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In this video I want to share with you Guys a few tips to help you sell your Music something to think about as a Producer that's trying to monetize your Music more efficiently is the means by Which you're going to be collecting Royalties or the means by which you plan To generate revenue from your music a Lot of people either make music or they Work with artists they are label or they Are an independent artist and in those Processes of trying to grow that music Following that catalog that uh sample Pack library or those beats that you Have how do you make sure that you're Doing you're building in a way that you Can just make your music but also Collect as much revenue as possible and So one thing to realize is that like in Life how so many things change over the Years everything we see today is going To be done drastically better in 5 years From now from the houses that are being Built to the cars that are being being Built to uh the marketing and the Business executive skills and how um Businesses run themselves everything About it you know our relationships just Everything is going to improve our Clothing right so in life uh this is Something that we want to think about What can we do today that will Drastically improve our life in the Future what I wanted to share is is

Three points three strategies uh that Will help you to be able to monetize Your music more efficiently the reason I'm sharing three is because one is um The Creator and it's about your mindset As a Creator the second is the evolution To becoming uh a business and what that Entails and then the third is Systemization and once you become a Business or you you uh have that Evolution turning that into an actual System that's going to be replicable and Not require a lot of your time Creative Endeavors must be aligned with That of a business person that of an Entrepreneur running a business is Totally different than making music as An artist you've probably spent years Developing your skills or you've had a Passion for music and it's totally Different than running a business we're Talking about balance sheets and uh Investing in the right places and Marketing and being able to uh turn a Profit versus creating from your soul And having uh music that you put out There or working with artists that are Creating and making sure that they're Able to just do their creative process The way that I do it is I like to spend I've been doing this for about six uh I Guess it's been about eight or 10 years And and and this is something you can Start right now and get the results of

Somebody that's been doing it for years Because it's simply a process it's Simply a process and all it is is Spending about 2 to three hours a day on Music this is my time frame and what I Choose but you can choose a time frame That allows you to still maybe work a Job or or get financially stable while You're doing it or if you're already Running your business simply just set Aside the time Now you have 2 to 3 hours to music now You want to put 2 to 3 hours towards Your business now if you do this um the Way that I've done this like before when I was working a job and I I was trying To pursue music to be able to monetize And my wife and I who she's an artist And and some of our partners that we Work with that have music accounts um we Were uh strategizing how we could do This and I was working a full-time job And how I did it was simply spend 2 to Three hours before work I would wake up At 5: spend about 2 to 3 hours before Work and then after work I would spend About 2 to 3 hours uh from about uh 6 to To 9 sometimes 10: p.m. on the business Side of things so I wake up make music And then after work I would go into the Business side of things sometimes I Would reverse the roles but either way I'd spend two to three hours on each This allowed me to evolve from being a

Creative to also learning the business Side of things and so um what that looks Like for the 2 three hours in Creative That's all you whether you're making uh Covers or music content or you're um Coming up with album artwork for sample Packs or you're creating beats that You're going to have released every day Or working with artists that are going To be uh releasing their music right uh If you are a full uh label and you don't Actually make music yourself it's okay To you know allocate that time to Business maybe it's talking with artists To get them uh to help them offer their Sample packs or or maybe it's uh signing Artists to be able to get them on your Label and and and doing their marketing Full time that changes things but really The important Journey that you're on is That you spend dedicated time for each Of music business and creative so the Music business side of things is getting Into Point number two that we talked About so number one uh realizing that You're artist creative is exactly that It's your creative side that you've Spent years developing but running a Business is totally different and so Spending allocated time for each one uh Means that you're going to be developing Your business and and yeah so number two Your your business what are you doing uh To create uh the business that is going

To run that creativity that the music What is the tasks that you're spending Time on in that two to three hours and Here's what I like to spend my time on I Really like to spend some time in the Marketing and I really like to spend Time on strategizing because what you Want to do is you want to think about How you're going to get your music out To as many people as possible so then You want in doing that you want to make Sure that that message that you're Getting out to as many people as Possible is the message that you Actually want to get out there so you Know that might mean that you're going To take some time uh to do quality work In your marketing and so that comes down To the strategy so the strategy and then The actual implementation so those are Kind of the two points I look at when it Comes to marketing and then every once In want I'll take a bird's eye view and Say does both of the do both of these Align and so let's say that you are uh Let's say you're either uh a label and You're trying to get marketing out for Artists or you are an artist that is Trying to get people to find your music And listen to your music so in both Cases you're going to have a way in Which you get that music out to the World uh creating uh a way to get uh Customers and leads in this case it

