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Is my friend I'm ready bro let's do this [ __ ] let's do it all right so this I'm Actually like I'm quite upset Um and I'll be honest I mean I really Really am Um Gordon got a one of the main founders Of board APR Club posted this tweet About a week ago Um and I'll read it word for word so It's a treat thread and it's it's he Says some heavy news a few days ago I Was told by the doctor I have congestive Heart failure symptoms started last year Out of the blue and I put off seeking Help like an idiot so I could keep Working but after testing my doctor Called me and asked me to radically Change my life firstly my symptoms are Still mild stays why me I can't play With my dog or exercise I can go on Walks travel and live mostly a normal Life but the condition is progressing Pretty fast and that means I need to Make some serious Life Changes what does This mean as it relates to my work at Yuga it means I'm going to be taking a Leave of absence to focus on my health For a while Those of you who know my story know I Lost my 20s to a chronic illness so when I recovered and we started Yuga I didn't Want to waste a second chance at life I Pushed myself way past my limits I Worked 12 hours a day nearly every day I

Should have taken the advice from Everyone around me and sought balance my Goals now are to get the best medical Achievement I can in Hill what next I Will stay on as a board member and Strategic advisor my confidence in Yuka's future Um and crypto Gaga so Gaga's leadership Are unwavering Daniel allegri soon Joining only makes me more bullish while I won't be on the front lines for a While I'm incredibly excited for what The Yuga family has coming this year not A lot of people outside the space know The extent of what we as a community Have done I'm proud of everything that We've achieved and I believe yuga's Impact on web3 is just the beginning all Love from Willie so I'll tell you like My thoughts reading this first of all Um I I do know his story very very well And from from listening to podcasts with Him on and things like that and he was Pretty much bedridden for like five to Six years Um and uh you know in his twenties uh And to think that someone who's gone Through that and found you know Recovered and found a new lease on life Is now having Health Um issues is very upsetting that's Number one number two anytime I see Anything with heart related conditions I Get very emotional because my son Danny

Who's 10 years old has got Um was born with a con With A congenital Heart disease Um has had open heart surgery and is Still dealing with heart issues Um so things like him saying he can't Walk upstairs and things like that it Just touches me because it's you know It's so close to home Um it makes me think you know where will My Dan be in 20 years and and what it May be so that's the other side to it And the other side is that I love yoga Labs and I think that Um Willie or Gordon goner is a massive Part of that Um a really big part um On any of the podcasts and things like That so so that's the three things those Are the three things I'm gonna I'm gonna Ask you what you think now those are the Three things about it right but on the Other side in today's day and age Um you know hard conditions can be fixed And yes it's a massive massive operation A very risky operation to have to have Open heart surgery sometimes they can Actually do it through a stunt a stint Where they don't have to actually Operate on you they're going through a Vein or something I don't know his Proper conditioner but you know I'm Pretty certain that Um you're sorted out and you'll be back

Stronger than before so my parting Thoughts on this before I hand to UK is Um I send in regards I know that he's uh Not going to be watching a little show But I do really wish him the best and I Hope he finds recovery and also what did Touch me is the the work-life balance Which I think is really really important Regardless of anything thing one thing That money can't buy is health and and Time those are the those are the two Things that money can't buy yes you can Have good doctors or whatever but if you Get stage four brain cancer no matter How much money you have and what Treatment you have you know unless You're very lucky your life is going to Radically change it you might not make It right and the same thing with time You cannot borrow more time with money Your my kids are growing up they you Know almost 10 already I can never go Back to when they were one or two and Hold the baby again those babies again You know Um and so time passes so it it it Touched me on many many levels and yeah That's my thinking about okay I'll pass To you my friend Um So with this Gordon guard I think I Think what I've noticed over the last Year is that especially when you cross a Certain uh certain line when a project

Starts to become very much like a Business and the way that boy got Club Is kind of Incorporated itself sort of Got like a CEO they've got an LLC They've got all the things that they Would need to start a business as they Should and and people leave like we just We saw Moon Birds we saw that happen Like a core member of moon Birds left Very early because his his position on The team had a specific role he filled The role he was done with Gordon Goddard He was the founder starter he hasn't Been that I don't think he's very Integral to the team in the sense that In five years if he left today Completely and just disappeared and in Five years would anyone care or notice It like it's just [ __ ] no he's not He's he hasn't like established himself In the same way that like a Bill Gates Did or Steve Jobs did where they're Renowned he's sort of renowned on Twitter but he's been on two podcasts no One knows him no one really is the book It's of nfts nfts haven't been around For as long as Microsoft has The biggest project if Frank D gods and Gordon and Garner walk into a room I bet You anything more people go to Frank Anything I don't agree I agree no one Will even know what Gordon Connor looks Like except for a few boy club people And people who are deeply let me show

You guys let me show you guys like you All realize the the power of like face When people don't see your face very Often you're not actually that important And I do not believe he's as important As people think even though he's like This interval he's integral but I think In four weeks no one will remember I think I I think now board APR club's Got the money and the infrastructure They've got I think almost a hundred Member team that that is not going to Have a huge you know impact on the Day-to-day running of it however I do Think that he was a integral part of That small team in the beginning it was Him it was four of them Um him uh Um Gaga and two others or whatever it's Almost like they don't talk about their Story as much and They've they've built the it's a girl a Lady They've built an incredible project the Best project they they are the ones that Started the airdrops they are the ones That everything that you see they they Pioneered that and he was a big part of That Um and I always respect the first movers In in any industry Um so I respect Gordon gonna very very Much Um I really do do I think that they're

In trouble now without him probably not And I think he'll come back I think He'll recover and come back I have a It's a story that really did uh touch me It really really did Yeah I mean I think I'm down with that I Respect him too I just don't think that This is like people are gonna get mad Because they're like this is it's Important that you stay because you are Important and like that's true for a While until it's just not because you Have to move on like if if you know Whatever like Doodles is is running and Then Jordan poopy.e just dips like it's Gonna make a big of a hit because people A lot of people were in because of him Um but at the same time after a few Weeks everyone has to move on in the Same way that in your favorite TV shows Your main character dies everyone else Has to move on it's just a fact it Doesn't sometimes it doesn't the the TV Show doesn't recover and sometimes that Business doesn't recover I think I think I think they will because they're big Enough too Um whereas when you take a smaller Company or a smaller project where the Main founder the person who's been there From the beginning ends up stepping down You never find someone who understands The project understands the community Has the same passion is willing to work

