How To Create The Best Wallet For Selling NFTs on Instagram

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Guys it's will hopefully you're having An amazing day today in this video we're Going to be going over how to create a Nft wallet for offering your nfts on Instagram now if you're offering any nft On Instagram this works for you whether It's music if you're offering beats if You're offering just pieces of art that You've created digitally then this is a Great video for you to get started it's Part of a three-part Series so we're Going to be going over how to create Your wallet in this video the second Video is going to go over how to create Your nfts and then the third video is Going to show you how to put them out on Instagram if you guys get any value from The series I do appreciate a like for The YouTube algorithm or just helping Out with the YouTube channel I just Really appreciate all of your guys's Support and thank you for over 2 000 Subscribers and all you're going to need Is the App Store and enough space on Your phone to download the wallet app Most artists really want to offer art at A price that they specify that kind of Makes it hard when you're getting less Than a penny per stream on Spotify but When you offer your music as nfts or any RS nfts you're going to be able to Specify the price and there's not going To be a bunch of intermediaries or third Parties in between your transaction

Between you and the people that want to Consume your art so this is where not Only do you get direct from you to your Listener or consumer but you also get The chance to add more value That they're going to unlock when they Buy the nft but first we're just going To get you set up to offer your art on Instagram as nfts so looking at the IPhone or any phone for that matter You're just going to go to the App Store Now the first thing you're going to want To note is that this works on almost any Phone because metamask the app we're Downloading is going to be part of most Marketplaces on on different smartphones So you're going to click on search in Your respective store maybe so Google Play Store maybe it's the App Store and You're just going to search up metamask Then you're going to click on the one That says metamask blockchain wallet it Should have a fox Emoji there and you Can check it out definitely take a look Then you're going to press download once You've searched for metamask and you've Downloaded it then you're going to press Open the app so assuming you're a total Beginner to nfts for the most part let's Check out create a new wallet It's going to give you a few tips like Don't share your login information with Anyone and you're also going to be Getting a code that is very unique to

Your wallets that you want to make sure That you keep safe you don't share it With anyone so you're going to say I Agree now you're going to want to create A password Now I'm going to create a simple Password here so now that we're at Secure your wallet you guys should know This wallet is going to be applicable to Many different applications because many Different applications that are on the Blockchain are going to need a way for You to identify as the owner of the Assets that you buy or the different Things that you post on the blockchain It's got to come from somewhere and it's Got to go to somewhere so with that Being said all of the art pieces that You create all the things that you do on The blockchain you're going to need a Wallet set up so now that you know that The other thing is you don't want anyone To have access to this wallet so then You're going to make sure that you get a Recovery phrase so I recommend writing This down on a piece of paper and Keeping it in your house or maybe even You know in a lock box or something like That It's gonna say congratulations you have Successfully protected your wallet and Then you're going to press done now that We've finished the creation process of The wallet now you can send receive

Crypto and mint nfts in the next video We'll be going over step by step how to Create the nfts that you're going to Hold in this wallet as well as a simple Tutorial on getting them on the right Marketplace and adding unlockable Content for the buyers of your nfts so It should show something like account Number one with no ethereum in your Wallet and then a little tab for nfts Where your nfts will show up here It's a very intuitive app and we're Going to be using a lot of the features On this app and in order to offer nfts And create them you're going to be using Uh this app to actually do that whether You want to use it on your phone or on a Computer it's going to do it for this One I'll see you guys in the next video Peace out [Music] Foreign [Music]

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