I moved out then left my 100k/year job to pursue music business full time. #music #business #invest

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Moving out of my parents house but when I moved out from California to Colorado One of the things that I did is I just Grabbed a piece of paper and I said Where are all of the ways that I'm going To make an income and where are all the Ways I'm I'm spending money and then Where I'm spending money is it investing Or is it spending is it going into asset Or is it going to liability and then I Got another job for like 100k a year Learning some skill sets that I really Wanted to learn it was almost like I got Paid to learn and then after after Working there a few months I realized That I had the skill sets to do what it Is that I was learning about and now I Don't work that job anymore I'm able to Uh create Arts create music create Content and help artists grow their Business by intersecting my passion for Business with music and I must say that It's much more uh efficient and and feel Good for my life to just know that I'm Doing things that I first of all like And second of all I'm good at

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