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And Candyland at 0.09 Um so the big news of the week has been That on other deed if you were an other Deed holder there was the decoupling This week so if your land was one of the Ten thousand that had a coda you could Now claim your code as a separate nft And you could also claim your vessel if Your land doesn't have a coder you could Just claim a vessel so the decoupling is Live and if we jump on here and have a Look Asia is coders so Um this makes me smile I'll be honest And there's been speculation for so long As to what will the floor price be is it Better to have a coda or mutant as far As if you could buy something now for Around this price what would you rather Have as it stands now the market has Spoken and the market would pay a little Bit more for a mutant which is sitting At just under 13 each than it would for A coda but I really like these guys I Don't know I just like the look of them Kade what do you think if you could Choose would you rather at this point of Time if if they were the same price Would you rather from an investment Perspective get a coder or would you Rather get a mutant Well I have 100 mutant not even close Are you about to say you'd rather have a Quota

Um I'm not necessarily about to say that I'm saying it's an interesting question Uh you've got mutants which the positive Four mutants is that they are a ticket Into the ecosystem more so than a Kona Um however the positive for the coder is That it's a ticket to either side which Is really where are you guys putting all Of its trips in gaming I mean they've You know they really are moving into This gaming space aggressively their new CEOs is going to be native this is this Is the future The Dakotas the future the Mutants of the past no Yeah I guess so yeah I guess so um it Sort of depends on what you care about In the ecosystem I guess like I'm not a Gamer so I'm not gonna I don't give a really Um but Also like in any in any game setting I Feel like if I was running around in the Metaverse I just want something that Resembles more like the mayonnaise are Somewhat Humanoid-ish you know and these are just Like random little three foot tall Creatures Um so like if I was to represent myself As a digital as my digital identity in The metaverse I would still rather go With the muted nape Um but definitely like it may be in Certain game settings it would make

Sense to have one of these but So I I really agree with you as far as The pfp goes I would prefer muted Um it's interesting I mean I I don't Know if I've even got an answer I think That's it's interesting there's Arguments for both Um in the end of the day you've got ten Thousand you're going to have 10 000 Coders you've got 20 000 Newtons so That's that adds a bit of an interesting Thing as far as Rarity goes Um if you just want one as far as pfp Goes then I think of mutant hands down As far as just pfp not necessarily hard I think this art is really interesting And arguably even maybe nothing and Mutants visually I don't know but as a Pfp I do think a mutant is more as you Said sort of human lack than than this Isn't yeah but I mean definitely Interesting really interesting I I Really liked a lot of the Arts I find These very fascinating I like enjoy Looking at them The public sentiment is they like it too I've seen Journey cryptos been active on Twitter he's been excited to Mint a few Because he's got like a million board Apes Yeah I haven't heard from him for a While not to see he's still around hey How's his project I don't know he's not active so

I don't hear about it For sure so interesting to see these Coders Um just to jump into a bit of stats on Them instead of just looking at them Visually so far We have got 4 200 of them minted Potentially up to ten thousand Um there's been 658 e H traded on them the floor price Currently 10.3 ethereum but just looking The floor is very very thin I mean if You look here you've got two four six so You've got 12 until it gets to 12 e Which is which is not match you know Um so that's definitely interesting to See you've got 62 ownership ratio unique Owners Um sales are all over the place I mean Wow quite interesting to see the Different uh values you've got this one That sold for 16th another one for 20 Always very bullish when there's nfts Selling quite a lot over the floor value Which is what we are seeing here Um Yeah man seems to be what about Four five sales every hour So interesting interesting to see nice To see some solid liquidity right there Goddamn who's buying these things Everybody okay I guess everybody's got 12 years 20 Years to spend Jesus that's crazy 40

Grand 30 40 Grands each That is one so 12 12 the 12 12 here's About 22 000 rent sorry dollars at the Moment right yeah Yeah but yeah it's a lot of money Um so the other side of it Is are you also able to claim your Vessels so everybody with the other deed Land was able to claim a vessel and we Know that there's 10 uh sorry a hundred Thousand lands Um and so far we've got 31 000 vessels That have been claimed we know that These are going to be instrumental into The gaming side and I think what's Interesting about all of this is that We're starting to get a glimpse into how The other side is going to play out There's going to be all of these Different collections uh the first one That we're seeing at the moment is is Vessels of in-game sort of assets that Allow you to do different things within This whole land of Mara that they're Talking about Um so the floor one is sitting at 0.33 At the moment if we just sorted According to traits So the ones you're seeing are the Hunters if we click on Farmer and if you Missed it we did talk about these in Detail Um last week and there's a standalone