Could be your fans or it could be Artists if you're a label then you're Going to want to um make sure that that Way is valuable so here's an examp Example um if you're an artist you might Say uh here is a free pdf with seven Things that you didn't know about my Music career I'm going to give it to you For free and you're also going to uh get Access to uh songs before they're Released and all you have to do is give Me your email and so you create this Page and now you have a place where You're going to collect emails now on Top of that uh that could be a way to Get uh to get leads to get your fans Email addresses right then you also Might say how am I going to get people To the this page well I'm going to have To create content now the strategy Starts to come in am I going to be Sharing every song that I release am I Going to be doing a song every week I'm Going to be doing marketing I'm going to Be doing a pre-save campaign that Collects emails or I'm going to um make Sure that I make content and put it out On the social media platforms that Promotes that uh page that's going to Get their email or promotes that piece Of music and the reason I don't say Promote uh to get streams is because Ultimately streams are not the Sustainable way to monetize your music

And we're going to get to the system but Basically you want to get them as a Contact because if they're a contact Then you can reach out to them with your Shows with your new merch with your new Releases and your new videos and you can Send that to their email or to their Text messages or their WhatsApp uh Depending on how you collect their their Info and all you have to do is let them In by giving them a secret exclusive Thing about your artist career um Whether it's seven things about you or It's a pre-save campaign uh that you you Give to them and then they opt in with Their email or their WhatsApp or their Text message and then they receive um Offers from you later and you also just Get to keep them up to date with your Music right so that is uh some of the Marketing in your business you want to Systemize immediately figure out how am I going to make money from this Marketing CU yeah you get their contacts And you're getting all these contacts And you're making content and people are Listening to your music streams is not Going to be your number one reli ability For monetization so now are you going to Potentially uh offer your Beats as uh Sample packs or if you're not a producer And you're just an artist are you going To um write a book or are you going to Have a merch you're going to have some

Uh digital Collectibles that you're Going to offer to them are you going to Um say if you buy one of my digital Collectibles and you can have access to Any shows I'm going to give you 10% of Any royalties I make on my streams or Something like that for that song and You offer Collectibles of each song that You put put Out that mean that my mouth is full but Basically uh you want to think what is That thing that's going to help you Monetize and this is where you actually Don't need to think about the Implementation of it really think about What is going to be what they're going To want like what are they going to Really want from you and also what would You want from yourself as an artist if You following yourself and then make That thing and sell it to them through Your your communication channels that You have with them it's a gradual walk That you want to go through and uh take Your time thinking about what that Product could be maybe if you're a Female artist it's makeup if you're a Male artist maybe it's uh something Related to your audience that you look In your analytics of what they're Interested in right those are things you Just want to really think about don't Rush it what's the product going to be All right um so now you need

Systemization how are you going to Implement this in a way uh that you can Automate this process that you can Streamline it and make it so that you're Not spending a million hours a week but You are putting in the initial work and You're uh putting out music your Creativity and it's spitting out ,000 to $110,000 a month how do you do that well It takes a couple skills and as an Artist uh you don't have to develop them All you can hire someone but then you're Hiring someone and now you have to have The skill of managing someone so it it Is going to be in proportion to your Value and what you're able to do but This is this is the path uh of least Resistance that I'm going to share with You Increase the Frequency of of uh outreaching content Increase it cuz you have three problems If you're not making money you have a Traffic problem meaning you don't have Enough people seeing your your stuff uh You have a uh a marketing problem or you Have an offer problem like you're your Your product is not uh feasible it's not There so it's not making you money you Might have traffic you might have really Good marketing but you don't actually Have a product or it's not at a prices Right so um the number one thing that's Going to be your issue and then this is

Just online and it is something that It's going to take um the thing that if You like if enough people know about you They're going to want to Buy from you and it's not going to take Amazing marketing if you already have a Lot of people looking at your stuff like You don't need amazing marketing because You already have so many people looking At your stuff and you don't need this Crazy offer product if you have a ton of People looking at your stuff so I like To go the route of how can I get as many People looking at my stuff as possible And this is where you systemize if you Systemize that then the other ones can Kind of take care of themselves so Here's how I personally increase uh the Outreach of of how how much people see My Stuff you're watching this on YouTube YouTube's a great place to post Your music or share your artists and do It not once do it consistently like I Said the same way that you do two to Three hours a day on each task you you Post once a day or you post three times A week and you have a system for getting That out there every single week and Maybe you spend an hour filming three Videos and you post three videos a week Uh that are really good right or or or What what have you what is what is a Thing that's going to get as much

