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One day they'll realize they let go of a Diamond to play with rocks and that's a Powerful quote because most people will Put the diamond down right before that Pressure builds and it becomes that if You really hit it you give up right Before so you can go and be like Everyone else I did that for a long time I will share a quick a quick story I got In the best shape ever and I looked like I looked uh different than the average Person because I was genuinely like in That good of shape and it was Uncomfortable enough that I actually Went out of my way to get in less shape So I could fit in with normal people at The beach because I was like I don't Like that I look objectively uh more you Know visually appealing maybe in some People's aspects I don't like that Feeling I want to be normal and I had That I did the same mindset for a couple Years of like let me let me get myself Back to normal so that I look normal and Then I was like wait why would I ever do That that's that's literally what but it Was something that took me like years of Me being even when I was self-aware I Was unaware and like that's why I wanted To bring temperatures attention because I had this like four four five month Bender of watching the same type of Idols that were all

I'm not gonna lie they're probably more Conservative like a lot of Jordan Peterson those kind of people who are Just kind of like bro shut the up And do your shut the up and do Your I'm hearing that that type of Message and I'll eventually like giving Me the other side of the argument that I Wasn't seeing for a while I was seeing So much of this type of content this Type of message and to see the other Side for a while just like brought back Another side of me and I was like yo I Forgot about vintage Kate he disappeared About eight months ago he got burned out He went through a bunch of he uh he Kind of disappeared for a while he Wasn't putting in the work he wasn't Respecting himself and a switch just Flipped and that turned into me running A half marathon yesterday kind of thing Like that's it's just it just is Possible like you just can do the thing I just ran 14 miles with no training I Just did I have never ran more than six Miles and that was something I trained For I was a college athlete like I was Running that much for soccer and stuff But I've never done anything like that And I just did it out of the blue and I Went through a bunch of mental Things especially the last four miles of That run but it's one of those things Like if you just decide to do it and you

Choose to do it you decide to earn your Keep every day there's some quote that I Saw a long time ago and it said uh Said um something is either your respect Or your hustle is is is rented and or no It's leased I think it was your respect Is leased and you have to earn it every Single day and that's like the respect For yourself as a man like every day you Can do something and then the one day You don't you can sit there and be like Damn bro I really I really gave in that Time like I really did that and I think The more times that you can choose not To and choose to be great eventually bro You have 150 out of 300 days of being Great that's way better than last year Of only having 30 days of being great Next thing you know you're you're a Great 300 out of 365 days a year you're A superhuman you know and it's just one Of those things that like that type of Growth is possible but it's one of those Things you get to decide every single Day and it feels exhausting but until You flip the script of I want to be that Person who wakes up every day and does All those things and that that person The only difference between me and that Person is that person suffered through The thing I don't want to do then then The the thing becomes oh so I want to be The person that suffers because that Leads to the person that I'm trying to

Be and that switch as soon as that Happened for me every single excuse Actually turn into smoke every time I Woke up and I didn't want to wake up I Just got up because I was like wait no I Want to be someone who gets up though The only difference between me and Someone who gets up is I have to get up And that for some reason that mental Switch with the right type of uh people Around me that I'm watching It changed me in a really good way and That's why I've started to make a bunch Of that context so I'm like holy I Need to wake up and I know there's People that right now that are like kind Of almost right there they're like ah There's something missing there's Something missing up here that'll get me To understand why I'm not getting things Done and I want to help contribute to That movement so that's what I dedicated This 25th year of my life to because if I dedicate myself to that and in three Years 300 of my 365 days are being great That I will have effectively changed my Destiny and I think a lot of people can Do that and that's what all of the Joyage is about baby let's go I think first of all I love your take on Things I love this new code and Um I think it's great I think that a lot Of people including myself Um are guilty of being very hard on

