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Emerging of the Two Worlds so a big news Story which we actually spoke about About six months ago okay Um and we were both really bullish about Them was Ticketmaster right we've always Said that nfts are a great ticket that You know you you can keep them Afterwards as a collectible and the People giving you that ticket as an nft Have got a lot more checks in place to Make sure that they can't be forged like You see with physical tickets where People can pretend like they have them And nft is really a brilliant way to Token gate events and things like that And we've seen Ticketmaster looking at Restructuring the way they give tickets As nfts but one of the things that They've just launched now is they've Gone live with one of the features where It will use an energy to token gate Certain features that come up so this is Really really cool I found this very Very bullish Feature it allows artists to give nft Owners special access to events almost Like a vrp tickets Um This is no different than Eventbrite Let's go to any of the events like New York if you guys go to any events period In any public setting Eventbrite is what 99 of people use and you literally get a Digital like you get a digital little

Button that is your tickets a digital Ticket there's literally no difference With that in an nft it's just like the Way it's like in the in the back ends This is really really cool Yeah you know it's it's amazing and that They've launched it with um Avenged Sevenfold that heavy metal band that's Been that's who they've sort of launched Us with so with this event now there's This whole deathbats nft collection and That they're using as this use case but It just shows you what the future is Going to hold with it right and how We're going to see this type of thing Rolled out in the future Um they've said yeah let's hope a lot More bands follow Um and it allows people that they people Who hold the nft not only have a Commemorative digital thing that they Can remember it by but they can they Will also get access to additional Features that no one else gets access to And until until someone big does it People are going to say what's the point Why would I bother it's like well when Everyone else is doing it that's when You'll matter that's when you'll care Because everyone else will be doing it It's just one of those things once a Couple becomes it's like it's like Doctor disrespect with the gaming nfts Once his works if it does work or

Whoever's gets it to work and then People are wait wait it's actually Better than what we're doing we should Do that and then the fomo kicks in and Then everyone says wait we want nfts Like why don't you have an nfg game why Don't you have that like why don't you Make an nfg this company is doing it Your arch rival is doing it and then They have to do it and then their arch Rival comes out says [ __ ] they're all Doing it we got to get in on this that's When the fomo gets in on business and in Business if your competitor starts to Outdo you you have to match them I mean That's what YouTube did that's why They're trying to ban Tick Tock because They're like [ __ ] we literally can't Beat them we're gonna bring them down And uh hopefully that doesn't happen Nfts it's been like Banning nfts or Something maybe maybe kind of actually I Don't know if that actually I don't even Want to think about that that would be Awful You just went from the highest high to The lowest low or always like wait a Minute this is the future it's all Happening what they batting nfts that Would be terrible Energy out there sorry I take it back Yeah I don't think anyone was Considering doing so I I think we're Okay okay I think I mean we're

Experience I have Facebook on my phone He heard me he's like oh that's a great Idea Yeah so we've seen your questions about My level three level four years Gen X Level every level app includes Everything the previous level has so Level two will include everything level One has plus a couple of extra benefits And so on and so forth so everything Includes one level up plus whatever it Is On the previous level but it does say That I was gonna say like I don't know if Your package includes trading like mine Doesn't include trading yet until I get Better at it but like that would be an Extra incentive because you you know it Does it does so I can assist I can like You can choose what you want Gardens Yeah so if you wanted to launch an nft Project you could use that 45 minutes to Pick my brain if you want if you want Help on trading you could do that I mean Whatever you think I could add a value On but enough sales talk enough sales Talk I just want to say um thank you to Everyone for being here we appreciate You Um we stream live every single week Friday same time same place on YouTube We also do it simultaneously on Twitter Spaces as well as various other places

