digital art this Conversation will naturally lead to Benefits of digital art enabled via Permissionless blockchains as well as Proof of ownership authenticity and Providence educating the public about Our space is key to mass appreciation Hey that's why I'm here Taco so I could Give you guys the most current Up-to-date information on nfts so how Will this benefit the apcoin ecosystem You may ask it will do so by increasing Awareness of apecoin's cultural Influence and digital art funds received Will only be used for activities Relating to the creation curation and Administration of the Digital Arts Movement collection any proceed Generated from this collection will be Added to the multi-sig for expenses

Related to the operations this includes IP licensing exhibitions staking and all Other proceeds and they're even going to Have their own token called the dam Token and you can read more about it I'm Not going to go into it and also the Steps that are going to be implemented In order to carry out this proposal and Of course the timeline that is going to Be place you can also see people have Commented so you can even go in read Some if you want to and again if you Want to vote you can go to I'll leave the link in the description For you guys again you're going to need At least one eight coin in your wallet In order to vote but that's all I got be Blessed Taco out

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