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But they're also one of the first you Know so most of the time but there's Sometimes where I like pixel I mean I Love wolf boy because I knew that they Were going to move on from Pixel from The very beginning I don't know if it's You who's always talking wolf boy is it You to me probably black on stream Probably I think Moorland used to also Always say a lot of people are are and Have except for hearing you guys speak About it I know all about that but I know that a lot of people talk about It but I know nothing about the project Of the team if you're in they do a lot Of things within Discord so they just Branch into Twitter groups but they've Done most of their stuff in Discord so If you're a holder and you're actively There it's a great time but if you're Not oh you will hold that I'm a holder Yeah I just told them that they need to Be better publicly because people don't Know that they're cool but not bad There's very a few projects where I know Of because so many people have told me So what they aren't eat obviously yeah I Wanna I wanna put it up here yeah so It's w-u-l-f okay that's also going to Be freaking difficult for people to find But let's go with it yeah wolf boys Social Club yep is that it let's put it Up for everybody To 0.05 right now is this right that's

Right yep and they're all unfaged still Because it starts soon they're gonna be On Spaces talking about it uh I think Later on but um but yeah they're gonna Be and some of them are famous do you Know anything about the team like what Do you know about this so I know I know The founders both I know the one of the I know sorry I know the community Manager I know personally from home like He just happened to join the team Because he knew looks but both of them Are entrepreneurs both of them have run Their own businesses for almost like I Think Lux is probably like closer to 10 Years than Devon but Devon Ray a very Successful um company called arson Labs Where he made these wrist rests I Actually have one and it's a Beautiful piece and this is his company He ran this for two or three years very Successful then the market crash and Everyone stopped stopped buying like Luxury items like that so he stopped Lux Cables the founder of wolf boy same But he had cables that were paying for Like Gamers and stuff he ran that for Like a long long long time and I believe In them as businessmen and as brand Builders because they did both and I Watched them do it on Instagram like I Literally watched their their businesses The given that you mentioned to me on Stream sometimes is that this David

Anyone same one so he's a very very he's One of those guys that gets lucky key a Lot like he just thinks work out for him So with him when he tells me do Something I'm always very skeptical and Then six months later he he usually is Just right so I'm like so I Literally like eventually I just kind of Bought it because I was like whatever Like I just I mean I was just buying Some support I bought like two and then As I got in I was like wait a second Y'all are doing a lot of things that I Like and they're like yeah man because We saw what it sucks and we don't want To do that and I was like okay so you're Like really in here he's like dude I'm I'm about it and I was like okay because He's full-time is this he's I'm Seriously considering getting one on Stream so answer my questions honestly Is this his full-time thing He's 90 I mean he works so he works at The restaurant because he's um his Family owns the Mexican restaurant Because he's Mexican so he works there Three hours a day for managing because He has to and that's he gets a ton Of money from that because it's the Family business and then everything else Is invisible friends wolf boy like he Loves the uh like the Gen Tunes I don't know sorry he's Community Manager like the only job he has is with

Wolf boys Community manager there full Time but then he's like a big big he's Big into the invisible friends ecosystem He's friends with all the guys over There so he's a good he's like you've Really really done a great job when he First got in I was like bro you need to Get on Twitter and he was like nah and Then I was like bro I told you again Nfts and I are here so just get into Twitter and so he finally started and He's doing an excellent job building a Brand on Twitter he's got he's he's Really dove in deep into like three or Four ecosystems and made a name in each One like he did it for possess he became One of the top people there okay and Then the other guy that you mentioned What's his name the other founder Lux is The founder And what do we know about him so what I Know about Lux I haven't met him Personally yet but I know he's good Friends with Devin and I watched Lux Build his business on Instagram as well I watched it happen so I know it was Successful I watched him do it they did A great job with consistency they posted Every single day for years it was very Very cool to watch so I know as a Businessman he's got what it takes uh do They still have this business They both stopped everything to do wolf Boy because they were like we don't have

