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In this video we're going to be talking About how to make $200 per song without Streams one of the things that I've done As an artist and that almost every other Artist has done is when they've released Their music on Spotify they spend all This time doing marketing they spend all This time getting people to listen to Their songs you've probably spent I Don't know $10 or $100 or maybe $11,000 On your promotion and then the question You have to ask yourself in order to Continue growing as an artist business Is how much did you actually make from Spending that much on marketing your Music when we ask the question of how do We make $200 per song without streams the reason That we say without streams and a lot of People are going to miss this is that This isn't 150,000 streams in order to Make $200 because that's how much it Would take roughly for you to make that Much money from Spotify this isn't Marketing your music this isn't playlist Pushing this isn't going and talking With Publishers and labels or people That can pump up your song on Spotify And then probably own most of the rights Or at least you owe them money for the Marketing that they've done this is not A buy streams or purchase your promo or Run Facebook ads on Instagram or on Facebook in order to get traction and

This isn't making a bunch of Tik Tok Talks about your music this is a totally Different approach to how you can Monetize your music more effectively in Today's world so guys what is the method Well this is something that seems kind Of like a fat in the past but just like Any industry that we've seen grow it Goes through cycles of a lot of hype and Then it goes through cycles of a lot of Disappointments maybe some uh Hopelessness and then some aspiration And this is you know any Market cycle Whether it's real estate or it's stocks Or it's the music industry so diving Extremely deep into how to distribute Music myself what it takes in order to Get your music out there directly onto Platforms even and Own 100% of your Music is something that's taken me down A rabbit hole and seen a lot about the Music industry that is I want to Say very Uh familiar to that of a monopoly and so You have to consider those things when You're trying to grow in an industry Where can you have your Monopoly where Can you have your unique selling point So what we're talking about here is Getting your music out on the Blockchain having about 150 additions of your song each addition Costing $1.50 why would you do this this is a

Way to monetize their music music more Efficiently because maybe they only had To show that song to a th000 people and Get 150 buyers Versus 150,000 people to only get $200 On Spotify so think of this as real Estate before we get into exactly how You're going to do this as an artist It's important to understand what the Mindset is that you have to have so the Reason that people enter the real estate Industry is because there is government Incentive ingrained into the real estate Industry whether it's tax writeoffs Whether it's incentives for you to hold On to a home or live into a home and That they give you better prices whether It's getting really affordable loans Because they want everybody to be able To afford a home or if you're on you Know the actual business side of real Estate all of the different incentives That you get in order to develop real Estate and this is what has kept the American economy growing through the Real estate market it's because there's An incentive same thing with electric Cars one of the reasons that we're Seeing such massive growth in Tesla or Even in a small company like rivan or Lucid is because there's a lot of Government incentives and something that Really helps a company is having Government incentives because it means

That that country that is supporting That cause is going to back pet and then That's going to make it easier for the Business to grow and so whether it's the Space industry that is growing at a Faster rate than we've ever seen simply Because there's a lot more government Backing now than there ever has been Right so let's take Spotify as an Example if you have Spotify and artists That are offering their music on Spotify Aren't getting any incentive in fact all The incentive is actually for the Consumers that are listening to to the Music uh that they have to then pay you Know $10 or $15 a month in order to have A premium subscription to listen to the Music right there's not a whole lot of Incentive for artists when they're Getting paid less than a penny per Stream and in order for you to get like I said 150 streams you're going to have To do a tremendous amount of work so in Our three keys to music nfts group we Like to really practice getting the Value for your music and specifying that Value so that it is congruent with what You want your music to be worth right so Rather than relying on Spotify which is Its own government but doesn't give Artists a lot of incentive and I say its Own government because they choose who They pay more to who they pay less to They choose who they want to distribute

To their platform who they don't want to Distribute to their platform they can Determine who goes on the big playlist And who does not go on the big big Playlists there's a lot of control there That isn't fully incentivized to the Artist and so when the Artist wants to incentivize the consumer Direct to the consumer that's when we See music on chain and this is what I'm Talking about here so like I said one of The things that we go over in the three Keys to music nfts how to plan how to Create and how to Market your music as Nfts on the chain Is that the incentive for people to buy Your music as an nft onchain and you Have 150 additions at a $150 is that they're going to get a Piece of your career that could be an Investment in you that addition could be Worth more and it is resellable in the Future that addition is also maybe Access to a concert or access to an Exclusive group that's only available For the select a few fans who own that Music on chain so with these special Additions that artists can offer not Only are you going direct to your fan But you're also giving them more value And giving them a reason to hold on to Your addition for the long term we just Seen this with Alan Walker a little While ago when he offered actually an 8%