Ourselves Um so you could go through a day and do Nine things right but you do one thing Wrong and when you're falling asleep at That that's what you are thinking about And that's what defines you that that in Your mind to you and a lot of a lot of This all and it doesn't change as you Get older you constantly working on Yourself a lot of Issues and a lot of things that we're All going through are the inner voice Inside of us the narrative that we tell Ourselves the the things that that we Speak to ourselves the way we speak to Ourselves and I think if we the average Good person I mean if you're bad is that You murdered someone that day and all The good Falls away and you're better And the average person I think we've got To be kinder to ourselves I really and Truly do the average good person who's Out there working hard with good Intention and trying we've got to be Kind to ourselves I'm talking to myself As much as anyone else we really do and I'm not saying take your foot off the Pedal of the car I'm not saying don't Give it 110 I'm not saying that I'm Gonna I'm the complete opposite give it 110 every single day so that no matter What happens you can say I tried my best Because then no matter what if you end Up homeless or if you end up in a

Mansion you can honestly look yourself In the mirror and say I tried my best And if you can do that then it doesn't Matter where you end up because you know That you tried your best and this is Your destiny because you can because you Can't do more than legitimately your Best which is 12 15 hours a day every Day doing the best thing you can for the Best opportunities something if you are Doing your best every day and you are Putting your best foot forward and You're really trying not to be less less Hard on yourself with the one or two Things yes use them to learn for the Next day but don't let those things Define you let the nine out of ten Things Define you Um and I think that that's important I See crypto dream says why don't I need To treat a much or what treated it means There was one that I saw today that was Really nice that the only thing that Matters Um the treatments of the effect of the Only thing that matters is memorable Good things like time with your family And things like that memories is what You take with you when you lie Um the only reason I deleted that crypto Dream was I had retweeted it yesterday And I saw that it pushed down today's Video YouTube video that it wasn't at The top of my thing and I just wanted

Only that there so people would see it Actually just retweet yeah I must go Find it but I had randomly came across It but I I don't even say that I was Funny I was following retweeted no no Retweet it live stream it'll pop up next Time okay He said and then I also want to say I Want you to say who's Shelly so Shirley Was the lady said okay posted the thing I've been watching a lot of kids called Dead lady code person to think that he Was sort of followed by this lady and This lady scared him and lucky he could Run faster than her oh And uh and he was being very serious he Was like freaked out by this lady Um and and she couldn't keep up and he Was able to add Reddit so then I said as A joke she that was Shelly she wasn't Like yeah I said to give you your Birthday present Um it was just a joke because the dream I'm not sure if you I I realized yeah What did you want to say okay well first Off just to acknowledge that point that No doubt so that video is referring to Is I made a video because I was like yo I was walking home and some lady started Following me it was very obvious and so I just started walking faster and I was Like wait I'm way fitter than you you Will not catch me I cannot you will not Catch me bro sorry and I started walking

Uphill and she literally had to stop and Catch her breath and I was like I'm too Fit I'm literally too fit and that's What I made a video I was like you need To be more fit because like what did This happen it wasn't removed it wasn't Removed that's still there and he took Away the other one that yeah but I mean Kate you do know if she could actually You could also smack her in the face if She tried to bug you or something just By the way you're stronger than that Maybe yeah The point of the video was to be like You should be in better shape because What if that was a man with a knife or a Gun like you don't know what it's going To be in what situation she also might Have had a gun in which case it wouldn't Matter what I had or didn't have I'm I had no idea did she say Anything to you fast she could not catch Me I walked right past her and then she Started following me it was like this Right yeah sitting here I'm walking up The hill And then she starts coming up but what Sort of look like did she want to talk To you or what did she want she wanted Something from me bro I don't know what She wanted but you know you don't in the City at night time you don't take the Chance in the day maybe if they want to Say like not really you still try and

