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[Music] What's going on nft Alpha welcome back What's going on the the banks are Failing the world is falling apart but We don't care we love E-liquid jpegs so Let's see what's going on in the nft Ecosystem hey I'm your host Taco it's Taco Time all right if you are not Following us on YouTube what are you Doing at nft Alpha and then on Twitter Follow us at entity Alpha show and then Uh follow me at crypto underscore Taco Zero one all right so like I do almost Every morning I head over to crypto slam And it looks like sewer passes were a Number one over the last 24 hours when It comes to volume And I wonder why here's what they look Like if you were wondering so these ones Don't buy them because they are uh they Are voided as you can see a big old void So essentially you had to race into the Sewers check some uh previous nft alpha Videos to see what uh dookie Dash looked Like so you were you were pretty much Racing to get as high as a score as you Could so as you could see this score is 18 183 out of a possible about 26 000. the True floor of these is around 2.93 ethereum and just the other just Yesterday they were 2.5 ethereum so why Did they jump up almost half an eighth Well today they're opening up the

Summoning March 15th is the summoning so This has been a story going on since Last year in December trial of Jimmy There's this box that uh it has a lock So you can't get into it uh so we had to Prepare to claim our sewer passes we got To jump into the sewers and get our Scores they reviewed the scores now the Game is over now this it was uh toad Mode so it was kind of like a cash grab You gotta grab all the toes as they're Flying by you Um more of a more of a luck base than a Skill based so now is the next iteration The summoning and then right after that In late March is Mecca types revealed so These are going to be changing into Something else and I'm excited I own one Of them and uh I want to see what it Turns into so that is really cool and Also in the yoga Labs ecosystem 12-fold All the inscriptions have been sent out Only if your wallet had zero Bitcoin in It and you might be wondering what the Hell what does that have to do with Anything a Bitcoin and nft is inscribed Onto one single Satoshi one one Millionth of a Bitcoin so if you have All these satoshi's in your wallet how Are you supposed to uh distinguish one From the other actually they required You to remove all the Bitcoin from your Wallet so that they can send you the Inscription or the nft here's a few of

Them I have all of them So here's what they look like this was The first one on the top left up here And it kind of Fades away into just one Line and then you got this checkered Thing going top left and then it moves Over into the bottom right cool cool uh People were flooding this the crap out Of yoga labs for the second one Specifically but they're all different Come on guys it's Yuga Labs you don't Fade Yuga Bitcoin nfts brand new they're One of the the main major entity Collections in the space ecosystems in The space they they jumped on to bitcoin Uh nfts this is this is a step in the Right direction if you ask me these Things are iconic pieces that will sell For a lot of money if the people even Want to sell them I uh if I had the Money and I don't but if I did and I had An opportunity to bid on one of these Things I would keep it I would hang one Of these in my house and I would tell People the story behind it because most Pieces of art have a story behind it so Counter-Strike GO you thought uh you Thought uh nfts were only on the Blockchain but apparently I mean you can Consider this gun and nft it was able to Be sold to someone else for 96 ethereum Or 160 000 is it like an insta kill is That it or is it the art on the gun I Don't know let me know in the comments

That's cool though that's cool I like it Uh I wish I could sell some of my Diablo 2 Lord Of Destruction items I rage quit That game because I lost all my items so Let's see what else is going so we've Been going over blur a little bit in the Past couple weeks on nft Alpha it Doesn't look like people are um are Flipping these nfts for a profit the Past few weeks have had a lot of losses For Flippers particularly on blur Because they have the bid pools you Could just deposit your Ethan you can Set what you want your bid to be and Voila someone has to accept it and it Removes your eth and it gives you the Nft yeah nine consecutive days of losses On trades where the nft was bought and Sold within a week for less than they Purchased it for they're taking a Massive gamble that the blur token is Going to be worth more once season two Is done I'm sitting on the sidelines I Don't have I don't have the time and the Energy to try and flip these nfts for a Profit and it looks like everyone else Is failing so proceed with caution the Pluto Alliance hey I am the community Manager for the Pluto Alliance I love I Love these little aliens I'll show you Them these are some on the floor right Now the floor is .03 that is about 65 And uh remember that number it's gonna Be important a little bit but I wanted

To show you some of the the cooler ones In the collection and you usually do That by going from Price high to low Alright so that's the Pluto king that's A black hole that's the Neptune King Those are some plutos I love these Bender Mars aliens and then you got like The Mercury King the Venus King this is Some pretty cool nft wow dude look at This one I never even saw this one Before look at that mask that's pretty Dope so I bring this up because crucial Crypto is a brand new newsletter brought To you by hit Network it is a Weekly Newsletter and it will be 100 a month to Sign up but but if you own A Pluto Alliance alien it doesn't matter Which one you own you get the newsletter For free That's right you get it for free all you Have to do is verify your alien in our Discord so you may be wondering how to Get to the Discord well right in the top Right corner on our open C page you hit The Discord button right there verified In our Discord you'll connect to collab Land you won't have to submit a Transaction to the blockchain so if you Or if you're at that stage you are in The wrong place all it's going to do is Read your wallet read and see that you Have a poodle Alliance alien and of Course if you have any questions hop Into our Discord and I'll help you out

Follow crucial crypto it's going to be Like a watcher Guru uh breaking news It's going to let let you know when Things are happening in crypto in macro Economics so uh yeah I recommend Following them and I'll leave the link In the description last bit of news it Looks like Sesame Street to launch first Nfts with Vivi starting with Pokemon Star digital collectibles at sixty Dollars each they missed the mark before I even go into the article the Cookie Monster it's meant for kids what kid Knows how to Um use a credit card set up a VV account Uh I don't think many I don't think many Under five years old and that's probably Their demographic is little kids it's a Freaking it's a Cookie Monster guy I Love that they're entering the web3 Ecosystem I love that they're making Nfts but they only have 555 of these Things at sixty dollars they should have Had 50 000 of them at five dollars That's just my little two two cents this Is my little quick take on this Sesame Workshop is introducing the first Digital Collectibles based on iconic Sesame Street kids brand like I said There's going to be 555 and according to Sesame Street Workshop additional Sesame Street Collectibles will be released later this Year uh pay attention to this one it for

For the collectors for us older old Heads maybe pick up one of these things They'll probably resell for more there's Not that many and it's not that Expensive but again I think they missed The whole entire Mark they should have Made these things a lot cheaper and they Should have made a lot more of them well Anyway that's all I got for today just Like this guy Taco out [Music]

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