Is Elon Musk Really Fighting For Free Speech or Does He Have Ulterior Motives

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I guess let me start this let me start This with this question and this isn't Targeted G there's a story behind us let Me start this with this question as we Stand right now on the 10th of February 2023 so we're about three months into Elon buying Twitter How do you feel about it now like in General are you do you feel more Positive than you did at the time when You were very positive is that starting To wane your positivity are you liking The changes that you're seeing how do You feel at this point of time if you Had to score Elon Musk in the last three Months with his work on Twitter how is He doing And don't be influenced by by very Persuasive picture that I've got trying On the time Hey I think it's way too early to give An opinion because we don't know why He's doing certain things yet besides The fact that he's experimenting with Stuff and seeing how it goes and he's Got you know less people so it's really That in that sense is hard to know Um as far as like how it's affected me I Have not really been negatively Influenced other than like the only two Things I can think of would be make Twitter spaces better have be have the Ability to have thumbnails have the Ability to search a little bit better

And to like like search through them That's the only real thing that they're Missing other than that they just Released Twitter now you can tweet more Than 160 characters that's huge that did Not happen until literally yeah a lot of People are obsessed about the 4 000 Characters and not lacking the way it's Done at all it's whatever it cuts off at 160 anyway it's the same as a thread the Literal exact same thing you just click Show more if you want if not you move on Um and you see the first 160 characters I think what else would you want like I Mean you know what I mean it's like the Option to do it is now there it's better Than it's yeah Like there's a couple things that have Just been like yo we're gonna do this And then it kind of just leaves nowhere But like that's kind of what I expect When they came in I didn't think it was Gonna be smooth and they came in I Figured a lot of nonsense would happen Because they got to iron out what's Stupid what's not what's gonna work and We still again like we don't know which Ones which decisions have been made that Are short term versus which decisions Are made because there's a long-term Benefit that will come in five years we Just literally don't know we also know That he's desperately trying to make it Monetizable so that is the top priority

For him he's made video a stronger thing In a bigger play there's a whole video Tab now it's actually really fun if you Scrolled on it I think it could take and They want to monetize and give back Money to creators just for posting on Their platform if he can secure the Funding and people can believe in him They're good and Twitter is trying to be The everything the integrated payment Plan or a payment uh uh what do you call It like addition to the thing and that's Really cool I think there's a bunch of Things that are Like this is what I would have expected If Elon Musk took over a social media Plot like that's kind of my answer so Yes the answer is nothing has changed Literally at all um it's a little bit Frustrating because we're having to live Through it sometimes and there's some Stupid [ __ ] that goes on but they never Last more than a day so as long as You're not living on Twitter for real For like 15 hours a day actually living On Twitter and you're actually doing Stuff with your life and you're either Making content you're Connecting People Whatever you're probably not that mad You're probably more mad because you see Other people tweeting that they're mad So the reality is you ask yourself that Question you say okay what do I really Know that they have done have it done

What do I actually care about I think More people if they zoomed out and ask Themselves that question they wouldn't Have a definitive answer one way or the Other Um that they maybe thought they had Before I think that this is pretty much What we would have expected and should Have expected and I think most people Are just mad because they're only Complaining about today and yesterday They were complaining about yesterday And the day before they're complaining About the day before so those people Can't be helped but for myself this is About what I expected Cool I thank you I love it I love the Feedback So this is about Elon Musk allegedly Fires he's got two Engineers left so he Fired one of the two Engineers because He went to them and he said look I've Got a hundred million followers but the Engagement is terrible I'm only getting Like 10 000 uh retweets or whatever one Of the engineers who got fired suggested That possibly the interest is his Popularity is down and he ended up Firing the guy the reason that I found This story quite interesting is because Of the conversation Decay that we Specifically had about the danger of Having one person in control of free Speech so if we take a zoom out and a

Macro view Elon took over Twitter because he said He wanted to protect free speech that's His whole thing right he doesn't need The money he really doesn't he doesn't Need the headaches he was worried that The Democrats Republicans all of them Are are um you know some of them are Getting more views than others which has Been privilege to be true and he wanted To protect them from censoring different Views on Twitter now he takes it over Twitter he's the only guy he finds Everyone who's there he can literally Ban you he can himself no board to Answer to because there's not a public Company anymore he can do what he wants And we say okay well if he is a amazing Human being and a brilliant decision Making maybe that's not as dangerous as We think but my whole thing is that That's what happened with Stalin and you Never want to give one person that Amount of power and then as time goes on And we start to see some of his actions Um where he's unbanning this guy but Then Banning someone else who was Following tracking his airplane and now He's firing his top engineer who says Sorry that wasn't supposed to open he's Firing his top engineer who's who's just Trying to give an opinion This story specifically though is this Actually real

Do we want this guy in control of our Free speech so I definitely have an Answer to that question um but I do want To ask the legitimacy of this article Like is that actually why he got fired And did he actually get fired and who Wrote this okay so this is by a there was also it was Also on another one I chose this one of The two Um and it's got links to the tweet that He used to test the engagement Um it says from insiders so your father Must hold the engineer platformer is Withholding the engineer's name so they Say they are platformer this this news Whatever is saying that they have spoken Directly to this engineer who was fired That's what they alleged now I think They would lose their everything if they Said this and that wasn't true but who Really knows but this part shares what I'm referring to I'll even make a bigger So they were told in quotation marks That this guy said I was told you're Fired you're fired Platformers Withholding the engineer's name in light Of the harassment Mass has directed at The former uh employee well this is hard They know who it is you just asked a Freshly fired engineer why they got Fired so it's hard to know because it Only gotten his side of it how much this Is actually true and how much that that

