Introducing the Indigo Herz Pack – Alts by Adidas NFT EXPLAINED!

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PM PST 100 all right and the last one of the Battle of the brands is Adidas Um so they've got their outspired in This and again we've seen that they've Come out now Let's play this video Let's do some sound for you guys Wait will you started over I'm gonna yeah I just want to get the Sound going For some reason the sound's not working Anyway but whatever there we go so here We've seen uh for those of you on Spaces Adidas with the board APR Club Um Also some merch uh very ugly god dude What the pants how did Shoes aren't bad but the pants and the Jacket are actually disgusting but you Remember how ugly the the orange Jumpsuit was as well Um I think they just wanted to stand out I mean the t-shirt's not bad the shoes Are not great huh do you agree guys what Happens this is what happens when you're Accompanying yourself a problem that Does need to be solved you just get a Bunch of question marks like what the [ __ ] is a hoodie bro there's no way There's literally no way And again we only code like I know That's cliched but we early to the party And and they'll learn and whatever but I

Mean look up I mean that's a pretty Stable freaking floor price what's that The last time right there you see the Flash crash no someone yeah someone must Have just uh sold at the wrong price Yeah okay what's the opposite of that Thing with thin fingered Um but if you ever look here they've Been holding a constant uh floor price Um And it's really interesting so I mean Just to sum up we've got rtkft who's got This incredible billboard in Japan and Has confirmed that it's Japan over here Um and you can uh Forge your Air Force One until the 8th of May Um and they will be shipped I think they Said Q3 of this year Um so that's really really bullish we Also have them talking about their Animus Um and coming out here that you know Hinting at a new video with the Animus And the big guy which I'm playing on Screen at the moment Um so you know regardless of the fact And we understand that there's been Massive flat I mean the floor price has Gone from a high of 25 to 2E currently They really are continuing to build and They are hinting at a lot of additional Stuff that's going to be coming out and We then ever did us they said to reveal Their highly anticipated else in the

Next few days which are their pfps and On top of that they have also shown Their sneaker Claim and some like the beginnings of Their merch that's going to be coming Out whether you like it or not they are Starting to make moves this is the first Time we've seen this from Adidas in the Space since they came out so definitely Good to see that they are at least Getting something out the door and then We've got our last one which is our Friends at puma and 10K TF and they've Come and they are now showing us all These different wag me sand shoes that You can get from the 10K TF store Depending on what nfts you hold Um and yeah so clothing and nfts are Happening big time at the moment I need To see how those Adidas hoodies the Little fuzzy ones look on a person Because I'm a fan of that style on the Shoes like the Nike they're the Nike Force Air Forces with like that whatever That like not cloth but [ __ ] like fur Style you know it can you can pull it Off in search shoes but I've I've seen It in a couple jackets and I've never Particularly thought it was dope and it Looks even worse with a with that Particular board ape like I don't know Why they're using that one it's just That one's so ugly bro and like the and I know Adidas likes the bright neon

Colors but it's just like dude Neon is not the way bro like I'm sorry If you like neon but that is that just Cannot be the way bro those are so ugly Oh yeah but did you remember those Jackets the jackets weren't great either Man that whole claim that you had of the Tracksuits and things like that I'm just Gonna move to the slower as soon enough But I'm still here so I don't know if You remember okay but that was also Messed up bro that was completely Completely messed up that yeah and and The difference of La the last one was I Think that was the first potential was That the first activation they had with Real clothes Yeah okay so that was the benefit is They could like have that and they still Can they can still claim like we're so Early we're still trying stuff but it's Like yeah we are working with Adidas Like I don't know maybe I'm wrong maybe Like everyone else loves would love to Know what you guys think in the chat if You guys if you guys think I'm wrong if This close is actually dope and I just Have no Style That's also very possible I just feel Like those are ugly I don't know I can't imagine spending money buying That dude there's just other Alternatives like I'd rather

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