Just walk right past what happens dude Like what's the Quran dude attack out of Nothing like you what are you worried About and man I mean like in general What happens there Yeah you're saying you listen you don't Take a chance what do you hear about the News muggings I'm just not trying to get In any kind of tussle at night you just Don't you just don't know what they have On them like I don't trust what they Have in their pockets that's the only Thing like it doesn't matter what you Have or don't have if they pull out a Gun you're done for you lose I'm in the city I just assume the worst When I'm in the city at night time I Have a knife on me but that's all I have So I'm like you know if I can avoid a Fight I will I'll run obviously Um if it's like a street fight or Something and someone challenges me it's Different but if it's like a let me just Get home and there's some random person In an alley then I'm like yeah but I'm Gonna go around this dude I'm gonna do Anything I can to not interact with them Because I don't know what they have but Also I was gonna poor fire or gas on the Fire about what you said about treating Yourself nicer that on because I've Heard um I remember I struggled with That for a long time because I was like I want to trust my I want to treat

Myself nicer I just like can't like I Say I do and then I like tell myself oh Good job I don't believe it so like what Can I do to add to change that narrative In my head where it's like I can Actually feel that and and actually know It was like a gratitude oh sorry I Thought you were really awesome yeah 100 gratitude but also like Knowing that every person who is great Has an opposite there's a reason they Went all the way to the extreme of of The best it's because they had such Over here that that's why they push all The way everyone in the middle who's Kind of in between that's why they stay In between there's not enough momentum To shift you back so anyone who's bet That's why I like Rogan the number one Podcast in the world he's like bro I Wake up and I hate myself so much that If I don't put myself to the hardest Workout ever in the morning first thing I can't do the rest of my day I have to Punish myself I have to suffer and You're like that's weird it's like no It's not weird it's extreme and that's Why he's the number one and it's kind of One of the things where if you're a man Or if you're anyone I'm not a woman so I Don't want to say as a woman but like as A man There was a lot of men out there I would Say that have that feeling but only a

Small percentage acknowledge and say oh Wait it's supposed to be hard the Hardest people you have to like I want To be a hard person if I'm a hard man Then I can actually accomplish that Thing if a hard man would do it because A hard man's been there and he's done That when I was on my 14 mile run Yesterday after the fourth hill because Washington's very hilly it wasn't like a Straight run it was a 14 mile of this it Was miserable right but on the fourth Uphill I had already done three of them And I was like damn bro I'm pretty tired I don't know if I can do this but then I Was like of course I can do that I just Did it three times and I did it a fourth Time and then the fifth time I said I Already did it four times of course I Can do it a fifth time I just I couldn't Do it four times I thought but I did it All four times so I am stronger than I Thought and when you start to build that There's a reason that extreme people Have extreme experiences and have done a Lot of things because that's required to Get to that extreme and so if you change That narrative and say I want to be a Hard man because a hard man is what's Required to be there then you now want To I crave the cold shower even though I Know it's going to suck and I don't want To initially but I want to because I Want to be a person who does cold

Showers because a person who does cold Showers is a person who's successful and Wants to do something and when I change That nerve to be like I want to be Someone who's hard as because a Person is hard as is the one who's Going to go and do the thing then I Craved to do that hard thing and I crave The morning run and I crave the sweat Now and I did not have that a few months Ago I literally avoided anything hard Because I said I want my life to be Convenient though I don't want to be Hard because like I'm trying to make my Life easier if I make my life easier I'll have so much more success and then I did the opposite and was like oh wait Why do I hate myself every day if I'm All I'm doing is easy stuff and the Answer is you can't enjoy the easy stuff Without doing the work that's what makes The easy stuff nice you get to go enjoy It because you earned it but if you go Enjoy it because you didn't earn it the Whole time you're sitting there thinking About the fact that you didn't earn it And you've ruined your vacation now and For men that's their biggest issue is They can't versus they can't feel Satisfaction because they don't respect Themselves if you respect yourself you Would be able to enjoy it you can enjoy Reading and spending some time and not Working as hard uh for a couple hours