20 hours a day for seven days a week for It you hire someone you pay them a Salary headaches I'll leave at five Thank you very much I'm not available After hours I'm not available on Weekends that's very different to a Founder of a project to who almost Reared this baby and and cares about it So I think you've lost in not having him Involved in the day-to-day running of it You've lost someone with a power and a Love for this project Um that that is hard to replicate I Don't think you can Um yes there are other Founders so that Helps but I think they are big enough to Overcome it as far as the size of the Amount of people working there Um that things will continue without him And things might certain things where he Was sticking his nose and now they've Got professional marketers might do even Better however if it was a smaller Project with maybe a team of three or Four or five that could be the death Sign before a project like that for sure And to lose your your founding committed Um founder it could be a big thing you Know like I truly believe that if I if I Left my company it would struggle to do Like it does it might it might not Succeed you'll probably have to train Some one but there you probably do it I Mean so no unless you give unless you

Give that new person ownership interest Like almost 50 and and really sit with Him for a very long time so that his Incentivized to have the same and like But yeah this is quite quite abrupt he's Stepping down I think they'll be okay They're big enough to do so I'm just Saying I don't agree that that it would Work with with any project or any Company I think if you're a lot smaller It's very difficult to replicate that Sort of commitment I agree I agree like If sub Ducks if Frankie left you know He's already stepped down and become Like a main artist and like sort of like Creative director kind of but if he Stepped away ah That would suck I would not be stoked About that like I'm pretty much in that Collection because I [ __ ] with the art But I [ __ ] with it because of Frankie's And he's there if he left that'd be Weird you know exactly so so I think and I think that applies to a lot of you Know smaller companies projects things Like that yeah but either way Um thoughts and prayers with him and his Family and I'm sure we'll be okay you Know these things can be fixed Um but yeah definitely big news in the Space that I haven't seen anyone Actually talking about So other big news that I've seen Everybody talking about is we've spoken

Before about the digit daigaku Super Bowl advert Um I am on record and I will repeat it For anyone who hasn't heard my view on It I'm on on record in general uh really Believing that to spend what is it six Seven million dollars Um On marketing for a project that is an Nft project that only really targets a Very small percentage of the population Cares about nfts at all you've maybe got Two three hundred thousand active Participants in the space so to to spend Six million dollars to Market to Millions of people of which a small Percentage are even interested in what You marketing is a complete and utter Waste of marketing money it's a huge Amount of money and I think it is a Massive massive mistake that doesn't Mean that I don't think that there might Not be a increase in the floor price Temporarily and things like that because You know it will get a few people Interested but there's ways to spend six Million dollars and targeted to your Audience a lot better in my opinion than This whereas if I was selling a Razer Like a Gillette razor that that appeals To half of the population men and and Now even women so my wife's got a Gillette one as well for her legs or Whatever right then I understand during

The Super Bowl advert because you you Getting the attention of tens of Millions of people but here you only Some of them are going to be interested In in nfts so that's my feeling on it And uh Kate I'm interested I want to Hear what what your feeling is on it For the amount they're going to pay for This and the place we are in the market Is probably not the most optimal Decision but we need people to do things Like this otherwise we'll never go Forward like we need people who are Going to be willing to bite the bullet And do big scary risky expensive [ __ ] Like this and I can't think of a better Project to do it Um do I think they're gonna get all the ROI that they're putting in absolutely Not they're going to take a bigger L Than they are Um in my opinion they're going to take You know more loss than anything but They're also like we don't when we Compare that and we say like you're You're going to lose more than you gain That's That's assuming that you're not gaining Anything and you're like no no you're Gaining a lot like a [ __ ] lot but You're still gonna lose more than you Gained but you are gonna gain a lot and So for this kind of situation I Subscribe to that I'm like this is a big

Decision it's gonna be really expensive They're gonna lose a lot of money from This but they're also going to gain a Bunch of like Uh like emotional market share if that Makes sense within crypto within the big Or within the nft space within the Bigger larger crypto space Um but the thing is you know 90 of People are gonna are literally and I I Think people like don't believe this or Something who don't watch football but Guys the Super Bowl is everything you See on TV it is literally The boys drinking beer drunk as [ __ ] Drinking [ __ ] whatever like you know Like whatever the [ __ ] and they are Literally chilling at their friend's Apartment on a couch with dip that is That is actually what's happening and For people who don't believe me that's America for you that is what they're Doing they're not interested they're not Even gonna realize they're not even Gonna see this commercial for 75 people But I still think it's necessary even The 25 that see it's only 0.01 are actually going to be interested To Name it before you have to sign up Before this thing happens so I'm like What about all the people who've seen For the first time on TV are they gonna Be able to mention exactly so it makes a

Lot of sense to me Macro macro as a accomplishment I'm down It's just really expensive but because They have so much funding I think it's Just you know whatever for them no I Think that to personally six million Dollars is is not the way to do it but The outfit is that these could do pretty Well so the website I'm gonna actually Post it instead of trying to I'll put it In the chat on YouTube Um Let me put a link okay it does let me That's where you go you can connect your Wallet sound a message connect Twitter Follow them on Twitter and then you are Registered then on the 12th of February When the advert comes up you can scan The QR code on the advert and claim your Free dragons Um I'm going to be really interesting to See the flow of them what it's going to Be Um yeah I I stand by what I'm saying I Think you know six million dollars is a Lot of Medicaid Um and they could do a hang they could Do they could provide a lot of utility To their Community Um you know with that money uh I don't Know I think I think it's a huge massive Waste Probably probably It's not a six million dollar waste it's

Probably a 5.7 million dollar waste They'll probably get three hundred Thousand dollar value for the small Percentage that are actually interested In this who are going to be watching the Supermarket yeah anyone who's interested In nfts knows digital Kaku anyway It's not like someone who doesn't know Digitagaku Is in nfts and if you're not an nfts You're not going to see this advert and Think to yourself oh I've got to react Especially because you've got to Pre-register anyway I never want it I Mean it's not even a crypto wallet it's Not even set up for the mass Market Yeah but they get to say they were on a Super Bowl commercial that has a lot of Market share up here in people's minds They're like okay After the Super Bowl commercial happens You know x amount of people whatever you Know it doesn't matter how it goes they Do a Super Bowl project they make a new Trailer they get to add in that little Bit then in the middle of the Year 2023 A big gaming meta pops and they say who Are the top gaming projects and you say Imposters and you say digital Goku and There is no one else because those the Only two that come to mind there's Probably yeah I know there's a bunch but like when you Think of the top you're thinking of

Imposters because of elio and you're Thinking of digidagaku because they Bought a Super Bowl ad and because Gabriel Laden that's hard to beat that Is already thinking you're really Thinking did you die of Aku and you're Thinking imposters without him spending Six million dollars on a Super Brawl Advert so it's not the Super Bowl advert That makes you think and I mean we've Spoken about digital gaku before they're Holding a 13 E4 or something to that Effect yeah 12.6 ethereum bro it's like They they 12 times bigger than imposters Already in the nft space as far if You're using floor price to measure it Which I know that's not a perfect metric But in the end of the day anyone in the Nft space that deeply in the nft space Like you and I or anyone who's in the Gaming matter knows digital calculator Ready anyone who isn't is not interested And is not Respond to this advert [ __ ] pissing away six and a half Million dollars watch this be the most Successful mint in the history of nfts And Philadelphia is [ __ ] words but Even if it is they're not gonna get it's A free meant they're not gonna get any Or online a million dollars in ethereum Make it happen guys make it [ __ ] Happen mint this [ __ ] prove Philip wrong It's free brocade bro imagine wouldn't

