HUGE Industry Moves In The Music Industry To Empower Artists Onchain

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Good evening Hey what's up guys it's will hopefully You're having a great day today in this Video we're actually going to be going Over an exciting announcement that's Related to the Warner Music Group Partnering with a very profound I want Not profound but uh uh prominence crypto Blockchain called polygon guys uh one of The little known things about uh the Music industry in today's world is that Artists can monetize their music more Efficiently by utilizing some of the Things that we cover on this channel Which are going to be Blockchain technology collecting your Royalties properly and marketing your Music efficiently so I don't know if you Guys can hear in the background you may Be able to hear a singing here I tried To put on noise canceling here but my Wife is singing uh she's growing Exponential she's got over a hundred Thousand followers on tick tock And she's singing right now creating Videos and we talk about how to create Videos Um throughout this channel as well tick Tock's not the only answer Um but hey uh we're gonna start it off Very simple here in this video with some Blockchain technology and how it's going To help you monetize your music now Simply put those of you guys that are

Still learning how to navigate the music Industry as an artist whether you're Trying to Learn about the web 3 space how you can Offer your music using nfts one of the Technological advancements that we've Seen recently that has been really Valuable to artists and really valuable To labels as well Is the implementation of systems on the Blockchain that allow artists to be able To Maybe either give artists uh more money Up front for their creation rather than Just getting paid in streams actually Selling a digital asset to their fans And then those fans have uh more value Than just listening to it uh on a Streaming service and paying that artist Less than a penny per stream but Actually they might have uh a concert Ticket with that digital collectible They might have access to unreleased Versions of the music or access to Exclusive Merch this is where the music Business side comes in it's like how Creative are you how uh can you utilize This technology because there's a lot of Great ways to make money doing it just Really knowing like what is the best Move for your long-term sustainability That you're not going to provide less Value than what you sell it for and then We talk about you know how to make your

Music nfts valuable uh as well so always Talking about how we can get people into Uh a more efficient music business on This channel so make sure to subscribe If you enjoy that so guys really quick Uh we are on this article right now it Is Warner Music Group partners with Polygon on blockchain music accelerator Now I'm not going to play this video Here but uh I can break it down for you Guys so Warner Music Group Uh industry leader artists that sign With the biggest record labels and have The biggest followings and usually make The greatest amounts of uh hit the Greatest Milestones as far as streams as Far as records sold whether it's Platinum uh or not a lot of artists are Going to be under Warner Music Group now Warner Music Group uh you know they're Showing actually Warner music groups Stock as well as uh as as well as Um Polygon but what I'm going into here With you guys is actually uh polygon and It's new partnership with Warner Music Group so polygon is a network it is a Network where you can offer your music Or your Creations your artwork on the Blockchain So there's a few main blockchains for Offering your music or any art as nfcs One of the biggest is going to be that We have the ethereum

Blockchain And then we have Solana Difference between the two Ethereum is much more uh prominent and Has been around longer and is one of the Biggest networks for decentralized apps And also has a really big Network across Uh gaming across uh investing and Decentralized finance but mainly what Ethereum is is uh it's a blockchain that Has enabled these apps to be built but It's not really like it's good I Wouldn't say it's the most effective Blockchain uh and the reason I say that Is because as of now uh transactions per Seconds we're talking uh below 100 Transactions per second on average Meaning that that also means a lot of People that use ethereum are going to Have to pay fees when they transact so Let's say that you are an artist and you Offer your music as an nft and let's say You are trying to turn your music into a Business you say I'm going to say a Thousand uh songs Uh a thousand editions of this one song And when you buy one of them it's uh Five dollars and I'm gonna try and sell 100 of them trying to make 500 on this Song uh and I'm gonna provide a lot more Value in a scalable way for my fans all Right so you do that every time someone Buys that nft on ethereum they're gonna Have to pay anywhere from 15 bucks to