Because you earn yeah you've got to feel Like you you don't feel like you you've Earned us I do think also Um that People there's someone into the thread Um a big nft guy Um who lost 150 each worth of stuff he Was hacked and he took three weeks off And he did a thread recently which I Actually commented on today Um on Facebook I commented on it to him But he basically well I'll try to find It while I'm talking he basically was Saying that he's he's now grateful for Um that like Rock Bottom because it's Giving him a yeah it was nft God yeah He doesn't know he lost all his Everything He's a big prominent Twitter person Lost his email list everything was Hacked everything was scammed he lost All his money lost lots of assets and I Thought it was over and then he made the comeback bro because he's got All the tools the thing if you're a hard Person you acquire the tools required to Win you still have those even when you Lose everything so you're capable yes I Want to try this I want to show this to You Um I'll read it to you it's not too long It's pretty long bro Yeah so he had a whole lot of stuff he Took three weeks off

Um his whole dream was that he was going To become full-time into grade three but When he lost that money that 150 000 Um that dream went away it took three Weeks off Um and then he says yeah this is where It's important this is what I'm trying To tell it's funny what being in the Trenches does to you being because I Don't like to say other people's stuff As my own so I think it's important to To comment where it comes from and to Also read it so that I'm not making Things incorrect saying he said it it's Funny what's being in the trenches does To you being at Rock Bottom it changes You it changes the way you think it Changes the way you operate I mean to Offend anyone but I don't think people Who are handed everything who have never Faced a true challenge can ever truly Experience and experience the hardening That comes from hitting rock bottom There's a mental toughness you can't Create through meditation and saunas That can only be Got from being punched squarely in the Face that punching January changed me When I came back from that long break I Was a different man a completely Transformed emotionally the small things About me before no longer bothered me I Came back to my singular goal in mind Which is building a business and working

On myself I doubled down on my effort I Doubled down on eliminating distractions Three months after the hack I managed to Quit my job my newsletter and socials Were growing and so the good stuff came Now both Kate and I have got very Similar stories in that we were both Homeless Um case is probably more known because He he documented it and I'm not going to Go into too much details but basically After school I decided to travel I sold You know the few things that I had to Get a ticket I went to the UK Um and I ended up literally being Homeless now I couldn't find a job no Matter how hot I tried and couldn't get Any money and I would sleep during the Day because at night time to sleep in The park I was too scared and at that Time I would stay away second state There was a 24-hour shop that I would Sit on the floor there because there was Lots and people coming in and out I felt A bit safer Um and then I finally did get a job There Um and I worked as a waiter and I Remember like serving these people and They were very nice people serving these People at this five-star restaurant I'm In Bournemouth Um which is like by the sea in part of London but in the UK and I thought to

Myself how do these people afford to Stay here I mean it was a really fancy And expensive Silver Service Hotel like This 30 steps to opening a wine and Tasting and a bucket and all that crap That I had to learn right and I really Just thought how how do you ever achieve That Um and you know I think being literally Homeless and then coming back here out To South Africa and and saying I'm gonna I I'm not gonna be that guy who's Homeless I'm not going to be that waiter I want to be that person that can go to That hotel once in a while and be served By someone now I'm not saying that it's Me alone I think a lot of it has to do With hard work but a lot of it also has To do with with faith and good luck and Blessing and you know you put yourself In the right place at the right time but A lot of people work incredibly hard and With that same intention and it doesn't Happen for them so I don't want to sound Like it's all my doing I strongly Believe in God and our higher power and All the rest of that however I came back Hungrier than any of my friends I'll Tell you that who had not been homeless For two weeks scared that they were Going to be killed while they were Trying to sleep and all the rest of that Like to realize when you have literally Nothing to realize what having nothing

