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Do that so look the VR side of things Has got its challenges I mean you've Seen I think you know Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg has spent hundreds of Millions in the last 10 years I mean you Have I've heard a rumor um also from Good sources from various sources but it Is a roommate has it been confirmed that He's stepping down next year that he's Been forced to step down over the losses Of the last couple of years oh my dude Is that a bombshell have you not heard That oh my God if Mark Zuckerberg got Fired from Facebook that would be that would be crazy if You think about it I mean Steve Jobs got Fired for Apple for a lot worse I was About to say that that's a lot less for A lot less I mean not in this climate in This climate social media that would that would break the internet if That happened because he's so famous now He's so famous now and he's so currently Relevant but I've seen the dates on my Notepad holy guys if you're Watching this I'm gonna I'm gonna cut This when the announcement comes out in January next year

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