100 bucks in gas fees uh and that's part Of the ethereum network Now the other two ones that are Prominent is Solana and polygon now Polygon is actually built on it's a side Chain built onto ethereum so the reason That polygon is attractive is because uh It can transact and then afterwards Verify those transactions so in a way we Have uh polygon uh being a sustainable Option for nfts because of the reason That polygon uh is very very cheap it's Usually not more than a dollar for you To transact with uh and it's a fairly Fast uh due to the presence in the way That the system has been created so the Polygon blockchain and Solana is my Favorite because I'm gonna get some Backlash for this but Solana is the only One that gets like 40 000 transactions Per second which allows for artists to Be able to basically transact uh with Less than a penny per transaction and Very fast as well so they're still Working on some security and like making Their blockchain uh super solid but hey I like it so that's why I recommend it So when it comes to a polygon and this Partnership we're gonna actually see That this is going to allow for uh any Artists that are using uh web3 Technology whether they're creating nfts They're creating a new decentralized Apps let's say that there was a new

Decentralized app that when you create Your music there uh it's it's actually a Decentralized app and and everything That you do in that app is uh being Forever and printed on the blockchain as Yours and all the sounds that you make The sample packs the kicks all those Kicks are now under your name And Verifiable and identified on the Blockchain as created by you and so now Anytime those are reused uh those kicks Are being played those audio files are Being those waveforms are being picked Up we're not fully there yet but let's Just say an app like this existed then Every time that happened you know Royalties would get paid out to the Producer the producer also could sell Those nfts of those sound packs the Kicks the snares and whatever and that Would allow for the technology to Basically pay uh back to that producer Every time those nfts are sold and Resold Because the original owner would be Verified on the blockchain now this is Just a little bit of a theory that I'm Explaining here but this is uh kind of The statement we got uh as as this press Release was uh surfacing they should Focus on various areas such as fostering Artists fan communities establishing Decentralized music production and

Distribution systems innovating Ticketing Solutions exploring music Related merchandise and digital slash Physical Collectibles and integrating Music with interactive technology and Gaming What do you guys think about this uh do You think that this is a good move by Warner Music Group do we think that Maybe they're thinking in the future Just like I was talking about they Actually said it here they said Music production We've also said innovating ticketing I Think they've thought about it because Maybe they're getting a little bit upset Uh when like imagine you are Warner Music Group Uh and you are creating a show for your Artist and that artist has 20 000 Tickets for a show a concert and 20 000 Of those tickets sell out immediately Then those tickets where did they go we Don't know where they are they've sold And now the person that bought them Because one guy bought them and now that Guy's reselling those 100 tickets for Five hundred dollars ten thousand Dollars for one ticket we saw that with Taylor Swift What if those tickets were actually uh Nfts they were on the blockchain and When they resold The original owner

Uh I.E this uh this company Warren music Would actually get second Market Royalties every time those resales Happened and they could even uh maybe Write in the smart contract that there Couldn't be a resale of this commodity Or of this nft higher than a certain Price or that if it's above a certain Price the difference will get paid out Back to Warner Music and then they can Supplement that to the artist I don't Know these are things to think about Right so this is obviously Forward Thinking uh for these big conglomerate Companies in a time when the music nfts Are fairly unpopular when crypto is Fairly unpopular and the blockchain is Not extremely popular now you go to some Of the events and you see all the people Building like crazy and you might think To yourself wow this is huge and this Industry is going to grow a lot in five Ten years 15 years but at this point From a mainstream perspective if you Don't see that but you have these Companies like polygon or polygon Partnering with these companies Starbucks Read it Nike for these reasons that we Are just Expanding on right now and the value in This in the web 3 music space is that When we accelerate the growth of these Partnerships blockchain with these

