How To Easily Upload Music On Distrokid (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

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Hey guys it's will in this video I'm Going to show you how to upload your Music on the dro kid so before we get Started I just want to let you know I'm Going to be giving you three extra Strategies in this video they're going To help you to be able to create more Revenue for every release that you put Out through Dro kid if you need to get Started with Dr kid click that first Link and then also the links below that Will help you to be able to grow 2 weeks Before your release you want to do all This front-end work you're going to go To and you're going to go to My music and you're going to click Upload once you click upload they're Going to ask you about the track now a Lot of people at least in today's world Are saying do I want to put my music on Spotify because it's so uh minimal the Amount that I get paid less than a penny Per stream is such a small amount I say Marketing is marketing and to get your Music out there in any business right Any business you run you want to make Sure that you provide value you provide Free value I see Spotify and some of the Platforms that don't pay a lot as that Marketing that get your music out there And if you want to sell to them and make More than less than a penny per stream Then you have a means by which you're Providing value to them for free and

It's a great start to Growing uh your Audience so I would say go and on as Many platforms as possible you're going To select the number of songs if it's an Album or a single and if it's been Previously released quick note if it's Been previously released you're going to Use the RC code from that release we're About to get an isrc code once we're Done uploading here then you're going to Actually select the artist name and then You're going to connect the different Social profiles then you're going to Select a release date in this case I'm Going December 9th which is actually a Week out from today and the reason I'm Doing just a week is because I don't Plan on pitching to playlists and that's One of the things that you would get to Do if you give yourself two weeks that You're going to be able to pitch to the Editor editorial playlist of those Different platforms once you go down Through record label your language your Genre and your album cover then you're Going to name your song and then you're Going to get to the bottom and you're Going to upload your music right so you Upload the music and then you're going To fill in the singers and the Songwriters this is your legal name of Of yourself and the people involved Explicit yes or no radio edit yes or no Instrumental this contains lyrics or not

And I do $129 for the iTunes track now You got extras what do you do with the Extras on drr kid well guys we like to Cover a lot of things on this channel That help you to be able to grow your Music and one of the things that they Are offering here is uh extras that are Perceived to help you grow your music More now which extras do you actually Need these extras uh really are not Necessary in most cases if you're a good Masterer you don't need to do the Normalization YouTube Content ID uh that's already Going to be uh provided or at least I Know that every time I've uploaded my Music it's always gone out on YouTube This is just an extra uh way to show That they are um going to credit you the Music that you deserve uh when it goes Out on YouTube but in my experience it Hasn't been an issue for me to be able To collect royalties the Discovery Pack If you want to you can uh do that I've Never found any uh in increase in my Streams or in my reach because of it However it's possible it could work this Comes down to now store maximizer do you Want to go into every store that they Know and you want a social phone number Um you know these are all third party Services really that are being provided They softwares that have deals with Dr Kid and every time you pay a little bit

Dro kid gets some and then the software Gets some too so you got to think do I Want to pay a software to get my song Into more uh stores and do I want to get A phone number number so I can email or Send texts to my fans right so these are All things personally I only do the Loudness normalization if I think it's Quiet track but normally it's not uh Leave a legacy um I don't do that Because drro kid is $24 per year so if Dr kid is $24 per year then it wouldn't Really make sense for me at least to go And pay $29 onetime fee to know that It's not going to get taken off Dro kid And the reason why is because $24 for my Yearly membership I'll just continue to Pay my $24 uh for my yearly because I'm going To continue to upload music as someone That's active in the music space it's Not necessary toenail Clipper uh up to You kids book up to you vid music video Distribution I upload independently and It does just fine and then you continue Now you're going to get a pre-save page This is a great page and this is that Third thing that I want want to share With you guys that is going to play a Key role in you being able to grow your Fan base what is it it's that if you get A pre-save campaign make sure to collect Their email make sure to go back in IND Distri kid see how many pre-saved you

Have take that email list that you're Building here and take it into a free Email sender like sender. net and start Sending out your emails and letting your Fans know that you are growing and that You're releasing new songs and they're Going to go from the email that you send To listen to your song and you can send Them merch and send them offers as an Artist to be able to always contact them And not rely on an algorithm getting Them on your email is so essential so I Would encourage you guys to go ahead and Do that uh because it will help you to Implement strategies in your marketing Later that you might not have thought of And it's great cuz you can contact them Directly so guys there you have it how To upload on Dr kid If you're interested in growing your Music and offering uh your music in a Way that's not just streaming but Learning how to sell each individual Song or album to your fans and create an Offer I would encourage you guys check Down uh Below in the links in the Description and definitely join the Future artists group for free to be able To surround yourself with like-minded Artists thank you guys for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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