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In this video got a really special thing To share with you guys that will make All the difference as a game changer for Your music if you're an artist and You're struggling to get your music out There or maybe you're releasing a lot of Music which you should be if you want to Get a lot of traction but nevertheless You're releasing music and you're trying To get more plays you're trying to get More of an audience and build uh an Income as a producer and the special Thing about today's world and growing as An artist is that there's so many Valuable paths that you can take that Will be dynamic for you as an artist to Be able to stand out and be unique and Showcase your soul what's going on in Your creativity that will bring value to Other people and they'll want to relate To that music they're going to be Streaming it more they're going to be Listening to your music more and they're Going to want to buy things from you Because you make music in a way that's Marketed so well that's exactly what I Want to go over with you guys today and It's going to be really short I I just Have this new approach that I've been Taking as an artist that's been working Really well and I'm going to share it With you here today so most artists Today take their music and they're going To put it out maybe on Spotify or

SoundCloud or what have you and then Once they get it out there they're going To uh just say Hey listen to my song and They're going to post some stories of Maybe them listening to their own music Or maybe they're just going to you know Share the album cover and that's what They do it's really a struggling way to Try and get a lot of plays or get people To your music I I'll be honest I've done That before what I always found was the Most effective way to grow your music is To not do what most artists do and just Have one goal of getting people to Listen to it but have a goal of telling A story about your music now you guys Know stories sell um and something that If if you are just learning about Business just know this to to have a Story means people are going to be Related ating to you if you think about Steve Jobs the founder of Apple he had He has this story about how he's Struggling in his garage and he was a Really small kid learning from some some Great uh other entrepreneurs and Tech Founders in in the industry but he was Working out of his garage founding the Iphone find founding the the the company And and then you have like JK rolling Like she was working uh in her minivan In the back of her car I don't know if It was minivan but she was like writing Books and she got rejected like a

Hundred times and it was super hard Before she got any traction and actually Got to publish Harry Potter right so the There's so many stories um even my wife Tammy My Wife Tammy who makes music and I make music with her uh she literally Came from one of the poorest parts of Argentina which is a tough place to live And she came to the United States uh After learning some English and she's uh Educated herself she started reading Books and she got over Mill millions and Millions of views on her music and she's Been able to monetize her music more Effectively by implementing uh just her Strategy and growing and and becoming a Special person online or just she is a Special person but she has a story That's not it's it's not easy from the Ground up it was a hard thing to do and So guys the story what is your music and And what's the story so most artists Just put out the music what I'm saying Here this is what I'm saying that will Be a game changer is come up with the Idea of the story before you make the Music now I know that that can maybe Feel counterproductive because you're Like oh well I I don't want to be Thinking about the marketing I just want To make my music look making music is Making music and you're creative and This is a step that you can take to if You come up with the idea for how let's

Say the content is going to look when The the song is finished and you think About that content idea and then you Make the song for that content idea then You have marketing already just Ingrained into that music it's already Relatable it's already based on a story And I want to give you guys a few Examples so we actually uh did this Yesterday so so let me give you two Examples okay the first example is we Decided that I was going to write a song About uh when you need someone that's There for you that they'll be there for You when you need a friend that they'll Be your friend when you uh need um when You feel burnt out that you have someone That's going to get you through that and That's a song they wrote and it's called A one plus you and that is the whole Premise is that you always have one Other person plus yourself that can help You get you you through things and so What I thought about was okay I'm going To write this song and I'm going to make It so that I can be doing a picnic with My wife and we'll be filming it and then Um I'll come I'll be like late or Something and I'll have to get um I'll Be late to our picnic so first that's Part of the story I'm late to the picnic And then I'm like oh I and I but I Brought glasses for wine for us to hang Out but then she's like oh wait I need

To talk to you and then it's like kind Of dramatic CU you're like oh my gosh Like she's talking to him like I wonder If it's what it's about and then she Ends up like pulling out her speaker and Her microphone and she's like I need to Tell you something and she tells me how She'll be there for me if I'm burnt out How to remember it's one plus another Person right and and that she's there And then I start doing some rapping and Uh and I rap on the song and I'm like I Forget the exactly I think it's like um Want to thank you for being there when I Needed to be heard all of the times you Made it easy to see the world all of the Times You helped me I forget exactly the Lyrics but anyway it was really good and Then it was a story and people started Watching it and it got thousands of Views and so the thing is is when I was Writing that song and I was producing it And creating it I thought to myself what Is going to be the content that we're Going to make around this song and then So when I posted it I had a bunch of People engaged and like wow this is Great I can't wait for the release and I'm like there we go so I think I Cracked a little bit of a code and that Take a little bit of extra time before You make the song to say how is this Going to be content and then when you

Write the song You have it and so the Next three songs that I have uh are are Going to be like literally that and so The second example really quick the Second example was that um we also were Making music and we would say at the Beginning of before we start singing or Anything um uh Tammy my wife she would Say this is how I feel when blank and Then she' start singing it and I would Match the chords based on the mood so She would say like this is how I feel When you steal my last piece of cake or Something and and it's like oh Somebody's totally been related like Somebody knows what that means like I've Someone's eaten my last piece of cake or Pizza or whatever and that's so annoying And so like I'm going to keep listening To hear like how she feels about this And see if it's like how I feel about it And then so then I start playing like You know a minor chords or like the Chords that I know that are like kind of Sad and like kind of like like a Mysterious you know and then she starts Singing about like you made a mistake Like you took my cake and all this stuff And it was it it it was a really good Video I got it was over 10,000 views Wasn't huge it wasn't viral viral but I Did a bunch of those videos and it took Me like 5 minutes for us less than 5 Minutes for us to shoot them but uh each

One was easily getting over 10,000 views And bringing people uh that were now Engaging our music because why because We related to them and we had a story From the beginning that they could um Relate to in that music so hopefully That's valuable for you guys I'll see You guys in the next video if you want To learn with me oneon-one or you want To be part of a community check out the Links Down Below in this video whether It's the Discord or free book uh or if You want to uh join down below and work With me oneon-one there's also some Resources there so make sure to check Out the links down below start taking Your music to the next level and there's A lot of dynamic ways to write stories The reason they're so powerful and they Make huge difference is because you walk People through this kind of like Step-by-step thing where it's like you Might start high drama and then you go Down to uh kind of like finding the Solution the problem solving it uh and Then and then a resolution at the end And it usually uh makes for a good piece Of content just think about that Storytelling um do a little research on That and that will definitely help uh But but yeah just uh hopefully you guys Got some value out of this video I Appreciate you all and I'll see you in The next video peace out

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