Content out so that you can get as much Views as possible because views will be The thing that drives your Monetization so video content YouTube Definitely want to think about uh Running ads I like to spend some money On ads uh because it helps me to see the Audience and what people are really Attracted to too but you can also just Go look at other artists and think about Um what are they doing that is a Philosophy that I can apply don't copy Them but what is the philosophy of their Promotion what is the philosophy of or The frequency of how much music they're Putting out uh or how much content They're putting out and don't look at Maybe the content that they're making I I don't really care about that as much As how much are they putting out because When you get in that habit first you're Just going to get really good at making Videos because you're making so many of Them uh so if you want to uh monetize More you have to get more views it can Be you it can be someone else you could Pay someone else to dance to your song You there there is a a lot of ways but This it's the little division of our Systemization that we want to think About as the way that what is the thing That's going to increase our views as Much as possible whether it's ads Definitely building our email list so

That we can have people that we can Always reach that aren't just followers That are reliant on whether the algor Gorithm shows them our content or not But that we can actually always send Them uh WhatsApp messages or text or Email because we have their contact Information because we did a pre-save Campaign or we we gave them something For free whether it was a free sample Pack maybe it was a free um a free uh Case study uh if you're working with Artists as a label what is that thing That got their contact and then um the Number three is if you have uh a way to To um reach all platforms then that's Going to put you in a place where you Might be scrambling to to make sure it's Going out on all of your platforms when In reality what could bring you the most Is having a directed intention of only Posting on one platform very well and Doing it uh multiple times per week and If you do that uh like I there was a Time where I published two YouTube Videos every single day uh for about six Months and I grew for from I grew up to From like around zero subscribers to Around uh 1,800 subscribers and that Might not seem like a lot on YouTube but Uh really what I found is that uh I was Getting to work with so many artists um If you think about it working with uh Only 200 artists might not feel a lot

But me working with 200 artists is a Massive amount of artists to have worked With and I also was able to work with Labels and make a considerable amount of Money like there there is a time uh Where almost every day uh someone would Be asking me to uh help them with their Label or their company or if they were Starting like a crypto token for the Music company or if they were trying to Offer their music on the blockchain or If they were trying to um monetize their Beads but systemizing your business is Going to it once again just comes down To that how can you systemize how can You make sure you're putting out a System IED amount of content every week And getting a systemized amount of views And then what is the process that all of Those views direct to a place that's Going to uh sell what it is that you are Uh offering to your fans and that's Where you have to think about the Product and so now you you do a lot of Content you get more views and you get Good at it so you get more and more Views once you get more views they see Your marketing how are they getting Directed to your product and number Three you're a offer of your product and Uh if you have your views systemized and Then that's something that's going to Take that Weekly work or monthly work of You like sitting down and filming a

Bunch of videos um of your music that You're releasing then you have that but You don't have uh the sales and the Marketing uh having to be updated every Single day you can set that up once and Touch it once every few weeks or every Month to make sure it's like working Properly uh but really uh the only thing That needs to take like that constant Grind of work uh is going to be uh Creating and uh that's where you're just Going to take your music that you've Been spending two to three hours a week On and you're going to do marketing for It and you're going to make videos of it You're going to do pre-save campaigns And the whole nine to get that music out Onto the platform that you're promoting Your music and that will increase your Views and help in turn with uh selling Uh your product and so that product Could also be I I've seen a lot of Producers I've worked with with recently That want to teach others their creative Process and so that's something you can Do as a beat maker uh if you're selling Um sample packs for artists or Unreleased versions of songs as an Artist uh you can do that um there's so Much uh digital ways to uh reach your Audience today that I would encourage You to explore and So I I I really haven't filmed a video Like this that is this long in a little

While but hopefully guys um find that This system uh that I just shared with You is helpful and that there is uh some Actionable steps that you have right now To take in your music and uh if if you Do if you decide that you want to take Those steps let me know how it goes if You made it this far go ahead and Comment down below with uh let's go Today with the lightning bolt emoji if You made it this far then I know you're A real one thanks for watching uh and For those of you that would like to Really learn with me one-on-one uh feel Free to check out the links down below I'd be more than happy to you know get On a Consulting call with you uh or just You know get to know you if you want to Uh uh go get my free it's a music nft And AI uh bundle of two books that I Have written if you'd like to uh uh go Get those two books for free check out That link down below and then what will Happen is then um I'll have your contact And I'll be able to provide to you more Of these types of videos where you can Learn I'll share with you my YouTube Video and also uh make sure that you're Getting a firsthand look at some of the New products that I release for artists To be able to monetize their music more Efficiently uh so for those of you that Are really serious about growing your Music career I encourage you to check

Out uh the links down below and uh if I Earned your thumbs up hit that Thumbs Up And subscribe down below I'll see you Guys in the next video thanks for Watching

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