That be crazy if this is like the most Successful thing oh my God that would be So funny dude I'm manifesting right here Is starting the 2023 bull run this [ __ ] goal so so the only thing I can Compare it to is coin based at an advert And they had more in the Super Bowl I Think it was last year the year before They had more sign ups in 20 seconds Than they had in the previous entire Year now the difference there is that Coinbase represents crypto there's a lot Bigger market share of people who are Interested in crypto still pretty small But much bigger nfts nfts is a subtract Of a subtract of a subject we like you Know a niche a very Niche type thing so And so coinbase offers services to Anyone oh you heard your grandmother Talking about uh Bitcoin and not your Grandmother your grandson talking about Bitcoin you're now thinking okay oh yeah I can get a free wallet and a free fifty Dollars let me sign up that's a bit Different to me a lot different than an Nft gaming project Yeah So it's going to be interesting let's See let's see how it goes um but again If I was advising this project I would Tell them that they are pissing away at Least five of the six million dollars uh Badly and it's an absolute waste of time And I've got a become marketing degree

I've got a bachelor of Commerce in Marketing the first thing you're saying Is okay what is our potential audience Size And and you're saying okay you know nfts Are small we don't need to go mass media To Target such a small Niche let's go Where the niches let's run a huge Campaign on Twitter let's you know start A YouTube channel where we've got 24 Hour you could have guys talking nfts 24 Hours a day 20 10 different hosts that You pay for five years but and you won't Even spend a million dollars yeah I mean There's so many ways to to use that Money to Market to to The Gaming Community sponsor the big gaming YouTubers digit sponsors by digital Because then you know the guys who are Watching are interested in it to Freaking piss away six million dollars For a 30 minute advert 30 second advert When 99.9 of the people watching are not Interested in what you're trying to sell Is stupid Yeah when you say it like that you're Kind of right because I think about the Projects that are doing really well and I think I think of imposters because Elio trades is leading the charge for The content creators and making it easy For them to build a stream and to make Great content like really really good Content when I was reviewing their game

I reviewed their content that was coming Out of it and I was like yo this is top Tier gaming like this is this is not me Not the top tier but this is getting Better and it's gotten better and like That's him choosing to do things that Are going to bring them more money rug Radio has like 250 hosts they don't pay Even like not in like 90 of them I don't Think are paid Um they just have a great opportunity of Being a rug radio host and it looks cool For them so they want to take the Opportunity and they have a floor price Of like half an eighth they're going to Come off the pfp collection they have One of the strongest communities I've Seen Um and they're doing it like the right Way kind of like how you were saying Yeah organic and so yeah very Interesting um yeah I agree with roji Other side is definitely also up there Bro like if not the top for gaming when It comes out the thing with these gaming Projects they take a long time to Develop property we still very very Early Are very early on the space I think We're still a couple of years out before You really get a game that's fun to play That that people just want to play it Like you know the these big gaming Studios the amount of lack of the guys

Who do fortnite and things like that the Amount of games they launch before they Get a fortnight that actually takes off You know so we're gonna have to see a Lot of nft games that are crap and or Even good but no one's there I mean What's the fun of playing a multiplayer Game and you're walking around it it's Just you it can be and you okay so There's a lot of moving Parts here but I Do think the gaming meta is is going to Be massive but I think that we're a long Way out I really really do I think like Yours you know Yeah but not the not the narratives bro There will be metas that's why I'm That's the only reason I'm down if there Wasn't going to be metas that are Temporary that will cycle in and out I Wouldn't bother but because I know it'll Come because Elliot trades because Gabriel Laden because of these kind of Events I know it'll be kept in the Limelight enough and there's so much Just there's just a financial Opportunity there and there's like There's also Innovative opportunities Like if if a company comes out like they Should igaku and they're like yo we just Developed a software for Oculus and You're our favorite gaming YouTuber we Want to send you one and we want you to Do a review like that's I want to get Those type of opportunities and that

Can't come without me you know starting When there's not all the attention here So that's kind of my thesis there I Agree I think it's going to be very Interesting to see and I think I think You know so let me finish that thought Very interesting to see what you're Saying if this is going to lead to a Gaming meta pump afterwards if this was The boom Market of a year ago uh January 2012 or December November 2021 this Would be a no-brainer go and buy every Go and buy my pet really good and go and Buy um imposters going by other other Deed land go and buy every gaming Project Um under the sun because this is going To make impact so that that's the olden Days right Um it's going to be interesting in this Market to see what effect it has Um look I haven't heard anyone talking Badly about this except me Um but I'm I'm thinking about it from a Pure return on investment perspective And with a unique background in Marketing and with running my own Successful business for 20 years and Which I think like I think I've rides I Think it's an absolute waste of money Even if it leads to a gaming meta pump And who cares but you have to understand Like not everything is always about Roi From in this industry sometimes

Recognition already they can get more Brand recognition by doing what I said Sponsoring Gamers who have got a million Followers and and that literally cost Them ten thousand dollars a month or Whatever but bro they could do that a Million times over before they get to 10 Million dollars you know Yeah not exactly the mess the mess is Off there as far they could do that a Hundred thousand times over you know I Mean he just wants he wants the big Announcements like the way he's done the Last time Yeah a little bit of ego but it also Helps I mean it works it does work it Gets People Pumped ego ego kills I'm I'm Not talking morally I'm saying when guys Get full of themselves a case in point SPF Case in points uh who was the other guy Tara Luna um what's his name what the [ __ ] happened to Quan he's still going To be arrested apparently but bro did You see in other news Andrew Tate uh They denied they denied his appeal he's Still in jail hey yeah yeah he's still Trying to see did you see pictures of What he looked like oh he's looking Rough he must really I thought he was I Thought he was all fake when it first Happened I was like there's no [ __ ] Way this is real because I thought he Lived over me for a reason because he

Would get away with things like this but I guess They've been working on this thing for a While they're like nah bro you're you're Going to be put away for this I'm very Interested to see where that goes Because so much coverage has been done From people even people we know from Like that Mario dude and the Twitter Space Roundtable guy Um he's always covering just everything Around the world and Tate comes up a Decent bit and people have their opinion On it it's a pretty crazy [ __ ] story Dude I mean low-key it'd be it sounded Like the plot that almost sounds too Good to be true but or not too good to Be true in that sense but like uh it Sounds too Like perfect where he was like I'm gonna Get arrested it's gonna be like this Gonna happen I know people were saying He said that because he knew that police Were chasing him but either way even if He did it's still a crazy story like I Know there's a documentary that's coming Out about this for sure Yeah I mean look I don't I wasn't even Planning I'll talk about this it just Came to my mind and once I'm talking About something I like to show you I Mean they are looking rough [ __ ] dude they are uh no I didn't mean To laugh at them but like damn they

