If I Were Starting An Artist Business, This Is What I’d Do [FULL 0-1M STREAM GUIDE]

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[Music] Hey what's up guys it's will hopefully You're having a great day today in this Video we're going to be talking about How do you run your artist business like A label labels spend so much money on Artists did you know that the average Mediocre artist signed to a label the Label spends an average of $2500 to $5,000 every month on that artist growth Now given that they're a label they Systemize a lot of things so the actual Uh let's say the ads that they're Running or the expertise in reaching That artist audience it's actually kind Of templated out and it's Okay return for how much money they're Spending in the beginning if you're a Really really good artist they might put The experts that are really good at Reaching that artist audience on that Artist but for the most part your Average label signer is going to find That they're going to get a about 5 to 7 On a scale of 1 to 10 about 5 to 7 out Of 10 when it comes to the results that They're getting uh as as experts for Getting you growth in your artist career Now you let's say that you could reach Eight out of 10 right so let's say You're reaching eight out of 10 in your Expertise and you are actually skilled In reaching the audience what does that Do for you well that means that you are

Basically 35ths more effective than a Label marketing for you the label has Other priorities the label has tons of Artists to manage they're trying to do All these things for you when it's Pretty templated out it's pretty Systematic and like I said they're Getting okay results but they're paying For it and they know in the future you Know that artist could be worth more so 3 fths more effective so that means Rather than spending $25 $500 to $55,000 to Grow is what a label would spend on you You could get the same results spending $1,000 to $2,000 per month the same Results as a label the same results as If you were signed to a label spending $11,000 to $2,000 per month now of Course it could be a little bit more if You're less effective in your marketing It could be a little bit less if you're More effective in your marketing but Ultimately these are the results you get The same results for less money if you Do it Yourself the caveat to this is that you Are doing it Yourself but the advantage in massive Upside is that you're not risking giving Away your catalog giving away your Future streams and also putting yourself Into a position where you owe them and Any time that they actually make any

Money they're going to come back to you And say well for the first year we were Spending $25 $500 to $5,000 a month so You know we said you're going to get you Know 10% of the profits or 20% of the Profits and so given that you know we Still have to make it's been let's say 10 months they've been spending $33,000 A month on you they're going to say well You know you got to make $30,000 before really we can put the Money back in your pocket so just keep Going keep Growing you see what's happening now They're leveraging some debt they Actually getting some money out of your Career but the artist is getting very Little if nothing because of that Initial investment wasn't made by the Artist it was made by the label the Label is now holding that against the Artist so this is where you can actually Say if you're doing it yourself yeah I Was spending a grand a month for a year To get to this 100K subscribers on YouTube or or a million streams a month On Spotify I had to spend a grand every Single month to to run ads to pay people To get into playlists to shoot music Videos to get producers to produce my Music and also all the time that went Into that but guess what now the profits That you're making after a year are Going solely and directly to you so

That's a huge Advantage now once you get That set up you're going to have to Collect royalties you're going to have To um you know run the mechanical Royalty side of things you're going to Have to do your publishing you're going There's more work that goes into to it But ultimately you fully own your music Now if you want to go over some of the Ways that you can Market your music and Where would that $1,000 per month go Then make sure to check out the YouTube Channel And subscribe because there's a Bunch of videos on the actual marketing Strategies the different products that You can sell as an artist and also some Of the results that you can get by just Collecting royalties more efficiently by Leveraging some of our modern-day Royalty collection methods and softwares So for those of you that are trying to Grow your music you go with a label They're going to spend x amount of Dollars to get you this result if you do It yourself you're going to do it Slightly more efficient because they Aren't you're not just another book on The Shelf but you're actually doing it Yourself and putting more into the Thought and the strategy of your career Now you're spending x amount and making More Results here is your your label you're Going to be actually giving up a lot of

