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Attention Luke All right so what's trending this is I'm Not market update this is more crypto Sorry nft specific so if we just have a Look in the last uh let's go one day You've got blue trading volume 23 Million hours divided by three so let's Call that seven and a half million we've Got open Z up nicely 6.2 million they Were below 5 million at about four four And a half million most of last week so That's good to see about a 50 increase On openc we've got a mutable X at 1.69 Million and then look through a seven Hundred thousand x2y2 600 000 and the Rest aren't really worth mentioning like We add that together with adjusted blur To seven and a half million you get to About 16 17 million Um traded in nfts in the last 24 hours If we ever look over here and just see The notable sales for the last seven Days we've got our board API Club as Number one selling at 150 ethereum we've Got crypto planks in second and third Place one selling for 176 thousand Dollars another one for a hundred and Thirty six thousand dollars we've got a D Garden number four selling for seventy Each or a hundred and seventy thousand Dollars number five and six is a white Third build anyone who knows me knows I'm a big fan of the white Furs when I Was privileged enough to hold the board

Out Um I had a white four but third board Hope both of them selling for about a Hundred and twenty thousand dollars each And then in a seven and eight Place We've got two crypto punks also both of Them selling for around a hundred and Ten thousand dollars so those are your Notable sales if we have a look again Last seven days since our last show what Is trending what collections have been Um trending the most again I think it's Important to remove every so often Remind people just because the Project's Number one on the trending doesn't mean That the floor price has gone up it Could be that people are Panic selling And that's what we're seeing with both Number one and to at the moment board APR club and mutant APR Club both of Them down substantially on the weak Broad apes or down to 30 percent the Floor price of the board ape at the Moment is 35 ethereum and which is Incredibly low in each terms I've never Seen it lower since uh 2021 Um mutant Abe is sitting at 6.85 ethereum granted if is two thousand Dollars right so that's the equivalent When ethos sitting at the one thousand Dollar Mark it's equivalent of 11 11 East mutant but it's down 25 on the week We've got a Zuki continuing to rise up 20 on the week sitting at 14 and a half

Ethereum crypto banks are just under 50 Beans 1.3 D guards continue to do nicely Sitting just under nine a little bit Down on the week border Kennel Club 2.7 Ethereum Captain slightly down at 7 and A half I mean ladies keeps rising at 3.3 Ethereum clone X at 1.6 we've got heavy metal we're going to Talk about today 0.7 our Pepin 0.7 and Patchy penguins at 4.3 just going into The Bitcoin ordinals Uh it lost 24 hours we've got ordinal Pump ordinal punks at number one spots Their floor is 3.2 Bitcoin we've got Oblivion sitting at 0.185 Bitcoin the Final pattern at .06 Bitcoin machines at 0.19 distortions at 0.07 still seeing Bitcoin frogs which we spoke about about A month ago at 0.04 Bitcoin uh we've got anti-nft Bitcoin Maxis at half a Bitcoin Recursive frogs uh derivative of Bitcoin Frogs which is a very bullish at 0.016 Bitcoin and those are your top 10 Ordinals just while we're in ordinals And before we get into the news where Kate's gonna chat we did have a seven Million dollar ordinal sale Um if we ever look over here according To data that was provided by cryptoslam Now again that's is from crypto.news I Have only seen this from here not 100 Sure that this is correct but an Uncategorized ordinal collection

Was sold for 232 Bitcoin with seven Million dollars at the time of the Transaction the data shows that this nft Was minted on June the 8th it gives the Block number that it was minted on and It is traded 18 times over the past two Weeks Um crypto sales in the last 24 hours on Ordinals reaching a total of 7.36 Um to me the screams uh money washing Wash trading you know the same nft being Traded so many times getting to this Amount Um but it did make the news and it's Important to see we are seeing ordinal Buys and sellers go down Um so buyers went down 64 and sellers 48 And also the number of ordinal owners is Only up 0.61 percent in the past 24 Hours reaching 260 000 and that is your market update hell Yeah Um before we move on I want to

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