Companies you'll see that it's going to Integrate more into our everyday life And so that was it for this article but I wanted to share that because guys I mean what do you think leave it down In the comment section below but I Believe that the the way that I see it Here Big companies Becoming involved in web3 Is an intersection that is going to Enable Future growth in the industry And for those of you that are really Serious about Wanting to grow your music career Wanting to grow your artist Artist uh monetization and collect more Royalties or just get more fans these Are the types of technologies that are Being developed and that are being Bought into by some of these bigger Conglomerates that you want to pay Attention to it's simple you take your Song that you're already offering on Spotify That song it's very simple right you get A thousand streams you get one dollars To four dollars You got to get a lot of streams to make A little bit of money Now if you get a lot of streams that can Turn into more money but that takes a Lot of marketing

So it's simple you take that song that You're already offering on streaming on Spotify and apple music Or have you you put it onto Also the blockchain with multiple Editions of that song Now we have tons of videos on the Channel of how to do that and and but The system that you put in place when You do this with your music releases you Enable yourself to put out your music in A way that provides more value than just Streams people will want to invest in You if you're growing and you're working And you're consistently making music and Then that will mean you'll get more Money up front for your music production And paying producers or if you need to Pay for marketing or you need to pay for Studio equipment you get more money by Doing the nfts and they get more value Maybe they get an unreleased song maybe They get access to concerts or things Like that for those of you that would Like to learn with me one-on-one feel Free to schedule a call with me down Below if you need any Consulting be more Than happy to help you out uh and on top Of that you know there's one thing one Uh system that I've made I don't have Anything else other than our free groups Down below and our email list but we Have the three keys to music nfts down Below as well and the three keys to

Music nfts goes into how to offer your Music as nfts from start to finish in a Step-by-step structure and if you're an Artist that's trying to learn how to Create music it goes into exactly the System That artists are using to First plan their project Successfully and bring in an attraction To their music from the start Number two the second key is actually Creating their music on the best Blockchains in a system that implements Some of that smart contract technology That we just talked about and then Number three how to actually Market your Project your music nfts Guys I was just uh I just bought a music Nft about two weeks ago uh it wasn't too Long ago And when I purchased this nft it was From one of the artists that was in our Three keys to music nfts program and his Name's Dre slaps and the reason I Mention it is because he actually works For Nike he has uh he he works in the Industry and uh he created an nft for His his music brand and I purchased the Nft and I got such a great onboarding Process I got I got emails that said hey Welcome to the community uh we're gonna Hope that this nft just bought is worth More in the future because you're Investing in me as an artist and I got

All this really cool content now I'm on His email list and I'm so excited to be A part of an artist that's utilizing the Blockchain technology it's just one of Dozens of examples of artists that are Offering their music on the blockchain And creating a more intimate environment Where the music that they're giving to Their fans and that fans are investing In it really is becoming an investment In that artist's career and imagine if You could invest or you are growing and You want to give people the opportunity To invest in you before you you hit a Certain point before you blast off in Your career before you implement Marketing to to grow your career or You're already growing and this is the Route you could take But imagine too you could you could Imagine if Drake said hey here's my nft And uh you can buy it and in 10 years Who knows you buy that nft 10 years Later you have this collectible that has Lifetime access to maybe his concerts or Something like that that are now a Thousand dollars a ticket and you can Sell that one nft for a hundred thousand Dollars and you bought it for five Dollars because he was making a drop for His new album right these are the types Of things that are so powerful on a long Term basis for success So guys I encourage you if you'd like to

Learn with me one-on-one check out that Link down below for those of you that Are future artists and you'd like to Learn more about music and surround Yourself with like-minded artists then Make sure to go ahead and click the link Down below for a free Facebook group It's future artist group uh and the the AI tool that we have down below Is totally free to use Go click that link down below for it Says free AI tool and it should say free Ebook and I'm not selling you anything There guys you go there and you get Literally like a 40 page book that I Wrote Um between the two books there's a lot Of content and that will help you to be Able to number one utilize the Blockchain number two be able to Implement some of the top AI tools in The music industry right now Hopefully you guys enjoyed if you have Any questions definitely leave them down Below and I'll see you in the next video

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