How To Grow Your Music Business For Beginners (Artists, Producers, Labels)

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So as you guys know running a business Is totally different than having an Artist's passion so in this video we're Going to be covering how to turn those Fans and those listeners into profit how Do you have a business system for your Music career hopefully you guys enjoy And make sure to hit subscribe and like Button if you get any value out of these Videos I really have enjoyed it and Thank you so much for over 2,000 Subscribers hey guys it's will so as you Heard we're going to be talking about How do you turn your listeners and fans Into people that actually purchase and Support your music career they actually Pay you money and they enjoy paying you Money and they want to pay you money and They do it because you provide them Value and you give them more than just The art Itself it's a very old concept value for Value you just try and increase the Value and you get more in return that's Really what we're doing here and you Have to do marketing to demonstrate that Value but before we get into it I just Want to say guys um I here right now in Pismo each I don't know if you guys saw In the intro what that looks like uh but We are looking I'm looking out right now You can't see it cuz it's so dark but There's an ocean right there it's Ocean View it's beautiful and I'm able to film

This and right now I'm just really Grateful that I'm able to uh do this With you guys and able to travel around And still make these videos and I just Want to say thank you because I wouldn't Be able to live this lifestyle the way That I do unless you guys were a part of This journey with me so I appreciate you All um even at only 2,000 subscribers um I'm I'm really grateful for where we are In our journey so thank you now turning Your fans into uh Profit it almost sounds cold it almost Sounds like oh profit like capitalism Like but let me tell you uh there's a Few reasons that uh when it comes to Turning your fans into profit we want to Think about uh capitalism we want to Think about value and we want to think About how we're going to uh do what Works in this market because the music Industry is a market and when you look At different artists they all have their Value and labels signed artists based on Their value uh if it's not your dream to Be signed which in 2024 doesn't need to Be in order for you to Have success I know many artists Personally that make a full-time living From their music and they are not signed To a label uh and my wife who's gotten Offers from Sony and Universal uh and Warner she has not Signed any of those offers and she

Continues to make her music and of Course she has less massive exposure Where they just open the door and turn On the floodgates for her but she owns Every single bit of it in the same way Uh that she is able to do that and we do A song a week with her is the same way You know everything that we do our Marketing our systems and all that stuff I want to share with you guys and I want To talk with you About again turning your artists um your Fans into profit I was thinking about This a while back and I've always I Always get this initial question it's so Funny I say you should create a Subscription service around your music Or art and then every time I say that Someone's like oh who's going to pay for The music This is like I was just on the plane With someone talking with them really Amazing person their daughter was Actually really into music and uh I'm Sitting there the relationship kind of Got up to a rough start my wife she she Was sitting in her seat because we Wanted to sit next to each other I got Like the more expensive seat I was up Front and she was in the back because She ordered her uh plane ticket later After mine I didn't know she was going To come with me and so she was like Let's try and sit together so we're

Sitting together this lady comes up She's in her seat she gets upset a Little bit and then um it's like this Whole Fiasco and then she had to go my Wife went to the back of the plane and Then um so then I'm sitting next to this Lady right and so I'm talking with her About some things and and I asked her Some questions and then we're talking About what she does she was in sales Could tell right away she's a Salesperson and she uh she told me uh Yeah my daughter is really into music Stuff and I was like yeah that's great So so and because I told her what I do And I was like yeah so my wife and I we Release a song a week and we do music Every single day and we also I document All of our business systems that we do And share them online for people to be Able to monetize their artist career She's like my daughter's an artist her Daughter had like 500,000 um uh subscribers on YouTube and She makes music and the reason she was So famous because she was the face of a Character in a video game anyway so I I Think it was the last of us or something Like that and so so we we're talking and We we get talking about monetization and I'm like yeah you know um building a Subscription around the business cuz her Daughter wasn't I don't think she was Super monetized or anything like that

She wasn't making a lot and I'm I'm like Yeah my wife has 100,000 or 110,000 sub Um views on or not views followers on Our social media And uh in doing that she's able to uh Generate some income from her music We're talking about it we're like all Right well how do we do it I'm like Subscription model again and she's like What she's like why would anybody pay a Subscription why are you paying the Subscription to an artist and I'm like As soon as I told her as soon as I told Her after I told her this she said oh That makes total sense and what I told Her was I said well you have music that You're making right so you have behind The scenes of the music you have Exclusive access to unreleased songs That haven't been released yet you have A group chat where you can talk One-on-one with the person and then you Also maybe get into a concert for free Because you're a part of that membership So later on you have exclusive benefits For owning it and you get exclusive Merch offers she's like oh that makes Total sense she's like you could sell That yeah she's a salesperson herself She's really successful I mean we're Flying out here to a part of California Where I think the average netw worth is Well over a million out here um and she Lived she actually showed me her address