Time we don't want to do this anymore Did they sell out of that business or Did they just close it down he just he Just stopped he stopped taking Commissions until further notice Basically because he was like it I'm going all in a wolf boy so he Dropped everything to do wolf boy and I Did a podcast with Lux so if you guys Want to watch that you can find that Just type in cable I'm gonna watch it After this so that was a great Conversation with him and from what I Know is that he's all in on this of Course you don't know I mean Kevin Rose Also said the same thing so there's Always a risk but yeah but in this Process for this endpoint is stronger Than most I would say which is why I'm Comfortable publicly saying this is cool Even though I know the guys in the team Because it's like yes I know them but I Also wouldn't buy more than two if I Didn't actually like it you know is the Community strong it's that's the one Thing that is like so sick about them Like that's their number one thing so Once you get in that's when people Realize oh this is dope because They buy it then they jump into Discord There's a bunch of cool little benefits That can't really publicly mention I Guess that you're not supposed to but You got access to a couple things that

Are really fun that pay for your whole You basically you buy one right now you Pay for if you like UFC or fighting or Boxing or any of those sports that are Streamed Um you'll be happy and uh you know I Can't really say I guess on streaming That's fun let me show you this let me Show you this So this is the one I minted right so I Minted this a long time ago just to show You what the phase is going to look like It's really cool because the uh the Pixel look so so what is happening now What's the new thing that you're saying You cannot change them to non-pixel and It's going to be so much better art it's Phenomenal let me show you what my pixel Looks like just so I can give you a bit Bigger because I've had this I've had This version for a while so this is the Pixel version of my wolf let me turn the Brightness up a tiny bit no so that's my Pixel I really love those there we go Now it's focused nuts yeah so now let me Show you the face so once you phase it Once I phase it it will look like this Hold on keep it there ah yeah 3D dude I with it heavy and so there's Another phase that's coming up as well Yes what is the other phase going to be Well so what else had there there was Going to be my question what else have They got coming up the phase three for

The art is gonna be the same style I Believe I don't think it's gonna be like A new collection I think it's the exact Same size the phase but the phasing it Would be from Pixel to whatever this is To I think the next one is because I Don't think this is 3D I think this is 2D Um I think the next one is either 3D or It's Yeah I think it's 3D 3D there's no other Artwork it's just there's there's what Is there pixel there's 2D there's 3DS or Anything okay but kind except for them Um offering different sort of versions Of the art which I think is cool Um is there anything else exciting that You that you're aware of that's coming Up or is this pretty much the extent Like what are they sort of Immediatives in the long term I know this the phasing the art phasing Is what's important to them because Their Community is so strong they want To basically have that option for them For me to long term I don't know I Haven't checked in on the road map for The mid to long term I've also stopped Checking that as much and more just Paying attention to what they're Focusing on just because like something Like a long-term goal is something that Changes because the meta changes so like You know if those pound had an idea they

Wanted to do a year ago actually let me Give a better example I interviewed Minnie who's the founder of zenape who's A super OG project launched in the Cybercoms ecosystem and a year after They launched right they had this thing On the roadmap that was going to take a Year and after a year they did it they Dropped it they finished it and everyone Was pissed because they were like we Don't want this anymore it's like the Problem with like the mid to long term Road map where you're like we're gonna Have this it's like a lot of times by The time it's time to do that people Don't even care about it anymore or the Meta's changed I understand so I don't Know but you think these guys are in This long long run I believe so yeah Which is weird all the floor ones are Open see why is that is there something That you can't list them on Blue I think People just Well it's weird like using open see I Have no I mean I've never I've never Listed on blur or x2y2 or anything Really no no but usually if you want to Buy an nft no matter pretty much Whatever it is if it's listed on Blue You can pick it up a little bit cheaper That's why I was looking I have no idea So it's very rare to see the whole page Of floor ones being open see and but There is a blur listing here

