Inside Look At The world’s first NFT store

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I don't have any thoughts on that though But I agree Elsa's bullish uh Um the world's first nft store is being Launched or has launched in Dubai and This is this is quite cool so we did see You know just to correct this article we Did see that uh uh Solana or magic Eden Or Solana one of the two of them has a Physical store where you can get the Phone on the phone and things like that Yeah Solana so so here in Dubai this Store is opened Um and they're trying to bring nfts to Mainstream right so first of all you can Walk in and they've got the 3D scanning Machine that will scan you and then make Uh metaverse ready Avatar of you Um that you that you get there and then That you can take into sandbox or to Central land or whatever which is really Really cool and you know because again It doesn't have to be a part of the Collection it's just if we sang one of The big use cases for Um nfts is representing you in the Metaverse then what better than to have Like you a version of you is scanned and Accurate to you so that's pretty cool Um the other thing that they're doing I'll just let you see this here is you Can you can go in there and any nft that You hold in your wallet you can print Onto a MAG or cap or a little photo

Frame or something so if you own the nft You can you can print it there and then Which I onto merch yourself so if you Love a community and you've always Wanted some merch and they've never sent You or you missed it you can get your You can get merchants of your nfts the Other cool thing that they have is as You can see here actually a lot of these Digital screens where you can browse Nfts and see nfts they also doing artist Activations where different artists are Launching in in the space and you can Buy a physical piece of uh of a web 2 Artists art that also comes with a Digital version so there's a lot of Potential future use cases for stores Like this and they really are doing Quite quite lot of them and I think it's Really really cool This I do [ __ ] with this is cool as [ __ ] I'm a big fan of this Yeah this reminds me a little bit of Like The Branding behind evolve too Which is I think an orthodox Tom Liam Those guys been working on a little bit This is fun this is way more fun and Like interesting than typical pfps Especially for normal people this is Going to be the kind of things that People get more excited about to hear About and stuff like that For sure so I think that that's really Really cool I'm very happy with yeah I'm

Happy to see it and it's nice as you see As we said with Seth Green and all of That it's nice to see guys trying new Things and and investing putting their Money where their mouth is you know rent Is expensive setting up a store like This is expensive it's not a tiny little Store I mean look how cool this place Looks Um you know I think it's great I think It's really really bullish bullish for The space Yeah I'm trying to be part like I'm Trying to be invited to those things Like behind the scenes kind of thing by Doing my content like that's the kind of Thing I'm trying to go to and have Access to that just takes a little bit Of time to kind of break into that world But you know For sure Um and you will if you continue doing What you're doing code Um you're 100 full I mean the the and I'm not blowing smoke up your ass I Don't I don't need to the amount of Amazing guests that you've been able to Land in the last uh six months but I Mean it's just getting it's getting high And higher crypto gorilla I watch all of Them John Colo the other day crypto Gorilla I mean I'm not gonna name it Was cool they all call all of us are Cool people are people man

See people on YouTube and we've sort of Hold them in high esteem yeah human Beings we thought and we burp and we Make mistakes I'm not saying that that Are you talking about girls don't fart Right no they don't I'm not saying I'm At any level like like these these big Guys at all I'm just saying like the Queen of England you know okay bad Example whatever everyone's a human Being and when you actually speak to Them face to face you know we all view It so so yeah I think if you do that You'll continue you'll continue you Definitely will continue to grow and I'm Really proud of you like I've said Numerous times in the last few days and I have been for a long time I'm just I Feel like really blessed to to have this Time with you and you know be watching Your journey because I I identify with You in building something at a young age And slogging in so much and to watch you Flourish like you are I'm really really Proud of you I'm very happy thanks man Also it's fun because like I remember When I was at nft Nic you were like damn Right I can't go and you're like just Try and tune in if you can during the Show and like I literally popped in from New York at the middle of an nft like Gathering and that was kind of fun it Was kind of cool to see that after when I came back next time next time we go to

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