Your royalties a lot of your ownership Of your music and actually putting Yourself in a position where you owe the Label here all that investment is 100% Purely yours and all of the returns made Thereafter are going attributed to you So hopefully that makes sense the reason I go over this is simply because this Method of having a label is great for Exposure it's great for getting you more People to see you um the financial Benefit of doing that is similar to that Of a software company that was trying to Grow uh as a company personally I own a Software company I work with a developer Something that we we Do is we constantly talk we say okay is This going to be ready to sell are we Going to be able to sell this company at Some point and are we going to be able To uh find investors or do we want to Find investors and then there's so much Thought that goes into it and it's like Well we take on money now we owe them Yes we could be bought out yes it could Give us future opportunities where People look for our future businesses That we start that we can sell again but We're giving up a huge portion of the Company by taking on Venture Capital Whereas those experts or the people that They help grow our company maybe aren't Going to be as expert or as uh Sentimentally attached to Growing what

It is that we're growing which could be A good thing but it could also be a bad Thing if they just really don't care too Much like you the founder or the person That's running the business so you know A lot of times so we say okay let's Bootstrap it let's go all on our own Let's put one or two grand a month into Hiring a developer that you can direct So or we have a developer already but He's directing someone uh and then it's Like once we do that then we got to put Money into marketing okay uh and then 6 Months from now 12 months from now when We have a user base we have something That's you know more reputable as a Company then maybe taking on some Venture Capital makes sense because we Already have shown that we can grow it Ourselves now we have more leverage we Could say yeah we'll take on this much For this percentage or or or we'll we We'll actually have leverage to say well We already have a business that's Running so how are you going to help us Same thing with an artist an artist is Just starting out and gets one viral hit And the label comes you don't have a lot Of Leverage uh whereas if you And any exposure you get after that the Label owns whereas if you have been Working and you have a lot of content You've been building your catalog and

Then a label notices you you say yeah You know we can do a deal for maybe one Album or a few songs and then you still Have the leverage of all that exposure You get from that deal you're still Getting 100% pure profit from the past Catalog that you had built right so There's there's a lot of um advantages In simply building quietly I really Believe in just building quietly and Taking the independent route to grow use Teams hire people if you can put money Into it because you're not in the game Unless you're putting money into it and Then when you get that attention from The labels you already have the leverage To go ahead and say well I already own This this and this I'd be open to Working on a small project with You or it could be a big project Nevertheless you still own uh what you Have done before and you can have Leverage to negotiate a time frame for Which uh they are going to actually get A piece of the pie but that you know After that time frame everything before And everything after you're still going To own uh so there's just a lot of Advantages to uh running your business Running your music as a label right now Putting money into it this way versus Signing with a label I would rather Spend my own money have somebody else Spend the money unless that somebody

Else spending money means that I'm going To have further leverage that's going to Make me more money in order to then make More money does that make sense Hopefully that makes sense all right Guys thank you so much for watching I Appreciate you all uh thank you for over 2,000 I think we're at 600 subscribers And hopefully this has been uh some Result getting content that has helped You guys to be able to grow I'm trying To do this every single day within our Own artist business and within the Labels that we work with and the artists That we work with if you'd like to learn With me oneon-one or you have any Questions check out the links down below One of the things that we do here is I Try to help artists you grow as much as Possible so that later on I can actually Invest in you as an artist I can help You grow but also be a partner in your Business if you're doing a certain Amount of things right and growing let's Say you're over a million streams a year Uh that's something I'd be interested in Helping you get to an even higher level And that's why uh I make these videos is To help artists grow but also to be able To build relationships with you guys uh And hopefully be able to be a part of Your success so for those of you that Would like to uh learn from me one onone Or you are looking for some extra

Resources like I said there's a few Books down below there's the AI musician Handbook there is the top five nft music Uh strategies if you're offering music Music on the blockchain blockchain might Sound a little goofy to some people uh But I will tell you that the Monetization on the blockchain is a Whole lot greater than some of the Streaming monetization that we've seen In the past simply because you're Getting paid more in direct proportion To the amount of work that you're Putting in and essentially if you want To learn more about that check out the YouTube channel check out the book down Below and if you have any questions for Me definitely join our free groups down Below if you have any Questions and then if you have any Questions join the group and then after That if you have any questions join the Group thanks guys I'll see you in the Next video smash the like button Subscribe down below because we would Like to grow and get you more value by Doing so

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