And the nice thing about Twitter spaces Is that we can get your input and Questions and things like that Um I've got two more stories and then uh We will be uh finished code so anyone in The Twitter spaces feel free to either Request to speak and you can chat about Whatever you want or if you don't want To talk some people like don't want to Talk just type your your question in the Spaces and uh when we get there we'll We'll go to you we'll say hello Whatever's on your mind happy to chat About Yeah yeah and guys to do that on Space If you don't know all you have to do is Hit that bottom right message icon it Says it might say one it might be purple Might be white I'm not sure it depends On your phone right there hit that Bottom right icon hit oh well first off Hit the retweet button if you're Enjoying the space retweets and likes The best way to support uh so if you Retweet the space more people can see it And then right there if you hit that Message icon on the under the space Tweet Um you can actually just leave a comment Or leave a question or whatever you want To say especially if it's something that We talked about today in the show Specifically we'd love to reopen that Can of worms if you want so definitely

Hit us up 100 so Um you know we pride ourselves on Bringing you not just the bullish news But also the various news any news Related to web 3 and the metaverse is Important to talk about now does these Be known for a long time I have Mentioned them before on the show as Being very Pro the metaverse Um and very they've put quite a lot of Time and money into investing into Researching their metaverse we Especially saw this during covert Lockdowns when they realized that no one Was coming to their parks and they Became very interested in them so much That they've created a metaverse Division which hires hundreds of people And and I actually in my real world Stock portfolio bought Disney shares About a year ago because I was so Bullish on them because they actually Mentioned the metaverse in their report To their normal shareholders and as it Stands now those shares have actually Gone down but most shares have gone down But but unfortunately with what's Happening in the world at the moment We've seen Disney have to lay off 7 000 staff members of which 50 of those Staff members were people in the Metaverse division now I think it is Quad 50. oh that's that's not so bad

Well the the real question is what is The complete size of the metaverse Division so what's the percentage of no No no no so they laid off in total at Disney themselves laid off 7 000 people Across their entire business of which 50 Of those were from the mediverse Division now I'm just assuming and Imagining that metaverse division is not Stronger than 100 150 people probably Not so it's not great to have a half of A division or a third of a division Cat because that means that maybe They're not as bullish on the metaverse As they previously were if they had 10 000 people It's just like time right it's just Gonna take a minute I think there's I Think everyone around is just cutting a Little bit like they're basically just Trimming the fat I talked to it when I Was talking to people about this she's Like when Twitter cut down 80 of its Staff and then nothing really changed She goes that means they had fat and he Goes for every company right now they're Realizing they got to trim some fat and I think that's what it is there's Probably you know 30 people who are Crushing it and all the other the 50 That they fired are kind of like yeah You were great but we don't actually Like we don't really need you like You're not actually doing much you know

And I think that's a lot a lot of tech Jobs I mean even the ones that are Needed sometimes you're getting cut just Because they're not ultimately 100 Necessary for a world that's being built That's going to take another 10 years They're like look the market will come Back the interest will come back when it Does we'll rehire right now there's no Interest and there's no anything there's No benefit to having this many people Right now Okay so I just typed into Google how Many people in Disney's made diverse Division and they say about 50 employees The team is thought to have been made up Of around 50 employees and was exploring How Disney I just thought well the merge Is a [ __ ] liar click on another one Merger I don't trust them what are they What are they first Right below it Well look I mean I think we've done our Job in bringing you Um the news and you I I don't they Laying off the entire division they've Been with too much in it but I do think It's a big amount of the division I Think that that is important to keep in Mind then moving swiftly on we've got Blur leading us on leading us on you Know I mean I'm not performing so much I Have done that a little bit but I'm not Like Mahi Big Brother here who's

Spending millions and every day all day I don't have millions and I don't have Every day all day however I would be Quite upset if I was expecting to only Get double my points for four weeks and Then I work for four weeks to get as Many points as I can and at three and a Half weeks they come and say hold on We're standing at another month Because now first of all I have to do That for another month but second of all In the bigger problem over here is that It means that more people have more Chance to get points there's going to be More points in circulation because There's now another month to earn points Which means the points that have been Earned to date are going to be worth Less than they would have been if this Had ended when it was supposed to end Now I mean you guys know me I don't mind Things being changed if things weren't Promised up front but the same as my Thud with moon Birds was because certain Things were promised and changed after The fact substantial things I think That's the same here I mean I'm not as Angry I'm just saying I don't think it's Fair to the people who have been Actively farming to now all of a sudden Extended for another month and release More of these double Point tokens into The ecosystem Do you have the second announcement that