Really do be talking about it Yeah Um look uh yeah I don't know he looks About fact the brother looks like it's Definitely on something but uh Andrew Looks sober but I mean look yeah I'm not Here to pass judgments at all I just Yeah I I wouldn't want to be in a Romanian jail even if I was a kickboxing Champion Yeah yeah they definitely are not having It fun out there Yeah that's for sure yeah so he shouted Out they said they did some shout outs Let's just call us made a spade he spoke Quite calmly let's see if we can play This Someone said you think there'll be Justice and he said there's no justice In Romania Damn To sprout Wow Yeah wow wow I'm sure he's missing his Mansion and cause bro I mean once you're Used to Egyptian cotton a thousand Thread counts uh sheets and duvets it's Not easy but I'm telling you Yeah Yeah dude yeah I don't have too much to Say on the entertain thing just because We don't know I mean I don't know we Literally just don't know no we don't Know we don't know at all and it's not

For us to to know either way there was Just a bit of an impromptu thing all Right so other news obviously doodle is Very big like nfts Doodles big in the Space so they've they've launched their Doodles too we spoke about what they Were gonna do last week now it's since Been launched it's on Gaia Um and we are starting to see a pullback On on the OG Collections and it seems to Be you know guys are realizing that Doodles is going for a long game of Attracting a lot of new people in the Space mass media Mass Market Um and that that they not interested in The floor price of their OG collection They're not interested in delivering More value than they have they've given You duplicators they've given you Whatever they are interested in going Mainstream and that's a long-term thing To to convert people to something new Takes so long you know even when cell Phones came out out and uh no what's Wrong with my phone on the wall and when Cars came out what's wrong with my horse And when the internet came out what's Wrong with my encyclopedia and it took Two decades for all of those things to Become uh mainstream and and doodles is Playing bad game but we've seen a Massive retracements here duplicators Are down 70 in the last week at 0.4 Ethereum the Genesis boxes are down 26

Over the last seven days at 0.18 and Doodles themselves the OG collection is Down 12 of the last seven days at sixth Ethereum now again floor price doesn't Determine everything but it is an Indicator to show you the sentiment of The holders of the existing community And it does seem like them seeing that They went on Gaia at blockchain that's Not really known in the space so ever by Nftd gen so well and that there's a a Huge collection size and it's you know People are realizing what what what the Game plan is and I guess the people who Are there for the next five ten years Are very happy and are holding and I Guess the people who are getting Impatient and don't want to wait a Couple of years to see this play out are Selling and that's my interpretation of What's going on here Dude this this situation You literally have to approach Doodles Like a business now at this point like They literally have moved on from the Word through style like completely they Are they are chilling guys they do not They have no desire slash need for the Floor uh like there's so little desire To care about that it like almost hurts You know like they're they're very much On the impression of like we just need To get through the thick of this Bluff Mud era of caring about floor price to a

Point where people after a certain while Realize that dudos doesn't care and That's where people start to stop caring About Doodles when they where uh the Floor price Doodles when they think About Doodles but they got to get Through this period where people are all Fighting them saying they don't care About their holders like if they can get Through that and they can still come on The other side with people caring about Them they will have won and they will go And they will do so very well but if People completely unsubscribe from this It's just one of those things like do They hit a crypto Kitty Volume 2 again Or do they really really get nail this One I think this time they're gonna do It right but we'll we'll see but I do Think digital is going to have a strong Strong lifespan and I think what you're Saying is 100 correct we've seen it with The lack of Twitter communication and They know they're not communicating on Twitter is not popular with nfts and They don't care Um they you know they specifically are Playing a long game here we've seen that By the acquisition of the gaming studio That they bought Um in the last couple of weeks we saw That by Kyle sorry coming on Um we saw that by Pharrell Williams Coming on there they are really

Positioning themselves in a way to try And bring their collection literally Mainstream Um but yeah like the gaming matter that We spoke about it's a long it takes time Um and so yeah I mean if I was looking To buy an nft and hold it for the next 10 years and not even look at it Doodles Would be up there with one of those if I Was looking for one and that's going to Have short-term pumps and really do give Me flip opportunities doodle is near the Absolute bottom over there You agree with that I need to see wait I Need can I see the Doodles too Um we have to go to gaiah it's like Wearables and they have no eyes bro Um yeah you can sort of see them Um Yeah so it's very similar but they don't Have they've got less traits on their Face and you can you can change the Clothes and you can you can trade the Clothes with other people just the Clothes and Um there's different accessories and Things like that I mean I can go there I've just I don't Typically like Going places I've done I'm not going to Click on anything I guess You think it's this Gaia media Hold on no no no that's like a that's Like a spiritual I've actually heard of

Them they're like a spiritual Channel And I'm not gonna just uh you know what Let's go to them on Twitter and but they Never tweet Let's go here And just see if they've got a lick here Otherwise I don't really like uh Clicking on it Duplication is now live No bro they're so bad on their Twitter You can't find anything yes some of the Wearables Nah No I'm not gonna even try a guy there But yeah you can see some of the Different accessories that's a backpack Hey guys I mean I think it's cool They're making it that you can you know Um really equip and dress up your avatar Every day and things like that There we go maybe I'm getting feedback paid on your side I'm hearing myself through you Okay here they all right 14 400 items floor price twelve dollars At the moment And you can just buy like the Accessories Hmm yeah I don't know for some reason I Must have like misread everything with Doodles I thought Doodles 2 was gonna be Just a secondary like Avatar stock Collection So you can do with the duplicate you can

Duplicate your Doodles one and that can It says the same but with less facial Things and those can be equipped at These with these things here Yeah I mean look I like their thesis I Don't know how they're going to do it All but I like their thesis and He's got they have a ton of money and Such a core web3 team that I just I Can't help but but be a little bit long Term you qualified them long term yeah They have a longer time span dude like That's really hard to fight against for Other projects you know So that's it's it's not a d-gen project But it's a long-term definitely Interesting for long term right Cool All right then we've got Seth Green and Steve Aoki launching a web 3 Series So Steve AOK is uh you know famous DJ He's quite notable in the space Um in the bull market every time Steve Iokie aped into any collection it would Automatically dump uh he was almost like The what's that that news Anchor's name Who every time he says He definitely was the top signal for a While yeah so that's Steve Aoki Seth Green famous famous actor Um and producer now so they launching A a collection where I don't know if you Remember and it might be before your Time Kade

