How NOT to enter the WEB3 Space

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Yeah they came out first of all they're Not even using their main Porsche Accounts as their Twitter account which You know it it shows that they're Somewhat embarrassed of their nft Adventure they've got their own Porsche Twitter's got about two million Followers they've created a separate Twitter account called uh East Underscore Porsche still got 50 000 Followers which is which is a lot of Followers but still they they definitely Don't want to be too much associated With the main Twitter account which I Think shows that they're not really you Know the whole Porsche team is not going All in on this Um number one number two they came out And they they wanted to do a collection Size of seven and a half thousand which Is a lot of nfts and on top of that they Wanted to charge 0.911 ethereum which is A lot of money to charge for an nft Especially one that doesn't really have A huge amount of of real utility so even Their website I mean you jump on their Websites yeah it's a very very base

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