How To Grow Your Artist Business Consistently

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Hey guys it's will hopefully you're Having a great day today so the creators Today have so much amazing talent Artists songwriters producers I've Really just been impressed by the sheer Volume of talents that we've seen come Out of just some comments on my YouTube Videos or going to scroll for a minute And seeing all these new artists coming Up and Independent Artists for that Matter and maybe you personally have Spent years perfecting your craft Playing that instruments or learning how To produce or trying to uh release music And how does that process work for you But one thing Still Remains the Same is That music and business are separated by A very fine line and music business is Totally different than music you see Running an entrepreneurial journey and Trying to grow your online income and Creates recurring revenue or just exceed Your expenses that you have every month Is totally different than actually Making arts and some people think of it As a hobby that's totally fine for those Of you that think of music as something That you want to build a life around and Create freedom from your music this Video is for you you see this is a Foolproof method that will teach you Exactly how to grow your music career Step by step by growing it in a way that Will not only allow you to continue your

Creative journey and not compromise your Originator inside Yourself but also allow you to build Monetization into your music business so You can build the life that you want and Grow as an artist in today's world you See it doesn't have to be as complicated As people think it's simply looking at What everybody else is doing and then Identifying the small number of people That are doing the thing that you want To be doing and doing it very well then Surrounding yourself with them and Implementing exactly what it is that They do you know those videos where People say okay if you have one piece of Advice for somebody uh what would your Advice be and maybe it's someone with a Fancy car or a nice shirt at the beach Or something they say what would the one Piece of advice be and I've heard Thousands of those videos the one that I Heard that actually resonated with me The most was one that said look at what The people are doing that have what you Want work for them or learn from them And then do that for yourself it's very Simple and I think it's very powerful There's some artists today like Nick D For example who while growing his music Career and getting content out there and Becoming one of the largest independent Creators he's also now created a monthly Subscription for his his music exclusive

Access behind the scenes did you know That you can see songs and listen to Songs before they are even released the Comfortable way to pursue business as an Entrepreneur and Artist potentially could be to just Release a lot of music and try and make As much as you can from your Music however the new age musician that Is growing on a daily uh in increment of Value provided for their fans and then Getting money in return for their music Is implementing this strategy monthly Recurring revenue and then including not Merch not brand deals or things like That that is valid but what we're Talking about here is selling your music So as opposed to getting your music only On streaming what if you had not only a Monthly subscription for people to get Behind the scenes of your music but also You Incorporated a value packed piece of Content that when they buy the song they Get stems to the song they get uh Unreleased version of the song they get Uh content that hasn't been shown Anywhere else but when they purchase it They get it or when they purchase the Song they also can get into your Concerts for for free when they own your Music art that they've Purchased and this is a powerful method That artists are able to get much more Leverage with their music and this is

The way out from relying on streaming Now you might be thinking to yourself Well why would anybody pay for music if They can just listen to music I don't Need to pay an artist 10 bucks a month People if you give them the option for Free and to pay for your music to Support your career you'd be surprised How many people find that what you're Doing is impacting their mood or their Value they love your music or that they Would find that accessing the behind the Scenes of what you're doing would be Inspiring and that they would want to uh Find that as something they can get Inspiration from and then number three That they just want to support you and They exist they're everywhere the Modern Day art artist has to play into these Three things in order order to grow Their music business side of their Endeavor and so I want to invite you to Join the value pack your Arts challenge For free if you want to learn how to Sell your music we have a 3-day master Class that we're doing in about 2 weeks From now on February 16th and this Challenge may be available for those of You that are watching this video later Um if you want to click the link but It's free to join and you get access to Those three days of breaking down how to First create your music in a way that is Geared toward business right not just

Towards music but toward business and Then number two how to the second day we Go into how to create value around your Music whether it's a subscription or it Is a sale of your music and then number Three how to generate income from this Offer that you've created how do you get People to it how do you Market it how do You get more people to see your stuff And your music and then when they see it They actually want to convert and Purchase your membership or your music And that helps you to be able to Monetize that's the strategy you need in Order to hit you know $5,000 a month or Even $1,000 a month if you're just Starting out you get a hundred people to Uh support your career at $10 a month That's 1,000 bucks a month in your PO Pocket how what's your number this is Something that I like to ask what is Your number is it just an extra 500 Bucks that you could get alongside your Job they would make it easier for you or Maybe you're looking for more freedom That you want to get $2,000 or $5,000 a Month and that would really put you to a Place where you can travel go outside The country and come back again or go to Another country for a few months and Just make music what is your goal what Is your lifestyle and how do you want to Design it uh by following your passion Staying consistent and doing the things

That you need to do like surrounding Yourself with the right people so if you Want to surround yourself with Like-minded individuals I would Encourage you guys to join this Challenge you'll get all of the value I Just uh increased or I just shared with You guys and when you join you're going To also uh get access to some other uh Cutting Edge monetization strategies That we are building right now that I'm Going to be sharing with you um as well So don't wait any longer guys I would Encourage you to go check out the value Pack yourart challenge and for those of You that have uh subscribed and I earned Your thumbs up I appreciate the like Thank you so much for watching these uh Videos and I'll see you guys in the next One peace out

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