Video there as well just search search For eucha vessels on my YouTube you'll Be able to see it pharmaceuting at point Four and the enchanter Sitting at 0.65 as far as the floor Price goes So yeah man very interesting to see Yeah dude I don't have too much to say About these about these assets Um I'm just more yeah I'm just kind of Watching them it's kind of staying up With the with how they're doing just Because there's so many so many in their Ecosystem now so I'm just kind of Interested what the sentiment changes if It changes at all uh what's the I mean Inevitably will have to go down in price At some point Um so I'm just it's already corrected a Little bit so it's corrected almost 0.3 So the amount of the vessel so it was Sitting at about 1.8 something it's now 1.6 so it has slightly corrected what I'm thinking is is is you know what We're going to start to see is as time Rolls out if you look at any land and You find one that's got some sentiments On it like this thing over here that is Going to be able to be stripped from the Land in the future so all the resources And everything that you see is it's Going to become its own separate asset That like we've seen with the coders and The vessels that has its own value in

The game when it finally and does roll Out Yeah just because the body because I'm So used to everything being worth a lot I just I'm just very interested to see Um because it looks like the way they're Going they're not particularly worried About the floor like the team isn't the Actual brand isn't uh the holders Probably are so like if and when these Split up into all these things and we're At a point where nfts are just you being Able to own the assets first the game Owning the assets will that affect People's opinion especially the holders Opinions on the brand will they start to Say damn Like at that point it's kind of I guess Like that's the gamble of Warriors and You guys is betting that their brand is Big enough and strong enough at that Point and deliver value enough over the Last two years that people will kind of Forgive them if in a sense if that's not The right word but like be okay with the Fact that maybe the prices aren't as High at some point in the future because It's always been tied to the high value Official I think it is definitely going To be that culture software people are Realizing that this is the gaming side Of Yuga and that that's going to have Different rules and you know then then You see in the pfp side so you've got

Your on the left hand side the board Apps the mutants the kennels Um and then on the right you've got your Other side and you've got your coders Your vessels and all the in-game assets That are going to come afterwards and You've got to really separate those in Your mind I think right Yeah 100 100 you know what I found Really interesting when you looked at The second trip that we covered last Week Um that other side had when they did a Teaser video after and at the end of the Video they zoomed out and all of those 7 000 people were playing in one land Um So that and that Lads is huge so that That was definitely a hint Um at what's to come and just the scale Of what they are building which is Really interesting damn that's that is Very interesting I didn't I didn't even Really consider like the size of the Metaverse in like terms of physical size Because I just figured oh the metaverse Just goes on forever you can the land Will just be infinitely big but that's Not the case you know you have to buy Certain plots and certain plots are Bigger than others that's very Interesting actually it makes me think Of Yu-Gi-Oh uh duelist Kingdom season One if you guys are Yu-Gi-Oh fans

There's a season one in duels Kingdom Where they have to battle and duel on Certain parts of the island and certain Parts of the island have different Attributes and traits that you can you Know use to advantage or to like With the other person like if you're if You have a bunch of sea monsters and Stuff you'd want to fight closer to the Ocean because the ocean has different Advantages and things like that and just Makes me excited for that because that's A reality that we will be able to play On and play with very soon I think I Mean remember you know back in the day When nft Worlds was still on Minecraft And and doing so well their big thing Was that each land was massive that if You were an avatar in the land which you Could be it would take you something Like a week to walk from one side of one Of the lands one of your lands a single Land to the other side Um of that land whereas the sandbox we All know like if you've done anything in The sandbox those plots are pretty small Um so I think like one nft world was Like almost equivalent to the size of a Whole of sandbox and that definitely has You know a huge significance so it's Looking like Um Yuga and the other side is going to Be similar to nft Worlds as far as the Size of each plot is going to be massive

And that's really cool because it means You can build a lot more on your land And you also if you've got a particular Resource Um you've got a lot more of that Resource than you thought because you Know your land is bigger than you might Have thought to begin with so definitely Interesting to watch I'm enjoying seeing Didn't play it out you know they really Have come with one thing after another In the last month or two they really Have picked up their game I think it can Be a bit overwhelming Um on the one side just the amount of Stuff that's happening and and coming Out and if you're not really a Hugo Maxi I think it's quite difficult to stay on Top of everything that's coming out over Here Um you know but on the other side They're definitely keeping people Engaged there's things coming out all The time we've got stuff to talk about You know yeah I was gonna say I Literally have no idea what's going on With Yuka it's too much and I don't care Like I don't I don't have I don't have An asset that makes me care enough Um so I think you're right Um I'm very interested to see like for The people who are not in the Yugi Ecosystem do you guys keep up at all Like does it make any difference in your

Life like it's hard to know how much of A influence Yuka has on People's like mental like how much does It take up in their mental when they Think about like when they're going Through their day mostly nft people Does Yuga come up in their mind or is That just like a small subset of people That are just way louder because they've Got bigger bags and bigger followers Probably Yeah I mean I think typically you tend To see wins when good stuff is happening In Yuga then there's volume in the Market in general and and typically the Nft market there's more liquidity and It's doing well so if you're a Trader Even if you're a small Trader not of High value at that so you're not buying Yoga assets but you're buying very low Value and if it's not for trading not For Community or art you do find that When there's a big yoga drop going on That's going well in general that Market's doing well because all these Whales are getting air drops and Whatever and then spending their money On smaller connections and it does Trickle down so I think I think yeah Just interesting to see the effect it Has

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