Is a little smoke I mean when they were Following his plane Brian in any blocked That guy who just does it for fun he Follows people's plans he wasn't a real Threat we've seen a guy who's making Rash decisions based on his personal Views instead of someone who's taking Calculated decisions in a in a relaxed Environment where he's weighing up the Pros and cons Consulting with people Answerable to people just in general you Are seeing more of this going on this is Not the only example of of it he's also Being sued for not paying rent for his Main head office that's in in mainstream Media right he's refusing to pay rent so There's lots of weird things going on That make you say to yourself is this The guy we want to be in control of free Speech So I do have an answer to this and it's In lieu of me just finishing Game of Thrones so this is fresh in my head as Far as Leaders starting off with a Really really strong moral Mission and It turning into something else by the End and then you becoming evil at the End and having to be killed because you Can't be stopped because you want to Take over the world kind of thing Because it became something on its own And this is something that does scare me Because in the beginning I said well if Anyone's gonna do it's going to be Elon

If anyone's going to hold together hold True to the mission it's Elon and yes I Watched the show it was just a little Bit silly to say out loud but like you Watch this fictional show about this Character who starts off morally you Know sound and all this stuff she gets a Couple big W's a couple more big W's Everyone starts listening to her she Says oh [ __ ] maybe I do really get this Stuff and now I want that I'm gonna take It and I'm gonna do whatever it takes I Don't give a [ __ ] I'm gonna take it and Then someone says you know what you've Become something that you were not Before and we can't have you here Anymore and with this they killed her And so it gets me thinking with this Idea of Elon if he gets to a point where He gets so [ __ ] powerful he's got so Many millions of followers he can do Anything he wants Some bad decisions and I think the Answer is yeah I think there's no one Who's uh even myself or you who is in That position who would be able to Handle that kind of pressure and Especially if you're taking these wins As they go people are feeding your ego Things are fine you're still money Coming in it's really really hard to uh To do that in that cryptojure that's a Great quote right there from from [ __ ] Batman yeah I'm about to shut

Yeah Great quote so you either die here or Live long enough to see yourself become A villain that's exactly what kites are With with Elana I don't um I don't love Like each okay each story is you know You don't know if each one is true so Like you know whether or not these Things are confirmed or not uh the idea Of someone rising to this much power and Having this level of of you know do Whatever he wants is a private thing it In some sense it is what it is because It's a private company he can do Whatever he wants but also because he's He's at the mercy or everyone is the Mercy of him because he's the Helm of All these you know the Social Media Stuff it does get me nervous and it does Remind me that like just because they're A hero does not mean they're [ __ ] you Know God or something so can I do me a Favor on your own time watch watch that There's a standalone video there if you Just search Twitter on my YouTube watch Your what how you responded seven or six Or whatever months ago when when they Were talking about buying it Um and we had that whole discussion Because you've you've changed which is Great I've changed a lot other stuff Also why don't we start off saying where You were 100 right in in the beginning Of the show you know and I was

Completely wrong Um just watch it back because there are Some red flags coming up here yeah but I See we running out of time I've got one Question from our good friend JT Um I want to touch on it and then we're Gonna call it a night so live q a Um and the question is good morning for Lincoln well the answer is good morning Jay morning good morning thank you Everyone for joining us no the real Question is here what do you guys think Of Digi villains we did actually speak About it I'll call them demons but I Meant the the um the Villas I think They're the same thing if I'm not Mistaken I'm personally quite bullish Obviously not Financial advice I do have To say that but I personally bought one At point three ethereum which is pretty Much where they act now because I do Think just the hype that's going to come From the Super Bowl ad is gonna add Value to their whole ecosystem it is not Going to add the six million dollars you Can watch the I went on a rent last week I'm not going on that I still think it's Absolutely stupid the video is called Digi daigaku wasting six million dollars On a Super Bowl advert and that's how I Feel 100 maybe they're wasting five like I said last week because they might get A million dollars back in just Recognition and value and whatever so I

Still maintain that however with them Spending six million dollars and getting One million dollar value that's gonna Definitely increase the floor price uh To some degree so I have bought a Villain with the intention of selling it Uh closer to the time oh like when is That Super Bowl thing that's soon bro is That Sunday oh no not 40 years uh two Days Yeah Sunday yeah Sunday it's my birthday It's my Sunday's my birthday that's [ __ ] guys Yo someone buy someone buy uh Philip a Bitcoin node so he can mint a crypto Punk on the Bitcoin blockchain Please I would really appreciate that But don't I'll buy the note someone just Come and help me do it because I know Actually someone give Philip a reliable Connection actually that's what he Really needs uh very funny everyone who Joined us thank you a crypto dream is Still awake he stayed up which is Incredible thank you everybody is here JT so good to see everyone else who Watched other who's not here anymore or Is still here thank you if you enjoyed It please like And subscribe we will see You next week same time same place for Another imagine imagine amazing show Love you all guys cheers

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