Um but I do want to play this in the Background and I just want to mute it Otherwise my thing I don't know if it was before your time Okay but we used to have books when we Were kids like like What are they called We used to have books when when we were Kids It's a thing that you read a book Okay we used to have books where you Could Um change the ending so you'd finish the Book and then it would say or you get Near the end and it would say go to page 74 if you want this like uh or there Were different endings to the book have You ever heard of that before in your Whole life yes Have you ever read a book like that yes I've also watched uh shows where they Have that like in Black Mirror Yeah exactly so it's quite interesting Because that's what that's what they're Doing here they they launching a Collection Um we're in the holders of that nft will Determine by vote the outcome of the Series what happens to these different Characters and things like that and not Just the outcome but they're almost Every stage they'll go to the community And say all right we've got 10 options Here this blue guy can either be killed

Or he can kill or he can save people or He can become a hero or he can get Squashed or and the community will vote And that will determine the sequence of The story Yeah I love it I love the [ __ ] like that Yeah That's interesting well look it's Definitely something we haven't seen Before in the space so you can you know You'll be able to choose if he blows up How he does if he does if he stays alive Or what happens in there Um So yeah man that's interesting Interesting to see Dude I'm down I love I love [ __ ] like That because I mean it depends kind of Like what their goal is there like a web Three stop-motion series that's very Good for this current climate today for People in one three obviously no one Outside with three is gonna care about This but I still think it's worth having Activations that are like for the Present moment four people here today And people don't think about that a lot They're like what's the point of this No One's Gonna watch a wet three show in The future like in the future this that And the other I'm like yeah but we're Not in the future we're we're here so It's we're here in a in a time period

Where where like Master's option is not A thing and that is the reality of our Situation so I'm down for it I'm down For anyone building uh and and building On the path because other people will Build on top of this for something That's actually going to work and so Props to anyone who is pioneering Because it's scary and it's hard and People love to talk [ __ ] from the peanut Gallery and the only people talking from The peanut gallery are for are the People who have never done anything and So we expect you know 100 so yeah they're launching um on Shibaya XYZ and that that company they Recently shabai recently got I think it Was six million dollars Um in C in seed funding Um yeah you see that can create an Entire company okay instead of 32nd Adverts of people who don't care Um Um and and yeah they're basically saying That the project will use [ __ ] Real-time story building narratives Directly from replicant X Community That's the name of the Project replicant X Um replicant X holders also vote on the Ending of the of the scenes and they'll Be voting each week at the end of six Weeks the uh that everyone who took part And voted will get a memorial nft of

Varying Rarity depending on how much you Participated so the more active you are Um in determining the outcome of the Story the more the rarer the nft that You'll be given afterwards will be Hmm Yeah well Steve okay change your Narrative bro studio is going to be the Number one web three where three music Artists of all time it's possible Definitely it's good to see him so yeah Here it says that two months ago uh Shibai raised 6.9 million is the amount Of money Um And yeah I mean they've they've got the Backing so as you said it's something New in the space definitely good to see To see guys building and trying new Things I think it's correct right so Before we move on from this um I was Going to say for people when people like It's like the only reason I want to Bring this up is because when people Watch my Channel I want them to Understand the ways I come to certain Conclusions and Um just like this is something that Someone I forget who it is but someone Talks about this in their podcast a lot It's something that I Um believe in which is why I watch them Is they they always mention this They're like life is not it just isn't

Black and white it just isn't simple Sometimes for a lot of things they just Are there are a lot of factors that Affect a lot of things and people want To make it black and white because it's Easier to categorize in their head They're like oh they're this kind of Person because they did this because This happened and it literally just Isn't that simple so when people you Know when you hear a story like this Steve Aoki and Seth Green drop a thing They're gonna try this thing people have Like a knee trick reaction they're like That's the stupidest thing ever or They're like oh nice but they never Think like okay like I wonder what their Goal is let me try and figure out what Their goals are if their goal is not to Like beat YouTube then maybe I don't Need to talk [ __ ] about them because They're not trying to do that anyway They just want to make a web 3 video Stream platform and that is all they're Doing they just want to experience They're like okay so now we have two Multi-million dollar music artists who Are bored and went three who want to Build a video streaming platform and Help other creators And you were pissed at them a second ago Because that's so stupid they're never Gonna beat YouTube it's like that was Not the point though and if you and it's

Like you if you can like bring together All those points in your head Um I think it'll just alleviate the Anxiety that humans have over everything When they're like Um or not the anxiety maybe but just Like the The Um what's the word like the anger and Then just like the polarity of people's Opinions and they just feel the need to Just Express the difference in opinion And I'm like you know it doesn't have to Be that like it might just be chill Um and I just I hope that people who Watch sort of neutral on things like we Said with agitate the lack of both both Of you and no unusual we don't know Enough you know it doesn't we don't have To take a start so we don't have to say His righteous right we don't know it There's nothing to do with us Um but I do agree with you and I think I Think look you and I and I can Confidently say this you know speak on Your behalf and and for me Um you know believe in the space long Term hugely otherwise we wouldn't be Sitting here I mean honestly it's a you Know what's it a Friday night Um both of us you know have got stuff we Could be doing Um and we choosing to such a discuss the Space and bring stories and news and the

Reason I'm doing it I know that you're The same is because I fundamentally Believe that this technology is going to Change the world I believe that Blockchain technology is the absolute Future I think it's as big as the Internet was when it was launched and if You think about what the world was like Before being able to go on the internet To to uh get your news and order your Things and research stuff and everything That's how big this shift is going to be I know it's not going to happen Overnight and I'm here for the long run Because of that so I think with stuff Like that when we see a story like Steve Aoki and Seth Green partner up to try Something new not as you said not to you Know make huge amounts of money or Whatever they want to experiment because They also believe that blockchain is the Future and maybe this iteration of it is Something that is good and does work and They want to try and I take my hat off To them I think that that's absolutely Great I'm not really interested in what The floor price on the nfts that they Finally drop are going to be I'm not an Idiot I just think it's it's something That's really good overall for the space And that makes me happy I mean I know You're the same so you know that's Really where I come at it and say look I Think this is great you know I think

It's good yeah 100 dude 100. cool and Then we've got rug radio so look I mean I think for Rook is a very polarizing Guy I don't know him personally at all I've had no Um communication with him in any way I've never met him Um people but people either love him or Hate him right Um I think you know he either rubs you The wrong way or the right way but them Regardless of that you cannot deny that He's very committed to the space he's You know he's always in the space 24 7 On spaces and things like that and he's Got an ft collection called rug radio And they are now dropping a pfp Collection so they've partnered um with Corey Van Lou and the mint is going to Be on Monday the 6th again and nothing That we talk about a sponsor or anything Like that just stuff in the space that That we believe is like worthy of Bringing up Um and it's going to be a 48 hour mint Window if you own a rug radio and then You obviously you whitelist you Whitelist it Um if you own a fund Lou one of one so He's also got his own collection then You also can claim it for free otherwise It's going to be a mint price there Isn't a huge amount of information Except for that if you own curries you