Maybe would explain this from the D gods Do I have the second announcement from D Gods yeah so I was going to say well Yes a Digos and blur so uh it just just Saw this like this morning like a couple Hours ago but announcement the gods have Some kind of collaboration with blur and That's all they said but they made an Official tweet on D God's official Twitter and said D Gods times blur and I Said oh [ __ ] that's what that's what's Going on here so I think that's probably Why they extended it because they're Like [ __ ] it let's let's uh let's extend This a little bit you know like you guys Can use have a lot of [ __ ] energy Right now Um it was and I'm not 100 it might it's Either D gods or it's Frank one of the Two guys whoever's like what is their Official account Um but if you go see I see that I see That chat but I must be on so it says D Guard is migrating to ethereum tomorrow Set a reminder that's from blur Um and the house space is discussing Their partnership now here it is Um but I don't agree with you that That's the reason for blue I think You're giving too much weight to Um I do think that we actually saw this With their first airdrop as well they Were supposed to launch and then they Delayed it and delayed it and deleted

From their side it just makes sense that They want to keep it as much trading as Possible for as long as possible right That's what they're trying to do here Um blue so for them it just makes it Sort of makes sense to say okay you know What let's just say okay when the second Airdrop happens what are they going to Do to attend to buy us the trading on Blue they're gonna have to have a third Day drop do they just continue this so To stretch it out as long as possible to Keep that trading going on sort of makes Sense it's just they could have said From the beginning look we're not giving An end date to this but instead they Said double points until the end of March and now they've come out and says No we're now increasing that until the End of May I think what they're trying To do is get some muscle memory for These Traders because these Traders They're trying I think what they're Trying to do also if you want to um yeah I was going to say we don't have to be So tiny but uh with With blur I think Because because Danica is like in charge Of a lot of the stuff with blur I think that what they're really trying To do because he's a pretty big brand Builder he like I feel like he knows What he's doing and I want to believe It's not just for like silly purposes

And dumb decision making I think it's Because All they want to do is get people using Blur a lot for a few months straight to Where they're like man this is better Than openc I'm just going to keep going Here like and and it becomes less about The rewards at a certain point and I Think by the time May rolls around They're just gonna be like oh great like I got a few extra points here but I [ __ ] With blur a lot actually and then maybe The rewards don't need to be as Important and I but I think they're just Working on the muscle memory of working On blur I think I think I think that's definitely true I Don't think it's just one thing I think There's a lot of benefits to them trying To extend us it's like me saying Kate I'm I'm gonna pay you two thousand Dollars Um at the end of March if you do X for Me and then I say thank you you know Kate well end of March is already done I'm talking about the end of March 2020 Uh 2409 whatever uh code and then I say Hold on okay did I say March I actually Means April so I'm not I'm now getting An extra month out of you but I'm not I'm I it's not right because you and I Both know I said March and and you said March but I do think they achieve quite A lot as you said today get people

Trading more or whatever the truth is is That not many people are farming like a Monkey big brother right and they're Probably only offending like a 20 30 40 People whereas it could incentivize you Know ten thousand fifteen twenty Thousand people to to try number so look At some business decisions but yeah they Could stop like you know just because It's extended to May for two extra Points everyone who got to who got to Now basically which when the cutoff was Supposed to be they're still gonna get The 2x points the only difference is Just going to be a little bit later but They could stop they don't have to keep Farming right no they don't no they Don't have to but there's going to be More points in circulation so let's just Say up until today which is the end of March let's just say that there's a Million points that have now been Allocated to everyone that's traded and Let's say all those Traders now stop so There's a million points now blue knows That on the second airdrop let's just Say hypothetically they're going to give Out 10 million dollars right that means That every Point equals ten dollars Right because there's a million points And I've got 10 million dollars to give Out by extending it another month by the End of next month there might be two Million points earned but there's still

