I Played Wreck League and FAILED #NFT #NFTAsset

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We are in we're in the game so by the Time you're watching this video the First contest of today will have already Have started but right now it's about Three hours and 24 minutes away as you Can see it's your boy alien Taco here This is my Mech if you just have to play There's movement so you swipe left or Right to move you can block and burst You'll have skills you'll have special Abilities and you'll have a card deck All right let's practice a little bit Let's see how good my moves are all Right let's do the Zeta fist Look Five hits in a row six hits in a row Let's get closer to him let's do the Saturn V punch That was the guy against me that was my Attack closer you're closer rocket punch We got this out every bunch we're gonna Get it okay okay it's a fun game it's a Very action-packed high intensity I Could definitely see myself fighting This for a few hours

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