Is Solana going to die?

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Right so our salon and if cheese did is The Solana blockchain dead as a result Of this what's happened we had we've had A really interesting Journey with Solana They've magic Eden and and Solana have Really been doing some incredible things In the last you know year if you look at Their marketplaces now the way that it Allows for multiple Um different chains Um which wasn't possible and they were First to do that before openc the way That they have their launch pad which Has been incredibly successful for Projects um and they were the first to Do that before openc Um and just you know the analytics that They've got on there on Magic Eden which We have been there from the beginning And are completely normal the customer Support on Magic Eden they've got a live Chat I'm still waiting for openc to come Back to me for three weeks ago for Something that's quite urgent and I Haven't heard from them when I when I Needed something on Magic Eden there was A guy right there talking me through it Absolutely incredible we know this along Yeah that is nice there's a lot

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