Is This Next Big Mobile Web3 Game?

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It's simple place these little bubble Blocks on the board anywhere when a row Is made up it disappears you get points For dropping blocks and more for Clearing a line get a high enough score And you're rewarded with a white list This is the game for the upcoming Project grapes the game is simple and It's addictive but the stats are just Mind-boggling today there have been 50 Million blocks placed 5 million lines Cleared and over 60 000 hours of Total Gameplay and speaking from experience It's addictive and it's addictive for a Reason the company behind it which is Backed by atomoker Brands is vika games FICA games are mobile game developers They've made games just like grape juice Before and they've been downloaded Millions of times now this isn't just a Faceless company Ben and Dan which are The founders are active on Twitter and They've got impressive resumes peeping Ben's LinkedIn you can see what he's Done and it's impressive and it's Actually relevant to what they're Actually doing and building in the space Right here right now this is the same Thing with Dan these guys look like Their experience and look like they know What they're doing now this game is free To play you just need to connect your Discord if you want to rank and it makes Sense to do that because why not you can

Get a white list it's on Google Play and It's on the App Store and it's not some Beta version test app it's the real Thing I've beta tested apps before that Which used test flight which can be a Little bit cumbersome getting uh Keys Things like that this is simple anyone Can download it your mum your Grandmother your uncle your auntie they Can download it and play it right now so It really is meant for everyone and it's Meant to be easy now the team says that This isn't the only thing they're Producing but they're producing a suite Of grape games and nft holders will get Additional Advantage within those games But it's not a token gated game or token Gated Suite of games they want grapes to Be an IP plate with the general public Playing without even knowing that there Are blockchain elements under the hood Now look I'm sure you want to know the Drop details so here they are they'll be Minting before the end of May so they Want to Mint in may now the leaderboard Says that the competition ends on the 24th so it'll be between the 25th and The end of month so it gives them about A week to go to market the supply will Be 555 and the price is currently TVA They're looking at the market and the Sentiment at the moment now the big Question is how can you get great list Which is the whitelist the top 250

Scores get great list from the 250 to 500 range they get a first come first Serve spot which will be over allocated And then 100 people from the top 5000 Scores will also get a spot when I spoke To the team I asked them about the Giveaways great list giveaways within Different communities and allocations And they say that they're actually being Very tight with it because ultimately They want people that play the game to Actually get in full mint which I'm all For it usually does build a tighter Sense of community and just tries to Reduce the amount of flippers in full Disclosure I've got great list myself And my group does too so please keep That in mind I may be pumping my own Back so if you fancy yourself a chance At a whitelist download the game it's Free give it a play and maybe you will Be blessed with that juicy juicy great List now what's my take what's my Speculation where do I see this going I Feel like the team are using uh their Skills what they know which is uh Creating mobile games mobile Applications simple easy to play easy Addictive type gaming and trying to pump That out the fact that we're going to Have so many d-gens running to the App Store and Google Play Store to play this Game it is going to get more download More attention and what this does is it

Can then bring in the mainstream people Because if this starts to trend on the Charts on the top gaming charts only top Playing charts that's when you get Normal people coming in that don't Understand what the game is and how it Actually works also I did have some Really good Alpha about what they're Doing doing post launch but I can't Disclose it ndas all that kind of stuff But it is very interesting very good I Don't want that to influence your Decision in sort of buying minting Playing the game I just want to say that I have found out some information which I find very good very intriguing but I Don't want to say anything and get Myself or them in trouble for dropping Anything too early but I would suggest At least keeping an eye on it by saying This it means it can be top of mind so That if you start to hear some things if You've got speculations yourself it can Play into them the idea is saying I do Know that something is coming I can't Say what it is and hopefully that is Enough to help you out in piecing the Puzzle together to actually make you Have a better informed decision when it Comes to the project grapes if you liked This video go down there hit that Subscribe button also hit up that like Button as always it's been a pleasure Having you with me I look forward to

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