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The jobs numbers are going to get bad The housing numbers are going to get bad And the macro is still bad and as much As it pains me to say so I do strongly Believe that we are in for another Really tough couple of months ahead of Us Did you watch Alex Becker's video by Chance do you watch him Um I do I do watch him which one are you Talking he just posted like a day a Couple days ago and um he said something That kind of reaffirmed something I was Thinking and he basically was going with The idea that Um the bearish the bearish sentiment or Sorry the bearish play that might happen Is the macro economy does something Really like a FTX level situation Where the entire Market collapses even Further than there are right now and he Said basically he was like if that Happens you know crypto and entities are Going to absolute if that happens And so his point was like look that can Either happen or we just kind of Coast From here and it's just kind of shitty For a while Um but that's kind of why I'm in the out Of the market as well like the only Energies

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