10 million dollars which means everybody Is going to get half So if I stop now because it's only a set Amount that they're giving out we know That there's a limited amount and now Those points are going to continue Accumulating for another month so if I Stop now I'm going to get half of what I Was going to get assuming that double The amount of points are in circulation By the end of the month that might not Be exactly double it might be more than Double but the the supply of points is Being diluted and they're going to get a Less a lesser piece of the pie Especially if they don't continue Farming now for another month What are you what are people saying on Twitter yeah it does make sense and You're you're way more versed in the Trading sphere than I am so I don't even Qualify to have an opinion on this to be Honest but Um what do you know what people are Thinking about Twitter yeah I remembered it exactly but it was sort Of like shoot me now like I don't think I could carry on like doing this level And for something to that effect it was Like you know it sort of killed me down I mean I can't do this for another man I Mean remember farming is is risky There's a chance like you saw there was A day where someone accepted wheat

Offers on 70 board apps now Market is Sitting with 1748 the floor price goes Down he's still sitting with them right If a four pass goes up he benefits but It's risky Um and and you know you're doing that Because you know that there's a set Amount of time a set amount of money a Set amount of points and now that's been Extended so for me it's not it's not Ideal another thing to import that's Important is this is just for double the Points after right after May a there's Still going to be you know it's not Finished they're still going to give Points it's just not going to be double The price right yeah and I think at that Point people will just like blur more And so it's not gonna I don't think it's Going to be as big of a deal once I Think people are looking looking forward To it in a negative way when it when the Rewards are upcoming Um but I think in the same way that Board Apes gave a lot of like you know Value or utility back through these nfts In the very beginning people who who Took the biggest w got it for those First few drops right the mutant apes And the kennels and like those first few Drops were like super super monetarily Incentivized and and advantageous for Holders and then as the months and years Dragged on the board age like you know

Utility has sort of just become less and Less crazy like there's not been another Mutin ape drop kind of thing or like That's And but they still love board Apes Because of the benefits that they got in The beginning they said well board apps Gave me all this stuff because I held I Think it's a similar Style with blur and I think the reason I say that is because Danica was an OG Ape from the board apes And a lot of the people on the on the Blur team have you know experience in The board of ecosystem the Yuga Ecosystem I think they're just taking a Lot of those lessons and those things That worked for the board apes and Saying yo this might work for a Marketplace because they no one has done It like opencs has a a coin if we do Something like this and then we are now The market leaders openc copies us now We're the big dogs and they're our Derivative It doesn't have proven that that Incentivizing people had uh financially Works they've gone from not existing Where openc held 95 of the training Volume to being arguably one of the Bigger exchanges or at least equivalent To opency Um as a result of this the problem with Incentivizing people financially which Yoga is going to find as well as blur is

That they always becomes more needed to Incentivize the same people so let's say You you gave the person one dollar to do Eggs next time around you have to give Them two dollars to do X next time Around four dollars that same person Until it becomes unsustainable and That's the problem with financial award Is the only motivator right so there has To be more there and I think they're Trying to figure that out along the way Different utility not just Financial Um so it might initially Captivate an Audience very Immaculate does but Doesn't sustain an audience long term if You're not continually increasing the Rewards now board API Club has Continually increased the rewards up to Date but at some point it's just not Sustainable anymore how are they going To top giving everyone a hundred Thousand uh dollars like they gave them An eight coin how are they going to Tough that by by collaborating with Gucci by giving them some cooler Different stuff so that's what you've Seen exactly they're trying to now pivot From it just being Financial to Something else because Financial a loan Is not sustainable long term without Increasing the incentive Financial Agreed agreed and blur I think is buying Some time they're like okay how can we Build Our Brands and now that people

