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Did and then I can run a bit and relax You know but scheduling stuff is really Really important I think like when I was In my 20s like you and I you know I Identify a lot with you and you know Also starting my own business giving Everything to it doing well in that I See a lot of building my own brand but I Also used to smoke a hang of a lot of Weed just like my friend cave I I love Me and I wanted a lot so but I was Always organized so I would pre-roll the Joints the night before so I'd have a Cigarette box with like 20 joints in it So that I because I'm busy during the Day I don't have time to roll the joints So I'd have them pre-rolled one of the One of the effects um you know after in The beginning is really nice but then Nothing really happens and one of the Negative of long-term effects was my Short-term memory got to [ __ ] but one of The positive things about that was that I started scheduling everything because I thought listen I might not I didn't Forget everything but I might forget This let me write everything down so I Wrote everything down so they're coming Into a good habit now where I Do by and Now my short-term memory is back because I haven't smoked weed for a very long Time Um but I mean I do still schedule so That's one of the the good things about

Weed the good side effects about weed is That it kills your short-term memory but That makes you get organized go with Weed is at some point to not be smoking It every day like the way I am it's it's I only smoke it because I know like the Culture around smoking weed and chilling Out and like smoking a blunt like Watching the sunset I like that I don't Ever want to not be able to do that by Completely quitting like I like I like Wheat I generally like it uh the problem Is it's very seductive and you will Almost always lose that battle if you're Offered weed it's very hard to say no Because it's like You get people with different Personalities you get some people as Time of smoking cigarettes or alcohol or Weed or whatever get some people that Can literally have one let's talk about Cigarettes because we're talking about Cigarettes but it applies the same they Could literally have one cigarette on a Friday night and when they at a friend's House and never think of it again and Enjoy that cigarette or one one drink or One joint once a week or or yeah then You get people like me who can't do that Anything I do is either extreme or not At all so it might start as one Cigarette on a Friday night but then it Becomes a cigarette on a Saturday night Then it becomes eventually 70 cigarettes

A day chain smoking that's the and That's how everything that's how Everything works with me like if you Drop me at a casino hey uh bro I won't See you for uh until someone picks me up And drags me out of there I I swear to God I that's why I don't go to the Casino anymore because I I just I would Be there forever forget whether I win or Lose I just would never leave I mean I'm Like that so knowing that I I wish I could just have a joint one Joint child there or one cigarette I Can't it doesn't work like that so I'm The type of person that unfortunately Anything I give my time to better be Positive because after a while I'm doing A lot of it but if you're the type of Person that could just have a joint here Or there I think that's amazing I mean If you have one cigarette a week or even If you have a cigarette one cigarette a Day literally one cigarette a day this Is not Health advice but if you Literally had one cigarette a day I Don't think you'd see any negative Health effect in your whole life because I've had 60 a day for 20 years that's More than one a day for 120 years true And and you know your skin looks good Your hair looks good you're still like I Don't even understand that's possible But I'm with you dude like for me I'm Okay if I still smoke every day but I

Don't wanna I don't wanna ever go back To what I was going through at the Beginning of my YouTube career when the Nft ballroom is going off guys it was a Joke because I like all my videos I was Smoking and it was like cool you know it Was like The Vibes whatever the studio Was cool but let me tell you I would was Smoking all day every day for like a Year straight and it was awful it was Terrible it got to a point where the Weed was not good I didn't look forward To it but I couldn't help it I had the Dad pin on me it was miserable but I Knew I I'm the same with you I know that I'm extreme either way one or the other But I also am very confident in my Mental and I know that I can mold my Mental and I have done so every year There's always a couple things that I Have to completely re reassess Everything and like you know really test Myself and I know that I can get to a Point where I'm not one of the other It's not going to be smoking all day or Nothing I know I can get to a point Where I can just enjoy one blunt because I know in the past six months I've Gotten better I've gone to a point where I don't smoke every day and I've gotten To you know get to like one or two Sessions where like I'm walking to the Gym I stop and chill out uh and like Look at the sunset before I smoke like a

Third of a joint real quick while I'm Going to the gym come out I read for a Little bit I smoke a little bit and I'm Good and like I think I think I can get To a point where I can really get that Down the one uh so I don't anyways that Was a whole ass thing about about wheat And smoking for last year don't tell Anyone and he's posting another YouTube Thing I couldn't see it until I made it bigger Um and then what have you got your Alex But if you can do that okay then that's Great bro if you can get it to that Level where you literally can't do that Then that's great because the truth of The matter is when I was smoking so much Weed it had the first one in the morning Maybe has a tiny effect and after that It has absolutely no effects whereas if You stop for a year and then have one You're going to be sitting there Giggling and enjoying life and and Looking at the Roses right but if you Overuse anything it doesn't have that Effect it's the same as anything the Same as sex if you're sleeping with Everyone and you don't care about anyone You're sleeping with you end up hating The people you sleep with and yourself Because you miss using something and You're over using something that's not Meant to be used that way right yeah I Don't know if that's the best example I

