Mark CUBAN IS PISSED!!! Opensea royalties change…

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Mark Cuban yoga Labs LED backlash over Open Seas nft royalties change another Open Sea story openc investor Mark Cuban Expressed disappointment in the Marketplace's move as creators plot Potential boycotts and restrictions Mark Cuban and boarded Yacht Club Creator Yuga Labs were among the major players Speaking out Friday against nft trading Platform open C over the company's Thursday announcement that is intended To Sunset enforcement of Creator Royalties not collecting and paying Royalties on nft sales is a huge mistake By open C says Mark Cuban it diminished Trust in the platform and it hurts the Industry humans words generally carry Some weight in the nft space given the Dallas Mavericks owners public profile And long-standing involvement in the Crypto industry but they likely stung Even more given the fact that Cuban Himself Is An Open Sea investor and he Participated in the company's 23 million Dollar series a funding round in 2021

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