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You and then they start learning and you Know it's the same thing you know if you Touch a hot stove you're going to get Burnt and the human being is able to Learn that and that's how we grow and Learn and so this is a algorithm that's Able to do the same it can solve Problems and it can understand oh last Time I did X whatever that X was it led To a bad outcome don't do X again and And so on and so forth and so it evolves As as it as it grows and it's it's Almost its own thing and it evolves Within itself it's not dependent on an Internet connection or anything like That So that's a bit of a brief background on AI in general okay is there anything you Wanted to add to that yeah bruh AI is Cool as I've I I first annoyed I Was annoyed because like everyone made Videos on it but then I was like Whatever like it's fine chase the views Get that bag whatever Um and then I got really interested Because all these people just like for Fun not even for kind

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