Feels like gives you a anger and a drive That cannot be replicated in any way Whatsoever by anything except for having Nothing like literally nothing and um Yeah I think there's a strong power in That and I I commented on this red and I Said uh you know well done to you and Long may have continue but I do think I Do think that and that's the other thing Is that things that are horrible Experiences often when you look back you Can see that those were the things that Shaped you to be the person that you are So even my dad like he was incredibly Wealthy up until I was like in high School and then you lost everything and And you know at the time I thought it Was the end of my world to have it you Know I thought I would never I mean I've Been coming to me when I was 17 saying Look you've got to get a job I can't Continue paying for these things and he Was crying at the time because he wanted He didn't want me to have to work for my School books or whatever it may be at The time right Um and I thought per me I really did but I went out and I got those jobs and I Did those things and looking back what I Thought was a really bad situation for Me selfishly was actually the biggest Blessing because it gave me a drive and A hunger to say look boy and it doesn't Say this but if you don't do it there's

No backup plan anymore because Dad's got Dad doesn't can't help you anymore so You've got to do it yourself there was Nothing left and that really is a Motivating factor for me Um and it always has been that look There's no backup what am I going to do If there isn't you know a certain amount Of money to be able to buy food that Week yeah there's certain level of honor And respect in trying just trying and Being uh just Attempting to not fall into that worse Position I mean that's why there's like A certain level of like A fire burning inside of me no matter What it's not always that strong of a Fire but it never ever goes out because My intention is set on not letting it go Out like the whole the whole thing of This thing is like not to fall into that So the only way to not fall in is to let Go like it's like you're on a rope like Sometimes you're climbing really hard And you're going horse somebody's Just sitting there sometimes you slide Down but you never let go of the Rope Some people do but there's always a fire In me and that's how I I kind of Visualize it was like there's a part of The rope that like no matter what how Like how hard it gets I'm still got like One hand on the rope and there's no Situation where I let go like I'm always

Got one hand on the rope and always Going so if you never like eventually You get somewhere it only stops when you Give up so what's up Devin And I'll also say this I mean just I Don't want to shake crypto dreams Comments but I I do want to respond to This and I'll just say uh crypto dream That in my experience and this is Honestly untrue the times where I've Felt the most hopeless in my life over The time whether that be like before I Met Bianca and I really felt like I'd Needed a partner like a like a a life Partner Um you know and I felt like it now was The time for me and it didn't happen When I thought it was the time and it Took a little bit longer I thought it Was never ever going to happen that's When the magic happens when you get to a Point generally no matter what it is Where you feel like this is never going To be okay if you able to push past that Point and continue going regardless of That usually that's when something's Just about to break that's the real test If you fall then it's like you've got Like you've done 90 miles of the race And there's 10 miles left you know and You everything is so sore and it's the Hardest and it's because you've done 90 Miles already but the problem in this Example is you don't know where the

Finish line is but it's if you knew Which was right there you just got to Keep on going it's right there you carry On no problem but you don't know that But usually when it feels the hardest And the worst that's where the finish Line is almost there and if you can just Push yourself a little bit more you That's usually where things turn around From my experience in many different Things so that would be my best advice To anyone that's feeling a bit like it's It's hopeless it's not really where it Should be is just keep pushing and keep Doing your best every day you know yeah I mean that version that wins is the Only way he got there or she is Literally if they had indeed not stops That's the only difference between you And the dream version of you is you're Like damn like that version of me is Just so far away you're like no no that Is not at all far away he's just like is A bit further away in time and he did The thing that you're trying not to do You don't want to do this because it Makes you feel uncomfortable or it's Hard until like the second you do that One thing that respect that you'll gain Is so monumentally shifting of how you View yourself you carry yourself Differently and when you're bar of what You accept for yourself is set at three Out of ten for so long and then you do

Something really hard and that shifts to Six now your Baseline is six you're Operating at a nine instead of operating At a six for for your like good stuff Now you're gonna bring it at nine Because your frequency at the base level Is six instead of three that's how you Win because now you're operating a lot More days at nine when a few months ago Your operating a lot of days is six for Your good stuff and it builds and builds And builds and gets better and better And better that's why every time I look Back even times I had more money I would Not ever go back to that time like I Remember one time I was like damn I wish I had more money there's a period Like a few months ago where I had like This much money like that would be great But then I thought I was like would I Ever go back to that and I look back at My content I'm like oh I remember when I Was there I remember when I posted that I remember what I was thinking I Remember what I was going through I Remember who I hadn't met yet a few Months ago and I'm like no I would Always choose today's version of me than Six months ago or six years ago or six Days ago I'll always choose this one Which means that will always be the case In the future too you will always choose That version of you than the one in the Past meaning that you gotta keep going