[ __ ] with us because we gave them a lot Of money and they like our Pro our Um our Marketplace I mean if I was a Trader I'd be on blur I would not be on Open seat why would I be on open C when I could be on blur like getting some Benefits you know and I think as a Trader I would be on blur and honestly Like if open C doesn't do a lot of cool Stuff I'll probably just move on to blur Because everyone I know is on blur you Know and that's when if blur starts Getting some cool activations maybe they Even drop an nft that like gives you a Little bit of more of like a brand or Like more of a communal uh style thing Because I would argue right now blur has A stronger brand and slash Community Than open C does I don't think openc has A community at all open C feels like uh They're up here and their communities Down here whereas blur it's like yo We're like We're trying to help you out it's like a Communal and I think that's a huge play And I think let's give you some cool Stuff I think the the clever there's been a Lot of clever things that blur has done And I think that it's a really good use Case Um and and will be studied you know as Far as words for you guys and and also How to disrupt the big boys when you

Come into any space that's new or Anything to that effect but I think they Realize something fundamental Um which is people do not like change And they realize that people were used To open sea and how do you get someone To come from somewhere they're Comfortable and understands especially In a risky space like we're three and Nft how do we get people to come from That to something new because people Don't like change and so they've done it Very well we we're going to reward we're Going to have better benefits on our Platform they claim it to be so much Faster than so on and so forth It's not The fastest platform I've ever seen but In the end of the days like you said It's getting people onto their platform To try it out so that it's not so new And scary anymore it's not so daunting It's like okay I sort of get it um so Yeah very interesting to see that the Biggest question is going to be fast Forward a year from today Why where is blur gonna be there's no More air drops coming from Blue the the Token is worth a lot less than it is at The moment where's where are people Going to enjoy trading more and that Remains to be seen Mm-hmm 100 100 dude and I saw crypto Dreams up here on the stage so he'll be Coming on at some point that's really

Cool so my last story is actually one That crypto dream sent to me so I'm Gonna I'm gonna do it and then I'd love To discuss it with crypto dream and also Discuss whatever he wants to discuss but He actually sent this to me and I just Saw it before the show Um and I think it's interesting it's not A it's not a really feel good story but Again it's something important Um everything oh yes you know we're not Sure just to make you feel good so um First of all credit to crypto dream for Sending this to me Um it's from Watcher Guru and it says Here user government is going to sell 41 500 Bitcoin which equates at today's Value to 1.2 billion dollars Um connected to Silk Road so you know Basically this Bitcoin was seized by the US government and the US government with This amount of Bitcoin actually is one Of the largest holders of Bitcoin and They now finally at the stage where They're going to be offloading the split Coin and converting it into Dollars now It's it's a lot of money to convert and It could temporarily affect the floor Pass now we saw the same sort of concern With the mount gox Bitcoin Um and that is slowly being sold off and We are seeing that but despite that We've seen cryptocurrency holding up Quite nicely recently so it is going to

Be interesting to see exactly the effect That this has Um yeah but they've already sold 10 000 Of this Bitcoin for a total of 250 Million dollars on the 14th of March and They're planning on liquidating the Further 20 uh sorry 41 490 Bitcoin in Four different batches this calendar Year I do think that credit require Credit you that they haven't just dumped This on the market in one batch but it's Also selfish because they know if they Dump it in one batch they'll get less For it so they've chosen to do it in Full in four different batch but yeah Very interesting story and definitely Something to be aware of I am so down for the US government not Having Bitcoin like I'm super down for That to because it reduces their market Share that they have in Bitcoin I'd Rather them not have 41 000 Bitcoin Because they have control over Bitcoin a Little bit if they have 41 000 of them That's a ton of Bitcoin so if U.S Government's not holding it instead it's Entrepreneurs millionaires like people Just a little bit more dispersed and Decentralized I like that idea that I Like that way better than the US Government owning food you know what Would be absolutely amazing and what I Would like more is for them to tweet out We are so bullish on bitcoin we're not

Selling I mean imagine that imagine that We they've been doing Diamond hand Emojis saying we are not sending our Bitcoin that for me would be bullish That would be you know something that we Just aren't enough in a dream world that Wouldn't happen He can't even get out of bed I don't Know It's incredible let's open it up I want To speak let's speak to crypto dream Let's see over here has to say

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