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Bottom is it and meaning that the lows Were November and that the bottom is in I think we do need one more month to Show us that so we want one more month Of increased volume on openc and then we Can probably say that the bottom is in That doesn't mean that we're not going To experience what you said ups and Downs Um definitely in general to me as a Trader seems a lot quieter Um even though we up it's a lot quieter Than what I agree than what I remember Um and you you're seeing that this Volume that we're talking about is made Up primarily of about 10 collections and It's not really there's a lot of Projects where they're not even getting A sale in the day still so do I believe Nfts are back and we back to where we Were in January last year no I don't I Don't believe that but I definitely feel That we are uh higher than we have been And you know if this continues then we Can possibly say that we have hit the Bottom and hopefully our trending

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