Johnnie Walker Drops Exclusive Blue Label Whisky NFTs

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The next thing that we've got over here So we've got Johnny Walker Um Specifically a blue label so they're Exclusive you know you get black label Red label blue label is their highest You get Gold Label whatever so exclusive Uh button aft collection so they're Dropping their own nft collection you'll Then be able to choose to hold on to the Nft or to burn the nft In return for a limited edition Um Blue Label which will have its own Its own special label and will be Obviously a collector item sort of like Vinnie haircut did with his art right Yeah where you could burn the nft to get The physical art and they've partnered Up with blockbar as as well as Vayner 3 Which is garyvee Um and eight eight Rising so they've Partnered with really good web free Native guys in the space and it's called The vein D the pink by Johnny Walker Blue Label so it's basically putting all The web free platform names together to To make a name Um it's going to be a 250 Um drop 250 nfts Um it will be artwork also from Vandy The pink Um and yeah it's going to be launching The uh this month right which is really Really cool

I have yet to try Johnny Walker I can't Remember what that tastes like but it Looks good bro Yes I mean back in the day Johnny Walker Used to be my go-to brand really okay Yeah what did you drink how'd you drink It Uh so like a double with us yeah I mean Blue Phillip wasn't playing around guys Philip didn't give a [ __ ] he got a Double on ice but but Blue Label my Brother I've even told my my dad used to My dad always used to have a bottle of Blue label Um for like a really special occasion Always so like when I when we went to His house and I told him that I was uh Proposing to be or engaged to Bianca oh Get the blue label so so a few times in My life you know I think of my 18th Birthday when I had uh that when we had The twins my dad was in the waiting room With a bottle of blue label you know It's special events I I got I got to get Blue labels crazy bro yeah it's just so Smooth and really if you ever get an Opportunity just to enjoy a blue label You should you should do sir Um but yeah makes me think I'm a dad Actually he was a big Johnny Walker guy He also he had all special edition ones That he wouldn't open that he would just Keep so this would have been right up His alley he really because AB would

Have obviously been talking to him Non-Stop about nfts and then I would Have told him that there's a Johnny Walker Um nft coming out and it would have been The merging of Our Two Worlds and he Would have been very excited for this His first question would have been can I Buy this with a credit card Yeah well I would have said look I'll Get I'll get one for you you know Um but yeah he would have definitely Definitely lacked that

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