Sketchy right we show people your Address on the airplane that you just Met but it was funny we were talking About it I was like I'm going to show You my address you want to see and we're We're we're breaking it down and so uh She said that makes total sense after That now that's all it took and so when I go and and uh same thing with an Artist a fan first first reaction when You tell them that you have a Subscription service or that you have The ability for them to subscribe to you It's some beiz is it like you know only Fans or like what what is it like what Am I subscribing to yeah it's my music Right and then you break down this You're going to get access to exclusive Content you're get unreleased versions Of a song you're going to get access to Um concerts if you are part of my Membership you're also going to get uh Access to exclusive merch and you get to Talk to me one-onone anytime and you get In this exclusive group all these things And you can join today support my artist Career help me grow as an independent Artist 10 bucks a month it's a coffee And a half in today's world boom sold And you get to grow so Tammy she has one It's called Misa Mo she just got a Subscriber um the other day cuz we had This little autopilot system we're Setting up for her for uh her to grow

And she just got a subscriber a little While ago and she was like yeah I got a Subscriber Misa Morris I'm like great All right babe let's keep going done Keep making music keep building your Base if you let's say get one subscriber A week oh that's not great this $10 a Week will what are you talking about Right that's nothing that's not enough For me $10 a week let's say you get one Subscriber a week for a full year 52 Time 100 or 52 * 10 $520 a month would That be life-changing for you at all Because if that compounded at all and You got it to a point where you had um You were getting three people a week say For one year after the year after that You got three people a week you've been Working on your artist career full-time Stuff in the kitchen moving you've been Working on your artist career fulltime Right and what happens you Have two years the second year you get 150 subscribers on top of the the 52 That you had now you got 200 subscribers Subscribed to your Music 200 people paying you $10 a month Can you do the math that is $2,000 a Month for your artist career do you Think $2,000 a month could supplement if Not pay for all of your rents that's or And that's in the United States $2000 a Month if you're in uh another country Like Argentina where my wife is from

We're living been large on that amount Of money we we're we're going out and Empanadas are not a problem going to get The restaurants are not a problem uh Eating whatever we want traveling around Is not a problem cabs Ubers all that Stuff not a problem at $2,000 a month Rent maybe 500 bucks a month where we' Be in Argentina now we got this remote Work and it's built on something that is Around your passion and it's built on Something that you love to do and why is That important well if you sustain that Then you are sustaining something that You enjoy that will make you money and There's an intersection there and then As you do it more and you stay Consistently uh doing that like let's Say for example you go below this video You join the song a week challenge and You start doing a song every week you're Going to get so good you're going to Have a compound effect to where now you Have your making money from it you're Passionate about it and you enjoy it and You're also number three you're good at It so you get even you get even more Enjoyment out of it when you're good at It and you do you get good at things by Just doing them a lot and rep repetition Right so that's it for this video guys I Wanted to share that with you again I I Mentioned that song of week challenge if

You want to get uh there's the release Matrix the quick start guide how to Monetize your music and Market your Music um and then on the fourth day we Go into the Super Single release so you Take a single and you just value pack it You sell it you get all the marketing Out in the best way possible there's a Creater method for the marketing that That I go into and then also we have Number five is scale how do you scale That up uh and you really grow your Music business so that's the song of Week challenge down below you can join That if you're looking to join our Current challenge that we have right now Then I will encourage you to just go Check out the link below and simply take A look at a challenge free to join and Then if you join the VIP section of it You can have lifetime access to all of The recordings forever uh so that's one Thing to consider and also you get uh a Group chat with me you can have a VIP Access to be able to use our software Tun flow that allows you to uh write Songs faster it's a great songwriting Tool uh and then also you get into uh You get a a guide when you join this Challenge this is included in the free Version that's a checklist and it looks Just like this and it tells you Everything that you need to know about Releasing a song a week so if that's you

And you're interested I would encourage You to go check it out I'll see you guys In the next video thank you so much for Watching uh peace out

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