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If there's a good horse a good jockey to Back in this nft race yeah Champ is up there yeah that's why I've Got my chance pause at Brett as well That's why I've still got my magic Mushroom Um and the whole wgmr guys I believe in All of them Um the Nifty the Nifty guys Um Po in them I've also got their nft Um I wanted to pick up farook because I Think he's he's always out there at the Moment but his floor yeah rock radio but His floor has just been rising so much I Mean it's almost half an eight at the Moment so there's no way I'm spending That I'll wait for it to dry but but I I Because it's just been out there so much It's just been on doing spaces daily and I don't know it's just really out there Making good Connections in the space Which is really good interviewing really Big people Um and I think people believe in him and I think I think they're right too you Know so yeah I believe in the guys in The space and I definitely back them as Well so I think that's a good move Kate Congratulations

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