Mean if you're in a committed Relationship and you love it and you Love your significant other I don't know If there's ever I just like like it's Kind of the same with like nfts I like The culture of of nfts and I kind of Like the culture of weed if you can get Away from the daily constant smoking of The stoner life you can get away from That weed is actually I think it's kind Of beautiful like I've had opportunities To really like take it in and be like Wow this is awesome I really like that I'm able to do this uh and have we be Part of the experience and it really Adds to it and I'm I'm down and do both Like I've been I've gone through months Where I'm completely sober stone cold Sober and I really enjoy that as well Um I just know that I don't I don't want To have a dream don't I don't start Crying yeah don't start the craze I Don't want to get to a point where like If I do this That's the part that that's the part That gets people back in okay is people Think oh you know this time around I can Just have one right I could just have One once a week now if you can do that That's great there's a few people I know That can do that but most people can't These things are addictive and you'll Think you care and your mind will tell You you can you'll have one and then

Before you know it you'll be sneaking Out every night and everyone every night And every day and your wife will be Divorcing you and your children will be Leaving you and whatever so so so just Be I'm talking to you is why you're Smoking and how much mental strength but It depends how you not even how much Mental strength you have how you wire it I think that there's something I'm very Very strong-minded very and I said I was Going to have one cigarette on the way To work or what other way back and I'm Having 70 and I was having 70 a day and I I could stop when I did with colds no Funny books no medicine no patches no Vape no [ __ ] no nothing like proper Withdrawal symptoms like stops okay so I Am strong but I cannot keep it to one on The way to work and one on the way back I can't that's what it is that you're Trying to get out of the high like what Is it you're why are you smoking this Thing like all the all this time you Know it kind of depends why you're doing It and I think I think if you have the Y Nailed down and you and it's actually True if you actually leave them that's Really why you're smoking and it's not Because you're just trying to be Stones Because you hate your life if that's the Reason then yeah you're [ __ ] because You hate your life but it's been because You hate your life not because the wheat

You hate your life and you're coupling a [ __ ] Downer with it that's not good If you don't hate your life and you're Really using it for a reason that you Believe in and you believe that true to Yourself maybe it can be different Um but so that's great I mean if you Want to like let's say you go to the Mountains and like really discover stuff I mean I would highly recommend not Health advice shrooms right in the right Environment I think they open your eyes I'm talking from my youth I mean I'm Honestly I haven't touched any of the Stuff for a long time now but in the Right environment with the right people To do shrooms and really just see the World in a different way once in your Life is incredible but as you said if You're doing it to escape a trauma or You know or to escape life or whatever It's going to become often and then You're going to end up being screwed so Look I mean each to their own all I can Say is your friend Philip is now Completely clean off all substances Whatsoever the last thing to go was Cigarettes Um other things have gone before that The last things to go with cigarettes I'm I'm very proud of myself I do feel Like I've gotten through the hardest Part the last five days and every day I'm more I'm feeling that it's easier

But yeah I mean everyone needs to do What they need to do but I would say if You're not sure about where you are at And your type of Personality rather stay Away because the stuff is addictive and Can get you in trouble yeah and if you Want to accomplish a lot you probably Should be sober unless you really like For the most part I know for a fact I'm Better sober Um I'm more effective sober I know I can Get more done if I'm Sovereign The sober thing is also a trap right I Agree with you completely but I used to Tell myself what the with the weeds like 20 whatever years ago Um when I was loading products on the Perco website like throughout the night Um it doesn't take brain power to do What I was doing it was boring and it Would help the time go quicker and it Will help me enjoy that time a bit more Than just the pushing buttons aimlessly And doing it that's what I would tell Myself and I I believe it and I believed It at the time Um and and I think it served its purpose From from that perspective but there's No doubt that when I stopped everything Just I became a better everything a Negotiator businessman uh I remember Things I was much more Um well spoken and uh you know chose my Words better I would never forget

Important stuff I was always early Instead of just be just on time or late Like I changed a lot for me for the good But it serves as purpose I guess from That side but you've got to be careful Of the things you tell yourself because Before you know it you're addicted to These things you know yeah this Conversation really making me think a Little bit here Um dang yeah this is this is a pretty Powerful comment I'm glad we spent a Little bit of time on this on this Segment this accidental segment um Making me think a little bit because You're right dude silver feels really Good like right now I'm sober I'm not I'm not high or drunk or anything and Like I feel my head is clear I feel very Capable if anyone walks in the room Right now I'd feel like fine but if I Was high it'd be a little bit I'd be Able to take an opportunity if something Came your way you'd be ready you're Ready to go and you want to be ready I Mean I I do feel very empowered to not Need any substance at all in any way I Do It's very hard not to want it all the Time when you smoke I suppose taking out Mind space thinking okay you know I'm Gonna put this in place for myself that I won't smoke before 7 P.M or oh no but You're busy talking just like the whole

Day using energy that if you not Thinking of it you're busy thinking About my next video or my next edit or My next meeting or whatever so you know If it's something that you can live Without and get away from Um I I would personally do it but each In their own time if someone had told me 20 whatever years ago when I was smoking 20 joints a day that I need to stop I Would tell them to jump in the lake and Worry about themselves so I'm not sure To tell anyone anything all I can say is That like at 40 where I'm at now I I'm Very proud to be able to say that There's nothing that I need dependent on Or that I'm reliant on and that I no Matter what time of the day or not you Phone me I'm completely sorry Just W's just W's on his nft trades Hopefully Not so much bro there's nothing going on Stuff No no they I thought you meant ones on Nfts there are some segments I'm saying

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