How This 18 Year Old MADE $1.6 million in ONLY 2 WEEKS

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But I'm good to move on For sure so just a small thing old news Already I mean but it has to be spoken About Mongrel the the fortnite gamer That won the golden key Um for playing dookie Dash he accepted An offer from a friend for a thousand Teeth we saw that nine gag put in her Off I think for just under a thousand Each and then before that there was Another after there but I really am Happy that um this young gamer Um I mean he's 18 years old a Kyle Mongrel Jackson I'm really happy that he Accepted an offer I mean 1.6 million Dollars for two weeks of playing a game And good for him honestly and there's a Lot of people that would have thought oh Let me hold of that market more and Maybe he could have got in a slight but More who who really really knows Yeah I agree I think well done well done Take my hat off to the guide Um yeah and I mean I think you and I Need to become Gamers because that is Absolutely incredible yeah I mean the Marvel show is pretty crazy I mean that Guy's loaded anyway he's a fortnight Streamer yeah Yeah but I mean he said that in the last Four years he has he hasn't made 1.6 Million dollars and he's a very very Famous streamer and the royalties are Paid I like that I'm a big fan of

Royalties being paid I stand with the Royalty so I'm glad he made a point to Mention that too publicly Um I think that's dope I think that's uh Yeah I liked it yeah and he sold it to Adam Watson who's like a billionaire Which is great Um yeah no really legitimately I think Like legitimately a billionaire But yeah good to see and again it shows You also the power of yoga bro I mean They created this asset out of a Monkey's ass and it sold for uh and it's All for 1.6 million dollars which is Incredible You actually yeah damn now when you say It like that I'm like damn they really Did just pop that [ __ ] out and Sold it for 1.6 million dollars Flat rate and speaking of mystery no no One knows what the golden key gets you Dude yeah and that's that is interesting Thing about that is some pretty Interesting game theory Um 1.6 million for a JPEG with zero clue What it's gonna do but it's a one of one So imagine having a one of one Yuga Asset that that actually will be a Pretty

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