Um So that it can be listed on blur it's It's just very strange to me I've never Actually seen that that all of the floor Ones on blur are openc listings I mean If you give me any collection name That's not the case it's cheaper on on Blur and that could be bullish I'm gonna Text it you wouldn't ask if he knows Anything about it because I don't know Um I don't like I've never even thought To check that honestly until you just Brought it up so let me text him Um you know actually let's just call Them right now call him Boy you've got a potential buy and I Want to speak it wait hold on hold on Let me double check that out on Spaces If I spit if I call meanings on Spaces It'll rug his audio let me just double Check that he's not in there but I think This is so cool because I think this can Like this should be everyone's thinking When looking to get into an nft is like You know who are the founders are they Committed long term to this project like What are their plans what what are their Short-term plans what are they medium to Long term sure all right Devin I got a Question you're on stream by the way you Don't have to answer this but we had a Question just because uh we were talking About wolf boy a little bit on the Stream team so and we're on live right

Now but he was looking at the Um the activity and he noticed that There's no wolf boys listed on blur and Like they're basically almost men on the Floor there's not none but no floor it's Cheaper on open seat than blue which is Saying it's cheaper on open C versus Blur which is not normal like most of The time you can find you know cheaper Ones on Alternate marketplaces he was Wondering if you knew anything about it Like I didn't even know to check that But like do you have anything on that Typically the reason you find cheaper Listings on or X2 Y2 is because they're Um they're stolen nfts so typically on Blur all the cheap ones are still on Nfts but from what we know now Um most of them are not stolen and the Thing is is that when someone gets their Wolf voice stolen me or chase or one of The team members we typically buy those Stolen nfts off the floor by the hacker And we'll get we'll send them back to The person who lost them so there's Really not many stolen wolf boys out in The open because we send them back to The original owner on with our own um Personal money so that's probably why You're not seeing any cheaper wolves Listed on blur or x2y2s because there Are no stolen nfts to be sold on those Um marketplaces Hold on let me see if this will work if

I turn on Bluetooth I might be able to Actually connect you hold on one sec uh Let's try this all right Devin say Something Hello all right can you hear this can You hear me Yeah I can hear him oh nice you can How's it my brother it's Philip how are You How's it going sorry I'm driving right Now but what's up no worries you live on On YouTube I hope you don't mind Devin we were just talking about uh wolf Boys because Kai doesn't shut up about It crypto dream doesn't shut up about it I'm considering by buying one apparently Your community is amazing and all the Rest of that Um I know that Kate's been telling me That the 3DS are coming out and a whole Lot of that sort of stuff what is the Sort of medium to long-term plan like Where where do you see this in a year Two years time So the thing about us is that we when we Created it we we really created with the With the social club aspect like a plate Like there's a lot of projects nowadays That try to create this sense of utility And one thing that Kade knows knows About me is I find utility to be to be Kind of a sham it's something short term That people like attach onto and then it Kind of just Fades and disappears so

While we do have utility planned it's Not really what we want to push because At the end of the day I don't think Utility will matter at the end of the Day Um it's all about the art and what People are attach to and um the Community that you're involved in so When we created wolf boy it was more of A social aspect where people could you Know come in and discuss between one Another and just have a a good time just Like a social club like when you um People that buy memberships to these um Yacht clubs and they go talk with Like-minded people Um but as for the future Um the way we built out our Tech Um it's really crazy because we Essentially can change our metadata at Any point in time depending on a holiday A collaboration we can literally give Your wolf boy Um Literally clothing that it can wear from These collaborations for example one one That we like to use all the time is uh North Face if we if we if we were to Collab with North Face I'm not getting out uh just give me the The dragon drink that I ordered Yeah If we collapse for example we can Collaborate with North Face and give

