Is This The Secret To Making Millions? #crypto

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One of the best ways to make money is Icos and idos he's not wrong here this Is where you're going to make absolute Cash it's the same thing with nft you Get that wh list or allow list there's Almost an instant Arbitrage when you do That 2017 I wasn't a social media figure Or anything so it was a lot harder to Get allocation so again my biggest fear Is being average even though I feared The camera as well I said no this it's Worth it if I can get allocation if you Become a celebrity if you become an Influencer you're able to put yourself In a position to actually get Opportunities ahead of everyone else Which then means that you can make money People hate that people hate that idea But I'm putting in the work now because I know what I can use my skills for Which is get these pre-sales get these Allocations get these Whit lists which Then help out if you're not creating Content in a different way shape or form Than everyone else it's very hard to Stand out and it's hard to get those Opportunities so this is very smart this Is a this is very good info

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