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Hey what's up guys it's will hopefully You're having a great day today in this Video we're going to be going over how To monetize your music more efficiently If you're an artist a producer or a B Maker anyone that has music Creations Then you're gonna basically get the Tools you need to be able to monetize Your music in a way that will help you To use revolutionary new tools that are Available to artists today if you follow This Channel and you subscribe thank you Guys so much for watching so just to tip The the scales a little bit here guys we Have a revamp of our three keys to music Nfts program down below so for the past 18 months we've been using three Keys Music entity program to help artists Grow their music using nfts here I'm on A page that has thousands of nfts that Are offered by musicians you might be Wondering why is that so let me explain Exactly why so these artists they are All all taking their art their music and They're putting it out so that people That listen or or their supporters can Come here and buy and own a piece of Their career why is that good well what Happens is when people buy these this Artist is now going to maybe have some More money maybe not depending on if It's free or not but they are then going To the people that buy it own a piece of The artist career so it's a collectible

They are holding on and as the artist Grows Um this is tied to the artist's value so A lot of these people offer music nfts Or offer their music on Spotify on Soundcloud or wherever but the reason That they put their nfts here is to Solidify their art on the blockchain and This platform here is actually not like A blockchain or anything if you're not Familiar Um this is simply Um all these nfts are on the blockchain If open C dies today and this platform No longer exists you're going to see all This art from all these musicians still On the blockchain uh if you go directly To blockchain all open C is is it Basically takes that information from The blockchain makes it look really nice Like this so that people like you and me Come and purchase music pieces of art From artists and when we buy it they get About 2.5 percent of that sale and That's how their billion dollar company And they're able to do what they do so They basically save us time so I'm not Going to complain I'm I'm pretty happy That I don't have to go and uh go Directly on the blockchain and find each Individual nft or go to Mint and nft That way and that they save us a lot of Time and they deserve to Um you know be compensated for that so I

Appreciate the platform but I just want To let you guys know Um any of these pieces of art could be On any platforms because they're on the Blockchain so when we look at I mean we Could look at any one of them I want to Go over the reason why we would buy These nfts or offer these nfts as an Artist more importantly offer and before I do that guys the first access list Down below where you can learn about Music nfts and how to monetize your Music more efficiently is opening up for Revolutionary new program to be able to Teach you how to do that so if you want That and there's also access to a Software tool that is AI generated AI Driven to be able to help you to create Your music then definitely check out That first Access Link down below join It for free all you have to do is enter Your email that's literally all I'm Asking and you're going to get a ton More value than entering your email to Me so and we're not going to sell your Information or anything like that don't Worry about that because I we don't sell information so when it Comes to any of these nfts we got Thousands of artists who probably have Their music also on Spotify they decided To take that song Or that creation most Times is how it is and put it as an nft Why would they do that well there's a

Couple reasons let's just click on this Random nft from this guy's name is Jake Um Jake has music releases so he did Some AI generated art it appears Um one thing to note nothing against Jake here but guys if you're using AI to create art Um your output is only limited by your Input so Um I think he probably said here's a Photo of me you know RGB it and make it Look nice or maybe just put it in an Editor app if you're using AI to Generate r as we've talked about in Other videos is that there's no reason To not put in a creative input because The output is going to be it doesn't hit Like AI uh doesn't hinder creativity in Fact it helps people Express creativity In ways using skills that they might not Otherwise would have had for example a Simple message for how you want a Picture to look and they're able to do It in a style that you have no idea how To do as far as artistic Elite Um you know the methods of doing it and That's where the AI can put out Something so Something here for for this picture I Would say Um you know just think about that if You're doing art now we can see it's got A sale or yeah one sale maybe sold to Himself or someone else for point zero

Zero six ethereum all these nfts on this Platform could be ethereum it could be a Solana polygon uh which is kind of like A part of ethereum and and a lot of These uh nfts are are going to be Ethereum but I don't want to get into The nitty-gritty so much I just want to Talk about his offer if you're an artist And you are creating a song to take you To take your music from Spotify and you Say I'm gonna have 10 copies of that Song right here when you do that and you Decide to do that You know that people are going to get an Nft not to listen to it it's easy to Listen to it on Spotify it's easy but Spotify you see they charge those Listeners or the people that want to Listen to your music 10 bucks a month or What have you and uh they pay you less Than a penny per stream so a lot of These artists are putting their music as Nfts because while it would take Millions of streams to get ten thousand Dollars Um if you sell you know 200 nfts Um at 50 or 50 nfts at 200 then you've Made ten thousand so takes less of Interested supporting fans in order to Monetize the music but this is where it Is valuable and it's more than the music Is that because if you look here it has Description my very first song released Nothing against Jake hey that's awesome

That you did this that you put your Music as nft Um when it comes to your offer you can Have unlockable content so you could say You can you can do a call with me when You buy this with the artist or that you Unlock access to a group chat or to be Able to do a FaceTime with me when you Buy a snft or maybe it's a ticket to Concerts when you buy the nft now the Thing that he didn't do is add Unlockable content and unlockable Content is something that you can add to Your nfts so for example if you wanted To make it to where you had 10 copies of A song on Spotify and each copy was 10 Of that song's royalties when you Distribute that song with distro kid Toon Core what have you and it goes out To all the people in the waveform gets Picked up on YouTube you want to Monetize it that's great but then you're Collecting royalties let's say you make A hundred dollars if you make a hundred Dollars from that song and you take 10 To each music nft holder in each holder Of the nft of the the 10 copies of the Song as nfts gets 10 percent of those Dreaming royalties now you got people That really want to promote your music Whether it's automated that you're Paying them out or you're taking the the Money and you're converting it to crypto And then sending it to the wallets of

The people because you know where their Wallet is because you can see the nft on The blockchain Um you can do it that way but they're Really incentivized to buy your music as Nfts for the reason that I don't know if You guys have ever seen an artist that You knew was going to blow up but if you Saw an artist that you knew was going to Blow up and you had a feeling that they Were going to blow up then you probably Would have bought into their career Earlier I mean we've all been there you See in ours oh this guy's going to be Huge and it feels good it feels good to Be a part of that before it grows before It becomes big and This is a tool to where you could buy a Collectible uh whether it's a royalty Share or it's it's nfts of their song And when their artist's career grows Those assets are tied to the growth of That artist so that's why when we go Back on this page You guys see thousands of artists Offering their music as nfcs Um that is the reason that and it's Digitally verifiable on the blockchain As we said this is just from the Blockchain this is just a platform here To show the art but also make money in Commissions on the sales but ultimately You know this is on the blockchain and The pieces of art that you're buying are

Going to be verifiable on the blockchain And that's how they retain their values That they were minted by the artists and So there you have thousands of nfts Being sold Guys this could be really profitable for Those of you that are offering your Music as nfts so I encourage you to Check out the links down below if you'd Like to learn more and don't forget We're here to help you grow in any way That we can so if you'd like to stay up To date with the music nft space and you Would like to grow as an artist then Definitely subscribe and like this video If I earned your thumbs up thank you Guys for watching and I'll see you in The next video peace

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