Can um you can get five free pfps for Each nft you hold if you own a rogue Radio Genesis one pfp for 690 rug which Is dollar rug which is their native sort Of In-House token that they use Um and yeah he won't give much more Information he says you'll hear about it When it comes out he'll mention it on His Twitter yeah Hmm Dude Rogue radio has interested me Because I started off uh Uh I started off probably just judging For Oak based on what other people said About him I just figured he was a beanie Like character I never really watched Him or seen him then I watched his story I kind of got a little bit more inside Of him as a person tuned in a couple of His shows heard him talking stuff Um I think he's chill I mean it's Whatever like I'm sure he's done some Things like some questionable in nft Influencer things but like so have Probably all our friends so Um I don't know all I can really say is Like I've seen the work he puts in from A content creator standpoint and I know How much work it takes I know they've Able to they're able to delegate because They have so much funding because they Drop these projects obviously and Um you know he's he's had money clearly Because of his nft portfolio you look at

It they've got funding and they've done A great job as far as the show and Employing other people raising other People up I'm I'm a fan of it I like Roy Radios um brand at least like I don't Know if Baroque enough to know if I like Him but from rugradio's perspective I'm Down and I like the art dude I think It's pretty [ __ ] cool I think I'm Probably just gonna do very well Yeah it's going to be interesting Because I mean if you look at the the Existing artwork is is you know it's Different Rags um with different memes On them but oh a lot of them are similar I mean look at these two right next to Each other right these two right next to Each other there's another one so I Think I think it's you know I think it's Good for them to to have an upgrade here You can see a bit of a A bit of a Um preview of what it's going to look Like which I think is is cool I like Pfps Um I think it would be good for their Brand I think you know from the I'm not Talking about floor price and anything I Mean people are very hesitant to have This as their profile picture a rug Right how are you going to have that as Your profile picture maybe that's a it's A good Banner I'm watching this too like I'm watching

How they do it because I'm gonna be like For a fact my nft access keys will Become pfps so I'm watching how other Collections are doing this how they're Transitioning from their token to a pfp Style because you want them to rep it And like just because you have a campus I mean your rug disappears you still Have that rug because you remember it Same with my access Keys like I want People to be like oh [ __ ] they have a Joy's Kingdom pfp meaning they own an Access key photography piece I want to See both now and like that's cool and With rug radio they've decentralized Their like community so well in a sense That like I just feel like their brand Is probably one of the top in the entire Industry I mean to hold a [ __ ] floor Higher than garyvee's with a collection Of like uh 25 or no I think V friends Has 50 000 but to have a I mean almost It's very serious two yeah is what you Talk about yeah it does have 50 000 Sorry yeah Yeah you were saying to hold the floor Price so yeah I was just saying like It's impressive and they've done a great Job on social media they've done a good Job uh spreading out and decentralizing Their brand so people feel a part of it And in a way that I haven't seen other People do really so yeah that's cool as [ __ ] I agree I definitely think as far

As um Sort of media companies in the space go Or media platforms they're definitely up There and then what's interesting is Like you know if you had to compare Maybe you compared with the the guys at Nifty I know uh like Po and uh Nick and Kicks and those guys over there and they Also doing a similar thing they're going To be launching Um a pfp I do think you know if you Active on Twitter spaces specifically You want the ability to have a pfp as Your as your Um as your communities uh pfps because Then you're getting more exposure Constantly you know whereas at the Moment as we said guys don't want a rug As a picture of their of their things so Even if people have the rug as their Banner it's not getting the project Visibility on other people's timelines And things like that so here you can see Fireworks already changed his you know To to that which is obviously a One-on-one but that's so cool man that's You know so I think it's good I think It's good to get a pfp for them them Um and I hope it goes well and I hope They continue Um building in the space it's [ __ ] up Speaking of people taking W's I just got A notification that I have indeed made 18 cents from a YouTube short so right

Now if you're posting on YouTube shorts This is a new update everyone can be Monetized as of like a day ago and Revenue for every 1 000 views your RPM Is nine cents for every thousand of you To get nine cents meaning you need to Get millions of views to make any kind Of [ __ ] money Millions of views to even be eligible Yeah thank God so that's good yeah That's good that it's not Um yeah look I mean YouTube as far as Money goes anyone who's ever done it Knows that there's there's absolutely Very little money unless you're massive Um even in the long form content I mean The amount of uh I mean I'll just play Open cards uh what I've got 2 800 Followers we do the streamy you know we Post videos from the stream every single Day Um in their own again on average Realistically probably on average about 150 views a video some will pop and I'll Get a thousand some like the news Articles will get 30 and I don't expect Them to get more than that Um so I mean I and I Um A month not including my memberships and Things like that but just from revenue So that's that's not a lot for them With video stuff like the ones that are Getting 13 views on YouTube

I would suggest you stop posting those On YouTube in general because a it'll Unfuck your algorithm a little bit Because they'll be like oh he's not Posting videos that aren't getting views Just post those to Twitter instead like I've seen that certain videos do better On Twitter uh versus YouTube like Because YouTube is search based if I I Don't I can't get a blue check mark in South Africa yes But you know what the thing is like Sometimes you don't I don't know in Advance which ones will get like 30 Views versus 300. so like the Logan Paul One uh you know got 800 views but uh Yeah but you know one that's about Amazon building like the biggest news in The space has got like 30 views so you Never you never really know and I just Like having the content out there also To show look you know recovering all the Latest stories so as I said I don't Really care so much about the views all The revenue I mean it's all negligible Um it's more just to have it there but If I if I had a crystal ball and I knew Okay this is only going to get 10 views Then it's not even worth the time in Editing it I agree and overall it does Bring the algorithm down but in the end Of the day you don't know in advance so It's sort of like okay well someone Might find Value in this

Um let's post it you know yeah true true All right cool another interesting story So this is quite interesting we got Dungeons and Dragons Who were going to ban digital assets Have now completely reversed course on That and say that they will never ban Them they will not be going ahead with That you have a license to continue Doing so now this is really interesting Because we saw with nft worlds Um and and Microsoft Um how that played out the complete Opposite they ended up Banning it Completely on Minecraft Um and they have kept by that ban but Here we've got DND Publishers which is You know dungeon and Dragons Um announcing that they are going to Allow the use of these assets Um forever so originally they had said That they they were not happy with it I Personally my feeling is that when they Looked into their licensing Um that everyone agreed to up front they Realized that they actually can't get Out of this and then they also got quite A lot of backlash for saying this and Then they decided look we we are gonna Leave it and let it continue Um which is which is really good for the Space because with Minecraft there Wasn't that much backlash so the fact That a year and a bit later