Bro And the other thing is when you do keep Going and you are able to overcome those Challenges you can always draw on that So you can when you struggle the next Time there's something completely Different you say to yourself but Remember that time when we either go Away or we or whatever overcame that if We could have overcome that and we did We could overcome this and it Strengthens you for the future whereas When you give up when you five miles Away from the Finish Line you always Live with that and you don't get that Extra power of knowing I overcame it you Know so I've offered it I've offered it To Bianca and again I'm not going to go Deep into it but you know when we had Our twins we had a lot of very serious Health complications Um and very serious like like Life-threatening Health complications With our babies Um and that year was absolute help for Us for Bianca and I as new parents for Two new sick children Um who are thank God doing incredibly Well Um and and and and and thriving however I've often said to to Bianca during Other hard times that we've had not Equivalent to that Thought if we could have overcome what

We overcame with with Danny and Jag we Can overcome the snap problem man she Looks to me she says for sure that this Is nothing and and and and that's and And there were times at that point where We thought how how are we going to Overcome the same can we Um and literally we went into survival Mode where listen we're not going to Talk about how this feels we know we're Not sure to cry we need to get through This we need to get through today how do We do that you go and stay at the Hospital with that one I'm going to stay Here with this one you this you that That's it and you just sort of you do it Um giving up's not an option Um in any anyone who's even close to That giving up is not an option person There and you will strengthen yourself And your that strength will be carried With you your whole life that you'll use It in other hard times that come forward For you hopefully you know dude let me Say one last thing because uh we've Probably been at that horse this point But this is so crazy because trading has So many links to life if you think about What it takes to go go to the next level For a stock price to go up it requires a Higher high Right meaning you need to go and Whatever your hardest experience was a Few years ago a few decades ago even a

Few months ago whatever it is you need To have a goal have a higher high Because if you don't your Baseline will Never get higher up your average buy-in Will never get higher up but if your Average highest hardest thing keeps Going up and you keep doing hard And you keep putting those securing Those higher lows those higher highs you Have no choice but to rise up Also with trading also with trading When when the floor pass is the lowest So I mean life feels the hardest if you Sell at that point you're selling the Bottom you've got to hold that's when You've got to hold your ape when the Floor price goes to 26 ethereum never Mind that's when you've got to buy You've got to double you've got to Double it you've got to buy in at those Points if you when life is at its lowest Point for you that's when you're being Tested if you can hold during that point You're going to see the rise if you sell At that point you've held all the way Down you're going to miss the rise That's how you know it's all about your Intention because if you're intent and Your goal is to have the price go up Then you have no choice you know the Answer the answer is locked in at the Support level I buy meaning when I hit Rock bottom I go up and I push through Because my goal is to get up if my goal

Is down because I've given up then of Course you gave that's why you gave up If your goal is not to though you need To understand the only way you get there Is by buying that bottom and pushing Through and continuing to show Resistance to that support and you move Up bro this is why you can learn how to Treat Where's the microphone that we can drop I'm just gonna drop a microphone in the Chat I saw a crypto team dropping Earlier drop it again bro all right guys Well if you've stayed with us thanks for Joining if you just came maybe I've been There for a while thanks for joining we Love doing this Um we love you guys watching us do this And we look forward to seeing you next Week same time same place for another Awesome show Kate thank you a beautiful Year ahead happy birthday again my Brother and we will see everyone next Week be kind to each other and be kind To yourself be kind of yourself every Tweet button hit that like if you enjoy The show see all

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