Your wolf boy an actual North Face Jacket in collaboration with them and You can throw it on your wolf boy and Take it off whenever you want all while Being a gasless transaction that's Updated via metadata that like actually Um so that's similar to antonym I think Was doing had that as well that's really Really cool Yeah and the thing about that is that no One has been able to do it so we've seen Um projects like the Krypton goons where They created their wonky collection Where you have to like essentially send Your old your old OG nft to a certain Wallet and in return you get your wonky One Um or feline fiends um I don't know if You know about them where Um they they have like an integrated Button on OS that you click and it'll Swap between the versions but the thing That we wanted to do is we wanted you to Be able to go on our wolf boy collection And essentially see Um some wolf boys are in pixels some of Them are in phase two 2D some of them Are in 3D whatever the case is we wanted All those different wolf boys be shown On one single collection so you as the User gets the display in one collection Which art form you want to show and the Thing is no one was able to do that Um so one of our end goals is the

License this Tech to people Okay I don't care I don't want anything Um no yeah so the end goal is to be able To license this Tech and that'll be Another source of income on it on its Own and and let's say it does go that Way and you're able to license the tech To would hold us get a piece of that Money that you get from licensing From from Um people using our Tech Yeah so I'm saying let's say I've got 10 Wolf boys and and wolf boy as a company Is able to get to that level does that Benefit the holders directly or only Really indirectly Uh I guess I guess for now I guess it Would kind of be more indirectly because Any any of the bonds that we would get From from Um sourcing out that text of different Projects they use all of that would Essentially kind of just go back into The project into the community while it Um just to continue just to continuously Be able to grow our our you know our Brand and what we do like one thing that We've done is we've given away like Thousands of thousands of dollars worth Of merch completely for free and that Was and we were doing that before we Even minted whereas most projects Typically don't give their people Anything until they actually buy an NFP

So Um One question I've added one to my cards I'm about to check out if I post the Sale on my Twitter will you repost it And also post it in your Discord and Tell them they must follow the the web 3 Show your community If yeah if um uh I think Kate has my Twitter it's uh two Papi um chupapi is On Twitter Um if you shoot me a follow uh that way You can DM me and I'll see it send me Your Tweet and I'll get our whole wolf Pack Um on in our array channel on Discord Okay so everyone is watching me purchase A wolf boy my brother The deal is done and I look forward to Getting to know you better we have we Have spoken once before Um through Kate uh but I really Appreciate it he speaks very highly of You and you now have a new holder my Friend let's go and um I think So our our facing platform where you Will be able to update your your wolf Boy to 2D it goes live at at 222 Pacific Standard time so one hour and a half From here yeah so in an hour and a half You will be able to go to we'll we'll Set out the link obviously we haven't Put out the link yet but you'll be able To go there and you know refresh your

Amount of data and phaser wolf boy Gasless and you'll be able to see how Smooth that that process is and I think You'll be really impressed Um and we will also be holding a Twitter Space during that time so if you have if You have any questions later in an hour Or so once you guys are done here Um doing your thing pop in say what's up I'll be in the space the founder will be In the space so will the other court Team members and we'll be we'll be happy To answer any questions amazing Um I've wanted to see this tweet get a Million I'll do it but thank you My best brother but yeah send it to me I Got You Hell yeah all right thanks Devon I appreciate you bro all right all right All right we'll talk soon peace Damn bro well okay first off first off That's gonna be cool or sorry first off Uh the traits on that remind me of your Board ape Yeah it better like trippy isn't that Funny that just went a little bit um on A tangent that I mean the whole that was completely Unplanned but you know what the thing For me the biggest the biggest thing Um is is just the fact that I've been Hearing it so much I mean that means That people are talking about it people Are are believing them um and that goes A long way so and he sounds he sounds

Great I know you respect him I respect You Um you know if they were sitting at half A new floor Um it would be a bit of a longer Conversation with him possibly but for This amount to get into it uh you know What a pleasure so I'm happy Um yeah let's carry on Kate we've got so Much to get through but Um I'll also make a standalone little Video out of this I'll I'll break this Up for them so that they've got it as Well also I will I will sell on a pump I Have

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