Um Dungeons and Dragons did get a lot of Backlash from The Gaming Community which Typically gaming and web3 have not Gotten along very well Um but to see now that there was such Big backlash that they ended up Reversing and saying no we will allow it And we will roll out uh Forever on the Record that that is that's quite bullish In general so just how far we've come in The last year in my opinion right Yeah yeah I don't have too much to say On that to be honest but um Man I just can't wait until We can just be in the future and just See like I don't know just see See what happened in between the future And like right now you know I just wanna I just want to know man I want to know Already [ __ ] Nah you can't you gotta you gotta enjoy It there's a there's a parable Um you know the the guy was uh the God Was uh 10 years old and he just wanted To be 18 years old so he could go to Clubs and you know drink and get his Driver's license at whatever age in your Country you get your driver's license And then when you turn to 18 you just Wanted to be 30 you wanted to have a Wife and a child and you know and when He got to 30 he just wanted to be 50 he Wanted to retire and not have to work All day and and when he got to 50 you

Just wanted to be 70 you wanted to you Know meet his grandchildren and and when He's on his deathbed he says I just wish That I was wanting to be the age I was At the time or in the stage of life I Was at the time and you just made me Think of that I know you're not saying I Know you're not saying that but you I Think that that's in general just a very Wise Parable and it's one that I often Try and tell myself you know especially With kids there's when they're born There's so many the amazing things about That early stage Um you know this they smell like a new Baby it's hard to explain and and you Can hold them and you really you know And then then they become you know older And they start doing things like Giggling and talking and and every stage Has got its good and it's bad and I Always try and say to myself don't wish This stage away like Bianca and I used To say I just wish they're going to Start talking already before they Started talking right but and you do Because you you love them and you want The best for them but you know they were Beautiful things about them not talking Number one they were talking And I just said like I try to remind Myself that just enjoy enjoy every stage Where you at no matter what that is with The good and the bad because every stage

Of life I think has its positives and Negatives and I think focus on the good Of the stage that you're in whatever That may be and try and forget the bad Of that stage you know you think of like We you and I are in a very different Stages but I mean I think on me I I've Then got at an age where I've still got My health you know I'm not like a 75 Year old with arthritis or whatever I Don't know just appreciate the good of The stage that you in whatever stage There may be But I've laughed out yeah hell yeah Facts life Alpha by Philip smash the Likes for that Smash the knives all right this was Quite interesting I I the only reason I Wanted to bring it to you Um so the story is that more polygon Nfts were sold on Open Sea then ethereum For the last two months in a row so We're not saying actual amount of money Spent on polygon nfts was more than the Amount of money spent on um ethereum Nfts but the literal number of nfts Traded was more on polygon than it was On ethereum okay so that's quite Interesting the reason I wanted to bring It to you is because I specifically said About youths and D guides Um I think last week or the week before That I believe that it's a massive Mistake for you to be moving to polygon

That they were bought they only did it For the three million dollars Um and all the rest of that and that Polygon although I'm incredibly Incredibly bullish on the blockchain for Onboarding in web 2 Brands and for the Speed of transactions and or ease of use I'm not bullish on them from an nft Perspective that was what I had said two Weeks ago I do still maintain that Theory very much so and I believe it However I do think in the interest of of Transparency it's important to bring a Story like this to just show that Polygon nfts are on the app maybe not Floor price wise but more polygon Nifties were traded in the last two Months than on ethereum nfts and that's That's quite interesting to me yeah Would you have guessed that okay No no no no That is incredible Um damn bro I I dude I need to do more research on polygon But and I know a lot of people are very Uh polarized on that decision of whether Or not polygon is potentially the future Or Solana is going to you know take that Number two spot or whatever Um well too many big players are Building on polygon like polygons gonna [ __ ] win and if that's true you just Gonna demolish bro and I've said it Before and I'll stick with this I think

Utes ten times the pr the brand and The Prodigy of the Gods I know a lot of People hate me when I say that uh who Was it I said that too I said that's a Burden the other day on a podcast and he Was like no shop bro and I was like nah Dude y'all YouTube is going to take off Way harder than Dion's in my opinion in My opinion on the long term Opinion screw everyone if you believe Something says and you could very well Be right who knows four might be lower But also they have more in their energy But they also do their brand is so good Their art is phenomenal like the D Gods Is decent but like the youth's art is Really really good yeah but I do think It it is gonna push them down to be on Polygon if it was polygon to begin with That's a different story people knew What they were getting I'm saying if I Was holding it as a Solana nft and I was Told it's going to be moved to polygon I Personally wouldn't be happy for the Short term medium to long term maybe who Knows but I mean it is interesting Polygons want to watch and and we I did Say there's two weeks ago as well I mean Starbucks launched with their meta Facebook read it all all these webto Breads all of them that are coming in Are going with polygons they are doing Something right You know I think for reward programs and

And literally for the what blockchain Was made for I think polygon is very Very good and it's quick as the gases I Just I'm saying I don't think it's Bullish for an nft per se but I do think The blockchain is brilliant and I think That polygon is going to be absolutely Instrumental in moving this mainstream Like we sing all the big names are Launching on polygon I'm not saying nft Necessarily but like their web 3 Initiatives they are using polygon to Launch them Yeah I think I like probably gotten more From a a building perspective than like The trading perspective in the short Term but that's crazy those numbers So if you look here you got 20.4 million On the BMB chain this is for the whole Of January you've got 17.5 million on Polygon So this is active addresses right not Not many you've got 16.3 million on Phantom you've got 9.3 million on Solana You've got 7.6 million active Wallets on Ethereum and then you've got arbitrary Optimism Avalanche Ronan Celia and Terra All with under a million so yeah Definitely interesting interesting to See Um so those it doesn't necessarily have To do with nfts it's just active Addresses that are using the blockchain In or those particular blockchains BNB

Polygon fans and whatever Um to do transactions Um and and this is an important chart to Watch okay for what we were talking About Mass adoption because yes there's Gonna definitely be overlap here so some People that have BNB will also have Polygon Anna fans and Nana Solana and so On also within the ecosystem some people Will have multiple wallets so some People might have as many as 20 or 30 Wallets Um so it is hard to know from this how Many people are actually individual Active Traders opposed to duplicate Traders and things like that but if you Add this together just back off Cigarette just looking at it now 37 40 56 66 73 call it 75 million Active addresses and then maybe say a Fifth of those are not duplicates I mean Again who knows so that's 150 150 Million people using blockchain Technology at the moment sorry 15 Million 15 million people using Blockchain technology maybe they don't Even know they're using it but that's Quite bullish I think that that's quite Quite good to see right yep I agree I Agree I don't have any thoughts on that though But I agree So something else that's bullish

Um the world's first nft store is being Launched or has launched in Dubai and This is this is quite cool so we did see You know just to correct this article we Did see that uh uh Solana or magic Eden Or Solana one of the two of them has a Physical store where you can get the Phone on the phone and things like that Yeah Solana so so here in Dubai this Store is opened Um and they're trying to bring nfts to Mainstream right so first of all you can Walk in and they've got the 3D scanning Machine that will scan you and then make A metaverse ready Avatar of you Um that you that you get there and then That you can take into sandbox or to Central land or whatever which is really Really cool and you know because again It doesn't have to be a part of the Collection it's just if we sang one of The big use cases for Um nfts is representing you in the Middle Then what better than to have like you a Version of you is scanned and accurate To you so that's pretty cool Um the other thing that they're doing I'll just let you see this here is you Can you can go in there and any nft that You hold in your wallet you can print Onto a MAG or cap or a little photo Frame or something so if you own the nft You can you can print it there and then

