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Is I agree so we're now realizing that This is going to be a much longer pay Than what we anticipated we are ready About eight or nine months into the Spare Market and I would be surprised me Probably halfway Which means to buy something now and Have it slowly bleed for the next nine Months I would rather wait to see some Green shoots and some positive signs and Then even if it's not the exact part of Him it will be lower than now if we Continue to bleed for nine months that's The general thinking but again it Depends on whether you're looking for Trade opportunities or long-term holds I'm just talking from a long-term Perspective now with that said I will Say that because of the eight coins Taking that now has been confirmed in Two weeks time I bought apcoin yesterday Because I can see a short-term Opportunity where I believe a coin and It's just my own belief everyone must do Whatever they want icon could be a rug I Don't know but I believe in the next two Weeks with steak

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