Return on investment for anyone who Purchased his song additions so I believe there was around 10,000 song Editions they equaled about 20% of a Total revenue share of one of his Songs now at 8% and you could purchase One for 100 bucks or $110,000 there was A few different levels you could then See that when you buy that addition he's Going to periodically pay out in Proportion to how much of the royalties Or how much of that music you've Purchased through the addition Pay out royalties to the fans who have Purchased his music and then those fans Just by purchasing and supporting his Career earlier on he was able to then Pay them out incentivize them to be a Part and they're going to reap passive Income by holding on to that music There's a reason that music is not just Music and that it's a business and There's labels everywhere it's because Music can generate Income how much income gets generated For Independent Artists relative to how Much they're able to turn their Artist music into a business and that's Where Alan Walker did that and that's What we're talking about right here so Once again uh this is a way to monetize Your music more efficiently and I use Openc or sound XYZ which are platforms And marketplaces that allow you to offer

Your music on chain so the artist is Going direct to the consumer so you are An artist you take your art you want to Create that music and you create your Album cover you create those incentives That I talked about that you get when You purchase the nft so it could be Access to a concert access to group Chats maybe it's royalty payout that you Pay out to the owners of your additions On a periodic basis or maybe it's just The ability to hold a collectible of Your music right so at this point you Get your music out there on one of the Platforms and you specify how many Additions and how much each addition Costs again that's totally up to you you Can determine how much you deem your art To be Worth then of course be relative be Affordable or be luxury and be premium It's totally up to you again people Really go back and forth with me on is It really going to be worth that much if I say that my art is worth a million Dollars well the thing about art is that You can say whatever you want whether or Not it will sell it's going to be Totally up to the marketplace that's why It's important to do your market Research and hopefully use some prior uh Experience in the industry or or looking At your research in order to find a Unique selling point find where you're

Going to stand out from the crowd and Then offer you know pricing that's going To still promote growth of your music as Additions so this is what you do right You have your music out on the platform Now you have to sell it when you're Selling it you can sell either for MasterCard payment like debit card or Credit card or you can uh they can also Purchase with crypto so this is the Process and then you you create Marketing campaigns you still offer your Music on Spotify just every song that You have that's all out on those dsps Those Digital streaming platforms is Also that song is available in additions On the blockchain and that gives people The opportunity to invest in you and you Can do some marketing to grow that song Right so like we said 150 editions at a $150 would bring you over $200 for each Song and how you do the marketing well There's a bunch of videos on my channel Make sure to check them out don't forget To Subscribe and for those of you that are Serious About growing your music and being able To turn your music into a business and Offer your music as nfts or just create More valuable music then make sure to Check out the free book down below it Goes into five music nft tips to help You offer your music on the blockchain

And there's also a 27 page free book There as well when you claim that book That's going to give you a second book That's going to offer you the chance to Learn about uh AI so there's 27 pages I Say offer it's totally free you can read Through it and uh you can see all of the Things inside of that book that go over The latest technology and how you can Utilize it as an artist and then also For those of you that are serious Whether you want to work with me Oneon-one or you're interested in just Simply planning a project creating it And then offering it on the marketplace I do encourage you to check out the Three keys to music nfts down below Simply our PR group for if you want to Surround yourself with other artist Businesses other artist entrepreneurs Who are all offering their music on the Blockchain and it also has about uh 6 Hours of Music nft training videos how To like I said plan your project how to Create your project and then how to Actually market and sell your project to Your audience into uh the masses so That's one of the greatest ways in 2023 That we are seeing as a Projected uh monetization method based On our current industry and how certain Aspects have been monopolized and how There's Difficult uh ways to be able to Simply

Get paid for your music and so if you Want to get paid for your music you're Serious about making more from your Music then I would encourage you simply Check out that link down below three Keys to music nft So guys thank you so much for watching And if you got any value out of this Video make sure to like comment and Subscribe and don't forget to leave any Comments if you have any future video Suggestions thank you guys so much for Watching and I'll see you in the next Video peace Out

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