Which I onto merch yourself so if you Love a community and you've always Wanted some merch and they've never sent You or you missed it you can get your You can get merchas of your nfts the Other cool thing that they have is as You can see here actually a lot of these Digital screens where you can browse Nfts and see nfts they also doing artist Activations where different artists are Launching in in the space and you can Buy a physical piece of uh of a web 2 Artists art that also comes with a Digital version so there's a lot of Potential future use cases for stores Like this and they really are doing Quite quite a lot of them and I think It's really really cool This I do [ __ ] with this is cool as [ __ ] I'm a big fan of this Yeah this reminds me a little bit of Like The Branding behind evolve too Which is I think an orthodox Tom Liam Those guys been working on a little bit This is fun this is way more fun and Like interesting than typical pfps Especially for normal people this is Gonna be the kind of things that people Get more excited about to hear about and Stuff like that For sure so I think that that's really Really cool I'm very happy with yeah I'm Happy to see it and it's nice as you see As we said with Seth Green and all of

That it's nice to see guys trying new Things and and investing putting their Money where their mouth is you know rent Is expensive setting up a store like This is expensive it's not a tiny little Store I mean look how cool this place Looks Um you know I think it's great I think It's really really bullish bullish for The space Yeah I'm trying to be part like I'm Trying to be invited to those things Like behind the scenes kind of thing by Doing my content like that's the kind of Thing I'm trying to go to and have Access to that just takes a little bit Of time to kind of break into that world But you know Official Um and you will if you continue doing What you're doing code Um you're 100 full I mean the the and I'm not blowing smoke up your ass I Don't I don't need to the amount of Amazing guests that you've been able to Land in the last uh six months but I Mean it's just getting it's getting high And higher crypto gorilla I watch all of Them John Colo the other day crypto Gorilla I mean I'm not gonna name Something It was cool they all call all of us are Called people are people man See people on YouTube and we've sort of

Hold them in high esteem yeah human Beings we thought and we burp and we Make mistakes I'm not saying that that What are you talking about girls don't Fart right no they don't I'm not saying I'm at any level like like these these Big guys at all I'm just saying like the Queen of England you know okay bad Example whatever everyone's a human Being and when you actually speak to Them face to face you know we all human So so yeah I think if you do that you'll Continue you'll continue you definitely Will continue to grow and I'm really Proud of you like I've said numerous Times in the last few days and I have Been for a long time I'm just I feel Like really blessed to to have this time With you and you know be watching your Journey because I I identify with you in Building something at a young age and Slogging in so much and to watch you Flourish like you are I'm really really Proud of you I'm very happy thanks man It's fun because like I remember when I Was at nft NYC you were like damn right I can't go and you're like just try and Tune in if you can during the show and Like I literally popped in from New York At the middle of an nft like Gathering And that was kind of fun it was kind of Cool to see that after when I came back Next time next time we've got to do a Property it's going to be if you have to

It it's gonna be like literally you Showing us a bit of cool stuff like Literally like a almost like a reporter Type thing on the ground because I can't Get to these events I'm not I'm not Leaving my wife and kids there's Absolutely not for anything in the world Um it's better it would be nice but We'll deal with it when we get there Just want to remind everyone we we had Um we did talk about it two or three Weeks ago there's been a lot of notable Um a lot of notable hacks that have Happened we saw Um Kevin Rose the founder of proof was Hacked for two million dollars worth of Of uh crypto and nfts and these are guys In the space that that know stuff Um and we also saw um a Twitter account Was taken over the other day whose was It um No a much bigger one I posted in my Discord as it was Happening but they stole another couple Hundred thousand dollars but I mean I I Just like anyone who has been hacked Both Kate and I have knows that feeling Um and you know we've seen bigger and Bigger names so I just want to very Briefly just reiterate that you should Be having a hardware wallet I've got a Whole video on this so I'm not going to Get into this the hardware wallet should

Be completely cold not ever attached to Anything you just use that to transfer To and from your own addresses you never Mental notes or anything like that but If anyone thinks a con happened to you If it can happen to Kevin Rose it can Happen to anyone so please be careful It's the worst thing to lose your nfts Um you know and and people are trying to Steal them from you all the time the Amount of Twitter DMs I get bro and I Know I know because it's always the same Thing oh we're a gaming project we want You to be the test for us and we'll pay You like 400 to do a tweet for us and Then and then you know they say send you Links and they want you to click and and I just play with them sometimes right And I say yeah I'm not sure just just Pay me first and then I and then I'll do It for you no problem and then they keep On going on no well we can't don't you Want to just check out the game first And all this [ __ ] absolute [ __ ] And it's always the same thing and then When I finally say to him look you know I know what you're trying to do and I Wasn't born yesterday surely someone Who's making nft content all the time is Not your target market I know the space Then they then they start swearing and Screaming on [ __ ] yeah this and that and I said well and then I always say the Same back and I say by the way I've

Reported you to Twitter and then I do Sometimes you can click report and you Can choose what part of the Conversations so I just choose the links And I send it to Twitter and I report I Said that the links to Twitter yeah And tell them that they're true that Someone's trying to scam you and when I Check back two weeks later most of the Time those accounts are taken down which Is pretty good well listen I mean I had I had lunch with Elon the other their Day he didn't mention that but it's a Pretty cool feature of Twitter so I'll Make sure to bring it up and ask him Some specifics tomorrow find me brother Crypto dreams azuki yes it was azuki Thank you crypto dream asuki's Twitter Got hacked and I think I think it was 750 750 000 worth of nfts were stolen from their Holders Um so just remember I mean in general Like 99.9 of reputable projects out There are never gonna do a stealth Launch ever because they know that it Can be hacked so if something's if you Haven't heard of something always go Into that Discord ask there rather it Happens a lot on Twitter or it will come Up as sort of a sponsored link you don't Even see it says sponsor that looks like The official Suzuki account you excited You want to go there and they make it

Like only 10 left or whatever so just be Careful out there guys it's really Really important Um if you haven't already please do like And subscribe Kate and I spend a lot of Time in the space we really try our best To bring you the breaking news and Content cake takes two hours of his busy Day to sit here and be my friend and That deserves a like and a follow on Both of our channels and both of our Videos guys as always thank you for Joining us and we look forward to seeing You next week and keep safe look after Each other Be kind more important than anything Else it's it's more important to be kind Than to be right Pretty good though It is nice Rather Be Kind than be right Cheers guys

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