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It's been a crazy day in nft land SPF Sam bankman freed has been arrested There are some more details when it Comes to the meme land captains drop and Then also Valhalla has been pumping and Juni as well and those are a part of the Application meta and what we're going to Do is we're going to jump in and have a Look at some of the stats on just to Kind of give you an update with what's Actually moving at the moment so you can Make better informed decisions so first Off the bat is SPF Sam bankman freed has Been arrested this is an article in the New York Times now the attorney general Has actually put out a statement saying On the 12th of December 2022 the Office Of the Attorney General of the Bahamas Is announcing the arrest by the Royal Bahamas police force of Sam bankman Freed SPF former CEO of FTX spf's arrest Following the receipt of formal Notification from the United States that It has filed criminal charges against s BF and is likely to request his Extradition and also in the news we have Seen Caroline over in the U.S in New York so the fact that we're actually Getting a statement here uh saying that They are filing criminal charges May Mean that she is kind of cooperating or Doing some things and they are finally Pulling the trigger now it has been like 40 days since SBF

Um all this Saga kind of happened so People are kind of really um sort of a Little bit shocked that it's actually Happened now but kind of glad it's Happened so uh that is what has gone Down in the space and there is a little Bit of instability when it comes down to What binance is doing and CZ so we're Going to see how that plays out over the Next couple of days now with meme land Um on the 9th of December they actually Put out an update saying that the Captain's mint is going to be on the 4th Of January at 1.069 eth which is fine a Lot of people were expecting it close to Around that to 8th mark now what is Going to happen with the captain's mint So essentially the mainland mint you're Going to need three potatoes or have one Of the MVPs now the potatoes at the Moment are two eth so to get that Guaranteed mint it is going to be uh Some three of those so it's essentially Going to be six eighth so Um with that in mind speculation will be The fact that the captains should run to A five to six eth straight off the rip Just because of what um they're kind of Factoring right now Um with the potatoes now the other Aspects of this is there is going to be A first come first serve for the MVPs And the potatoes as well but that will Most likely sell out now at the moment

You will see lots and lots of giveaways For uh sort of uh Kind of Raffles for the actual mint Itself and the idea is you can actually Kind of put in a code so potatoes can Actually kind of give out sort of two or Three codes so if you know someone's got A potato hit them up and you may Actually get one of those chances Um the likelihood of you actually Getting in there it's just a ticket for A gas wall so if you do if you are lucky Enough to get it please be careful Because it is going to be very very Crazy now next up Valhalla has been Absolutely ripping absolutely pumping at The moment it is sitting at um almost a 1.1 East floor and this is after the Reveal now the art does look very sick Very clean very awesome Um people are loving it and a lot of the Floor attributes um apart from this uh Sort of mail here are predominantly Female when it comes down to the floor Items and there have been some big crazy Sales my boy Nikki G Um actually kind of dropped 18 eighth on A rare so there are some big people out There Scooby being up and getting some Rare valhallas now what is interesting About this is that after reveal this is Actually pumped now Um some before we jump into Um check that out Juni is another

Project at the same time that was doing A similar application meta uh kind of Whitelisting thing and it actually Minted at 0.25 for the public and 0.24 The whitelist and it is currently Sitting at a 0.35.36 so it is doing Quite well this is unrevealed so if it Was to reveal tomorrow it's still got Another week to reveal it reveals on Monday Um this will actually be Um this will kind of drop off but saying That the fact that the uh Valhalla pump Has actually done quite well maybe shows Us that the application matter isn't Dead just yet so Um I'm kind of a little bit bullish but Saying that kpr or Keepers they also so They're not sitting too hot too crash Hot sort of tight when it comes down to Floor price after their reveal so um not Saying applications are a Surefire way To make a profit off the mint but the Idea here is at least you can kind of See two out of the three application Matters actually doing quite well when It comes to Juni and Valhalla now what I'm going to do right now is jump in and Have a look at the stats and the details Of Valhalla because there are some Interesting things that I think you Should be aware of when looking at Valhalla and what's actually happening Because there have only been a few times

In the market when we've actually seen Let me clear that up when we've actually Seen a run up after reveal and one of That main one was azuki and from Um the numbers and the stats what you're Looking at the idea is we're essentially Getting higher lows and then we're also Getting higher highs now we do need to Give this another deal so it doesn't Mean that it's just going to continue to Rock it up but the fact is we have seen Just consistently good numbers being put In when it comes to Valhalla so it shows That the market is favoring Valhalla and You can see here it is just a straight Up so anyone that is holding they are Doing quite good and actually having a Great Um a great rip and a great ride on Valhalla and just to kind of show you What's going on if you drop out some of The extreme outliers you have got a 27 8th purchase you've got some 11 Eaves You've got 18 you've got a 910 you've Got some big crazy numbers when it comes To these purchases and these buys of Valhalla so that's something to kind of Keep a look on to keep an eye on over The next couple days it's something I'm Going to keep a close eye on because There's only been a few times and Usually if a project does hold up quite Well after reveal give it a week or so And if it continues to chip away and

Continue to climb up then we may be into Blue Chip territory Um not instant Blue Chip territory but The kind of Blue Chip territory when you Start to become an indicator of what's Actually happening to actually kind of See what's going on with the project now I want to touch on real quick here is The profit leaderboard about who's Taking these big crazy profits Um right here we can see the top profit Taker at 15 eth and then you've got sort Of 13 12 so you've got some big numbers Here when it comes down to profit takers In this project in Valhalla so I think That is just a nice interesting take to Look at and when we have a look at the Top balances we've got some big large Whales within this project and then when We have a look at what's actually going On in the market what we can see is the Artifact crypto kicks popping off with The 1300 volume worth of eighth over the Last 24 hours it is doing decent numbers And people are kind of uh excited for it And you can see here it's trading in a Very very good predictable range right Here and then just so you've got an idea Here it is on openc 0.075 eth so it's actually doing some Crazy crazy numbers and that is off the Back of an announcement of their Sneakers so that is a look at what's Actually happening right now what's

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